Student Move-in Wednesday, August 23rd Impact on Staff Parking

University of Rochester River Campus Student Move-in is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23rd.  Due to traffic patterns and restricted routes through the River Campus, the first-year students and their families will arrive between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. through Valentine Lot on Kendrick Road.  Faculty and staff from the Medical Center using lots accessed off Crittenden and Kendrick Roads are likely to encounter increased traffic on the morning of the 23rd and should adjust their travel times accordingly.

For staff that use Lot 1: If you leave the University during the day, you will need to exit onto Kendrick Road through the main lot entrance and the south entrance only.  Specifically, the rear exits from Lot 1 to Intercampus Drive will be closed on this day.

For staff that use Lot 33: This will have significant impact on campus flow and parking on that day.  Affected River Campus employees will use the College Town Garage.  Should College Town Garage fill, parking is available on the College Town Garage public side.

Transportation and Parking Management staff will be assisting with the parking process that day and directing all staff to the appropriate entrances and exits.  For questions, please contact the Parking Management Center (PMC) at 585.275.4524 or email at