UR Connections is the University’s campaign to promote the use of transportation alternatives that assist in reducing commuting costs for employees, reducing campus congestion, and promoting the sustainability efforts for the University of Rochester and our community.


Service Connections – “Get a Ride”

Whether you get connected around and between campuses with the University’s shuttle fleet, get around town when you need to with ease with Zipcar or hop a safe, convenient taxi ride when you need one, UR Service Connections get you to your destination.


Get connected around and between campuses with the University’s shuttle fleet, which offers convenience and gas savings.  Pick up a schedule or find student and employee routes online.  You can even book a shuttle for special events with our charter request form.


Rent a ride by the hour or for a day to get out and about, attend a meeting, or get to an appointment (gas and insurance included!). Vehicles are located at the Medical Center, River Campus, and Eastman.  Learn more or sign up at www.zipcar.com/Rochester

Commuter Connections – “Share a Ride”

Save with our UR Commuter Connections – Hop a RTS bus and save money with $1 fares, or team up to commute.


Hop on a bus and save money with $1 fares.  Use the RTS trip planner to find your route and view/download bus schedules at www.myrts.comTrack your bus in real time online or through the smartphone app. The parking office offers 1, 5 or 30 day unlimited passes, or singles for $1.


Reduce fuel expenses, vehicle wear and tear, and your carbon footprint by teaming up for your commute.  Join a carpool! We help match you with other carpoolers and by ride sharing, you get premium parking, a guaranteed ride home, occasional permits, and you can save 50%, 75%, or even get a FREE parking permit (4 riders or more).


New program launching soon!

Healthy Connections – “Skip the Ride”


We offer free bike racks throughout our campuses, or purchase a space in a bike cage or locker.  You can even get access to showers to freshen up after you arrive.  Find Medical Center and River Campus maps with bike rack locations, bike trails, and more online.


Heart disease is this country’s No.1 killer, but by exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day you can reduce your risk. Get walking and start taking a more active role in your health!  Walk to class, meetings or work.

Occasional Parking

The Occasional Parking Program supplies 26-drive-alone passes to park a personal vehicle on campus in a designated lot. (The Parking Office will inform you of which lot you will be assigned to).

Our FREE Occasional Parking Program is available to faculty, staff and students who typically use “Green” means of transportation to and from the University (i.e. walking, biking, public transportation,carpooling, etc.)

Gated Lots

If you are assigned to a “gated” lot. your Occasional Parker AVI tag will raise the gate (and deduct 1 pass from your allotment of 26). Once in the lot, be sure to clearly display your Occasional Parking Permit hang-tag.

Non-Gated Lots & River Campus Lots

If you are assigned to a “non-gated” lot, once parked in the lot, fill in the date and month on 1 of your 26 permit passes. Be sure to clearly display your Occasional Parking Permit on your dashboard.

To learn more about the Occasional Parking Program, visit our parking office or contact us.