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Above, left to right: Harm Potter '38, '54 (Mas), Juan Potter, Jack Keil '44, Bud Spies '38,
Pri Smith Armstrong '54, Bob Place '54, Jo Kelly Craytor '46, '70 (Mas), Russ Craytor '35

What's Good for Harm and Juan and Jack and Bud and Pri and Bob and Jo and Russ Can Be Good for You.

(And the University, too.)

What's good about a gift annuity? It's a mutually beneficial contract between you and the University: In exchange for your gift, you'll receive a guaranteed, fixed income--currently 8.1% for one individual 77 years old and older--for the rest of your life. Plus, you'll benefit from an immediate income-tax deduction and relief from capital gains tax.

Equally important, you'll give much-needed support to the University as it provides a first-rate education for thousands of undergraduates and graduate students. That's an invaluable return on your investment--just ask some of our annuitants, like Harm and Juan and Jack and Bud and Pri and Bob and Jo and Russ.

For details, contact Jack Kreckel, Office of Planned Giving, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. The phone number is (800) 635-4672 or (716) 275-5891. The e-mail address is

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