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Want to Get Hired? Get Wired.

Introducing JobTrak, an online list of job openings nationwide, utilized by more than 200,000 employers and updated daily. JobTrak is one of many services provided free of charge to Rochester students and alumni by the Center for Work and Career Development.

Access JobTrak at then select "Student and Alumni Services," then "JobTrak," then "Job Listings." Then scroll down to the list of participating universities to select Rochester. You'll then need the University's password, which is available by calling the Center for Work and Career Development at (716) 275-2366. Once you've entered the password, click on "Submit your request." Finally, select your search method (type of work, geographic location, key word, or company name).

Questions? Call the Center for Work and Career Development at (716) 275-2366. We're here to help you get connected.

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