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Based on feedback from alumni, improvements are now under way for all undergraduate reunions on the River Campus: This year, the Alumni Association will host two reunions, one in the spring for earlier classes and one in the fall for more recent classes--and in 1998, the University begins a program of "cluster" reunions, inviting back groups of classes that attended school together.

As plans evolve, the Alumni Association seeks your ideas and comments. Please contact Martha Every '84S (MBA) at (800) 333-0175. In Rochester, it's (716) 273-5888. Her e-mail address:

June 6-8, 1997--Classes of '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, and, prior to 1949, the Slater Society: Many alumni of the earlier classes say they prefer a June reunion, when the pace is leisurely and the campus is in full bloom. In response, these alumni will be invited to celebrate on the first weekend in June. For more information, or for a registration packet, call the Alumni Association at the number listed at left.

October 17-18, 1997--Classes of '77, '82, '87, and '92 through '97: Generally, alumni in the more recent classes prefer returning to the University in the fall, when campus activity and fall colors are at their peak. These alumni will celebrate reunion during Homecoming Weekend, when the most recent graduating classes will be invited back as a group. To date, the schedule includes traditional reunion events as well as the Homecoming game.

"Cluster" reunions for 1998 (classes to be announced): The idea for cluster reunions stems, in part, from the great success of the Late-Forties 50th Reunion last fall. Many alumni were delighted to see friends they hadn't seen in decades--people who studied at Rochester when they did but didn't graduate in the same year. In planning these cluster reunions, the Alumni Association will continue to schedule two separate reunions, spring and fall, for older and younger alumni, which allows for more targeted programming. Look for details in upcoming issues of the Review.


Aiming to strengthen connections between undergraduate alumni and the College, the Trustees' Council voted in October to serve as the representative body for College alumni only. (Prior to this, the Trustees' Council represented all divisions of the University, in addition to the College.)

Just as Eastman, the medical school, the School of Nursing, the Simon School, and the Warner School have their own advisory groups, the College now has the Trustees' Council to provide input from alumni and strengthen alumni connections.

For the coming year, the council will focus on these five areas:

To strengthen programs in these areas, the council will draw on the resources of the Regional Alumni Councils, which will continue to focus primarily (but not exclusively) on programs for alumni of the College. A major goal of the Trustees' Council will be to work toward the continued growth of these groups.

Another important connection for the Trustees' Council will be the Board of Trustees: As in the past, council members will meet with and report to the board on a regular basis.

How do you get a job on Wall Street? These alumni and students addressed the topic in a panel discussion last fall on the River Campus: (left to right) Gwen Meltzer Greene '65 of Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.; Stephen Berman '74 of Synergy Capital, Inc.; John Hewitt '73 of Goldman Sachs & Company; and Judith Kleiner '78, also of Goldman, Sachs, along with Rochester students Katia Kardash '97 and David Friedman '99, both of whom served as interns on Wall Street. Topics included how to prepare for interviews, the need to be passionate about a financial career, and what it's like to work in the different areas of the field. The event was sponsored by the Center for Work and Career Development, the Alumni Association, the Undergraduate Economics Council, and the Simon School.


Last October, some 500 alumni returned to the River Campus for the Late-Forties 50th Reunion. For many, it was a memory-filled--and most memorable--weekend. As Donald Lincoln '48 wrote afterwards, "I haven't found the exact words to describe my feelings about this reunion, but I had a sense of closure--of completion, of fulfillment and affirmation about my time at Rochester."

What part of the reunion experience did alumni find the most enjoyable? "All!" wrote William Morgan '49. "Sure, David McCullough and Andy Rooney were great--but so was the class on World War II with Professor Mueller and the French class with Andrée Douchin. . . . And I really enjoyed all the encounters with old friends." Marjorie Fuller Lesher '48 echoed these sentiments: She wrote that she particularly liked "talking with old friends, David McCullough's talk, President Jackson's talk, seeing the Prince Street and River Campuses, and hearing the music of the '40s and '50s."

A special thank you goes out to the 100-plus volunteers who helped organize the reunion, especially Bruce Lansdale '46 and Tad Krihak Lansdale '47 and the chairs of the various planning committees: Joe Culotta '46, '59 (Mas), Jack Keil '44, Nancy Jones Lyke '47, '73W (Mas), Gordon Shillinglaw '46, '48S (MBA), and Jane Stellwagen '47.

These four men--John McKeehan '46, Bob Curtis '46, '47 (Mas), Frank ("King") Faulkner '46, and Len Morrissey '46--all studied engineering together in the V-12 program. At the gala dinner on Saturday night, they wrote "wish you were here" letters to classmates who couldn't attend. Among the high points of the weekend, they noted in their letters, was the "fabulous dinner" on Saturday night--which, in Faulkner's words, "was significantly superior to those meals you'll recall in lower Todd Union."

"David McCullough for president!" jokes Ed Colodny '48 (left), after the historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author gave a talk in Strong Auditorium on Saturday morning. McCullough is the author of the best-selling biography, Truman, as well as the narrator of the Ken Burns PBS series, The Civil War.

An impromptu--and most energetic--"Sing Sing Sing" at the alumni picnic in the Palestra on Friday night

Shirley Blair Dodenhoff '48, William Dodenhoff '50, and Jo Hamilton enjoy a performance of the Yellowjackets on Saturday morning after President Jackson's address.

Bill Tayler '44--along with Jack Keil '44, Dominic Bronte '48, and Bob Ferris '45--spoke to political science students about their experiences during the war.

At the women's luncheon at Cutler Union, Denise Hirshfield Munchmeyer '48 helps a classmate get just the right angle.

Bob Peelle '49 (right) talks with President Jackson following his "State of the University" address on Saturday morning.

Jim McMahon '46, Elizabeth McMahon, and Robert Hyatt '46, '50M (MD) trade photos and smiles.

At the dedication of the Veterans' Memorial in the plaza between Crosby and Burton dormitories, Dominic Bronte '48 read the list of 57 names appearing on the memorial plaque, all of them students and alumni who gave their lives in World War II.

Jeanette ("Jay") Riley Hunt '47 and Roy Hunt '47 (PhD) catch up with keynote speaker Andy Rooney, who was a friend of Roy Hunt's during childhood summers spent on Lake George.

Members of the Class of '46 on the Prince Street Campus pause for a photo on the steps of their old haunt, Cutler Union, now part of the Memorial Art Gallery.

Pete Woodams '48 and Janet Bagley Williamson '48 look over an issue of The Campus from the 1940s.

Charlie Wadhams '50, Jack Fassett '48, and John Dinse '47 reminisce at the men's luncheon on Friday.

The Classes of '46, '47, '48, and '49 have now given the largest 50th reunion gift in the history of the University! And the members of the gift committee (see below) thank you wholeheartedly. The campaign total--which has now grown to $3.7 million, with a goal of $5 million-- will end in May 1999 on the 50th anniversary of the Class of '49. Congratulations to the enthusiastic members of the gift committee: co-chairs Andy Neilly '47 and Jim Henderson '46 and committee members Curtis Berger '48, Ed Colodny '48, Bob Curtis '46, '47 (Mas), Jean Conner Ferris '47, Bill Ryan '49, and Gordon Shillinglaw '46, '48S (MBA).



With organizations in major American cities and around the world, the Regional Alumni Councils offer a range of opportunities for alumni to become involved with the College, including community-service activities, student recruitment, social events, fundraising efforts, career networking, and reunion planning. For details on activities in your area, call Terry Gurnett '77 in the Alumni Association at (800) 281-2055. The Rochester-area number is (716) 273-5894. The e-mail address is and the URL for the Alumni Association home page is

In the nation's capital last October, members of the Regional Alumni Council of Greater Washington toured the White House courtesy of Marc Hoberman '70 (that's Marc in the back, center), assistant director of the White House Visitors Office. The photo, taken on the steps of the East Wing, was sent in by Susan Heard '86 (PhD).

Also in Washington in October, Andrea Bourquin Ryan '77N and Bob Dardano '77 joined other members of the Regional Alumni Council of Greater Washington and Lambda Alumni who served as volunteers on the National Mall while the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display.

This group gathered in Philadelphia in December to begin planning activities for the Regional Alumni Council of Philadelphia: (front, center) Harrington E. ("Kit") Crissey, Jr. '66, and Edward Meltzer '73S (MBA); (standing, left to right) Bimal Desai '96, Darrin Hubert '96, Patricia Dunn '90, Lucy Hornecker (parent of Christina Hornecker '99), John Doyle '81, Paul Robinson '89, Crystol Warren '95, Suzanne Abt '91, and Terry Gurnett '77. For information on events sponsored by the new organization, contact the Alumni Association at the number listed above.

What would the Yellowjackets be without their yellow jackets? Just in time for their East Coast tour in January, the entire group was outfitted with brand-new sportcoats courtesy of Don Brady '55 and Mary Gay Brady. The Bradys are pictured above with members of the group following an alumni event at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, N.C. The Bradys--along with Tom Sloan '65, '67 (Mas) and Linda Fisher Sloan '67--hosted the Yellowjackets during their stay in Greensboro.

In Connecticut last November, Howard Hennington '35, Hildegarde Hennington, and Kristin Kain '94 joined more than 150 Rochester alumni and their families from Westchester and Fairfield counties for a family reception at the Bruce Museum, an arts and science museum in Greenwich, Conn. The event, which was underwritten by the Henningtons, featured a talk on "Raising a Moral Child," presented by Judith Smetana, Frederica Warner Professor of Education and Human Development at the Warner School.


Although the late Eleanor Way did not attend the University, she proved to be a great friend to Rochester students.

Before she died last year, Way bequeathed $250,000 to the University to endow the Eleanor Way Scholarship Fund for students from the People's Republic of China. Whenever possible, preference will be given to students from Nankai in Tientsin, China. Way, whose given name was Hu Yen Wen, graduated from the Nankai Middle School in Tientsin in 1928.

She lived for some 40 years in the United States and died last year at the age of 85. For much of her life, she and her late husband owned and operated a Chinese restaurant in Yonkers, N.Y.

She was also a devout Christian, according to Grant Liang of Armonk, N.Y., a family friend who worshipped with her at the Chinese for Christ New York Church. She met many Chinese college students through her church, which started out as a Bible-study group for students in the New York City area and continued, after being established as a church, to draw Chinese students from area colleges.

In Bangkok, Thailand, last July during his tour of southeast Asia, President Jackson talks with Chai and Nuchanart Sophonpanich, the parents of Chawan '99 and Chanida '94.

Carl Williams '75S (MBA), vice president for information technology for Amoco Corporation, was the featured speaker at a conference on "electronic commerce" last October during Alumni Weekend at the Simon School. Electronic commerce, as Williams defined it, is a new method of buying and selling that takes place electronically over the Internet and the World Wide Web.


In an era of increasing global connections--involving alumni, corporations, and students-- the University now has a full-time director of international relations, Maura McGinnity '87. She will support the international work of President Jackson and other University leaders as well as the international activities of the schools and the College.

The University first established an international-relations program in 1992, which was coordinated by McGinnity on a part-time basis and concentrated on countries along the Pacific Rim. In the summer of 1996, President Jackson made a tour of these countries--the first such tour by any Rochester president.

"We have begun to build a perceptible presence with alumni and friends in the Far East," Jackson says. "The Eastman School, the Simon School, the Medical Center, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and some other parts of the College have all expanded their activities in that area of the world, and we believe that the long-term results will be well worth the additional investment we will make."

McGinnity, who had been associate director of development, is now director of international relations and development, reporting to Senior Vice President Richard P. Miller, Jr.

Her phone number is (716) 275-8928. Her e-mail address is and her mailing address is 20 Administration Building, Box 18, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627.


Please write that person a letter (specifying the individual's name and class year) and send it--in a sealed envelope if you prefer--to the Fairbank Alumni House, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. We will then forward the letter.

Why do we ask this? To protect the privacy of our 79,000 alumni. The Alumni Association does not, without permission, share the addresses or phone numbers of alumni with anyone, including fellow alumni.

What Rochester Traditions Do You Remember?

Remember pep rallies? The flag rush? Moving Up Day? The crowning of the Homecoming king and queen?

What were your favorite events when you were an undergraduate? The Alumni Association is looking for your reminiscences, as current undergraduates look for opportunities to celebrate the University and bring spirit to campus. If you have any memories you'd like to share, please contact the Alumni Association at the number listed below.


In the last issue, for a story on alumni children in the Class of 2000, we incorrectly identified the parent of freshman Samir Rao. His father is Satish R. Rao '69M (Mas). The editors regret the error.

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