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"You'll have to forgive all the nostalgia. That wonderful reunion stirred up a lot of memories," Jean Somers Walter writes from St. Michaels, Md. She's speaking of the Late-Forties 50th Reunion last October--which prompted recollections of the 10 members (or more) of her immediate family who studied at the University. Here's a glance at the family tree.

Jean's late husband was Frank Walter '48, '53 (Mas), who was co-captain of the varsity football team in 1947 and received his master's degree in history from the University.

Her father, Leland Stanford Somers '17, was, like her husband, a varsity football player. He served in World War I and saw action in the Somme offensive and in Flanders.

Her father's four siblings were all Rochester graduates: Frances Somers Riggs '10, Lloyd Dean Somers '14 (father of Marjorie Somers Kleinberg '41 and husband of Gertrude Hough Somers '16), Leslie Somers Watt '18, and Margaret Somers Webb '24.

Walter's mother was Della Allen Somers '19 and her mother's sister was Edith Harris Allen Haglund '13. She remembers that her mother and a friend, the late Frances Barber Starr '21, were co-chairs of the Alumnae Association the year Cutler Union was dedicated (in 1933). "Even though I was only five years old at the time, I well remember her excitement over the event," she says.

With these extensive family ties, she recently made a generous gift to the University to establish the Franklyn E. Walter and Jean Somers Walter Scholarship Fund. The endowment will help many future students--and, hopefully, many more family members--to benefit from a Rochester education.

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