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University of Rochester Alumni Association Tours are designed to provide worry- free basics--transportation, transfers, accommodations, some meals, baggage handling, and professional guides--and still allow you time to pursue your individual interests. Escorts drawn from University faculty and staff accompany most tours to provide special services and educational enrichment.

Alumni Association tours are open to all members of the University community and their immediate families. Other relatives and friends are welcome as space permits (these unaffiliated travelers are requested to make a $100 gift to the University).

Kenya Safari

January 1998


February 1998

Lower Caribbean/Orinoco

March 1­12, 1998

Canary Islands Cruise

March 8­19, 1998

South America

March 13­29, 1998

Swiss Escapade

March 1998

Cruising the Mississippi

April 15­25, 1998


May 1998

Northern Italy/Po River Cruise

May 19­30, 1998


July 18­26, 1998

Alaskan Klondike

July 20­August 1, 1998

Scandinavia & the Baltic Region

August 1998

Caves & Castles of France

September 9­22, 1998


October 1998

The Antebellum South

October 31­November 7, 1998

Panama Canal

November 1998

Brochures with full details on each of these tours are available on request to the Alumni Association, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. The phone number is (800) 333-0175 or (716) 273-5888 and the e-mail address is

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