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James S. Gleason S (MBA), CEO of Gleason Corp., a manufacturer of gear-cutting machinery, gave the June 1998 Simon School commencement address and received the David T. Kearns medal of distinction.


John Barry (MA) was recently awarded the Francis Parkman Prize for his book Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America. This award is given annually by the Society of American Historians for the best non-fiction book about American history.


George Dischinger '49RC, '70 (Mas) (see '49 undergraduate). . . . Joseph Pisula S (MBA) was recently named president of TSI TelSys, a telecommunications and computing company based in Maryland. . . . Stuart Platt '55RC, '70S (MBA) (see '55 undergraduate). . . . Gene Walzer '65RC, '70S (MBA) (see '65 undergraduate).


Vin Friedman S (MBA) was made a partner in the Garden City (N.Y.) law firm of Berkman, Henoch, Peterson & Peddy, P.C. Friedman heads the corporate practice group at Berkman Henoch.


Edward Brill '72RC, '73 (Mas) (see '72 undergraduate). . . . John Tate (MA) e-mails: "I am living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I teach part-time at the University of Utah. I am enjoying the mountains and desert; however, I miss Genesee beer!"


Ronald Fecso '74 (MA), chief mathematical statistician in the division of science resources studies at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Va., was named a fellow of the American Statistical Association. Fecso was recognized for his contributions to quality improvements in sample survey practice, consulting on operational federal government programs, and encouraging the use of sound statistical methods in policy development, and for service to the profession.


M. Frederick Duranko S (MBA) was named director of human resources planning at Federal-Mogul Corp., an automotive parts manufacturer with a global customer base. Duranko is responsible for providing initiatives in the areas of training and development, employment policies, and organization development.


Christine Thurber Ervin '74N, '76W (Mas) (see '74 nursing).


Anne Eisenberg (Mas) e-mails: "I have accepted a position as assistant professor of sociology at the University of North Texas and will have received my Ph.D. as of December 1998. I should survive the heat and would love to hear from classmates. My new address is: 2908 Country Club Rd., Denton, Texas, 76205."


Mark Anderson '77RC, '78S (MBA) (see '77 undergraduate).


Roger Hodskins S (MBA) has joined net.Genesis Co. as vice president for worldwide sales and service. The company provides software and services that help Internet-enabled organizations to optimize their online businesses. . . . Wende Persons W (Mas) (see Alumni Gazette, THE STORY OF THE OPERA).



T. Alan Hurwitz W (EdD) has been named dean of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college of Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester.


Brian Mitchell '76 (Mas), '81 (PhD) has been named president of Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Penn., a selective, private, liberal arts college. . . . Russell Pleasants S (MBA), senior vice president of The Money Store's Auto Finance Division, was named project coordinator for the division's conversion of operations following the merger between The Money Store and First Union. . . . Karl Thielking '77RC, '81 (Mas) (see '77 undergraduate).


Kathleen Duncan '75RC, '78 (Mas), '82 (PhD) (see '75 undergraduate).


Michael Gedzelman '83RC, '84S (MBA) (see '83 undergraduate). . . . Almarie Falbo S (MBA) was named manager of the new Packard Bell NEC Worldwide Purchasing organization. Packard Bell NEC is a major supplier of personal computers around the world. . . . Prakash C. Sarangi '83 (Mas), '84 (PhD) is a professor of political science at the University of Hyderabad in India.


Launcelot Drummond S (MBA) was named vice president and chief operating officer of Eastman Kodak Co.'s professional division. Kodak Professional is the company's second largest business unit and is responsible for marketing products to professional photographers, graphic artists, and photojournalists.


Andrew Kurtz '84RC, '86 (Mas) (see Class Acts, EMMY WINNER). . . . William Spohn '81RC, '86 (Mas) (see '81 undergraduate).


Susan Mayer '87RC, '87 (MS) (see '87 undergraduate).


Edmund Hunt (MA) was mentioned in the Rochester-area weekly, The Brighton-Pittsford Post, as the first recipient of the Gleason Chair in Teaching Excellence at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester. The chair is awarded to an outstanding teacher at the school, where Hunt teaches world and AP history. . . . Amy McKee Egitton '87RC, '88S (MBA) (see '87 undergraduate). . . . Susan Lathan '85RC, '88 (MS) (see '85 undergraduate).


Lisa Elliot '86W (MS), '89W (PhD) was awarded the first-ever Distinguished Alumni Award from Hoffman Estates High School in Illinois for her accomplishments in school, her profession, and in the community. Lisa is a nationally known gerontology consultant for her business, AgeWell, located in Henrietta, N.Y., which provides training on wellness, stress reduction, and caregiving. . . . Kathleen Udavchak S (MBA) married Michael Carney in September 1997. The couple lives in Pittsford, N.Y. . . . Kim Zerr-Dye (MS) has recently joined ViaHealth in Rochester, as the associate director of marketing research.


Rene Jones S (MBA) married Brigid Doherty on August 14 in Buffalo, N.Y. . . . Kevin McGuire '83RC, '85 (MS), '90S (MBA) (see '83 undergraduate). . . . Matthew Vreeland '89RC, '90 (MS) (see undergraduate '89).


Margaret Best-Krizan '88RC, '91 (MS) (see '88 undergraduate). . . . Hud Hudson '90 (MA), '91 (PhD), associate professor of philosophy at Western Washington University, was honored at the school's 1998 commencement ceremonies for his excellence in teaching. Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, Wash.


R. Todd Barber S (MBA) has joined Applied Language Technologies Inc. as vice president for corporate partnerships. Applied Language Technologies provides conversational speech recognition technology and products for over-the-phone customer service solutions. . . . Mark Beck '85RC, '92 (PhD) (see '85 undergraduate). . . . Andy Wong S (MBA) reports: "I am doing great along with my wife, Fung-Ying, and our three children. Currently, I am corporate controller for Medeva Americas, Inc./Medeva Pharmaceuticals Inc. located in Rochester."


Tami Kelly Noel '91RC, '94W (MS) (see '91 undergraduate).


Dorothy Hunter S (MBA) married Michael Gordon on August 8 in Tarentum, Pa. Dorothy is a corporate banking officer of PNC Bank in Pittsburgh. Her husband, Michael, is director of marketing communications for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.


John Joninas S (MBA) married Carol Pickering on November 8, 1997, in Greece, N.Y. John is a financial planner at Paychex Inc. Carol is a contract manager for Engineering Data Services. The couple lives in Rochester . . . Michael Noel '91 (MS), '96 (PhD) (see '91 undergraduate). . . . Michael Perrotta S (MBA) is vice president of operations and service for the Digital Printing Systems Division of CalComp Technology Inc. CalComp Technology is a developer and manufacturer of computer graphics peripherals and supplies for personal, business, and professional applications.


Joseph Bailey '90RC, '97W (Mas) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . Aron Cogswell '92RC, '97 (MS) (see '97 undergraduate). . . . Sabrina Diol '94 (MA), '97 (PhD) received the Journal Award along with R. J. Dwayne Miller for their scientific paper, Ultrafast Studies of Imaging Processes, published in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, volume 41, number 2, pages 99-111. The Journal Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the area of basic science, published in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology during the preceding year. The selection is made by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology which is the major international technological society dedicated to advancing understanding and application of imaging science and technology worldwide. . . . Mary Kearns (MS) married Scott Raffo on July 12, 1997, in Brighton, N.Y. . . . Richard Koshel '88RC, '97 (PhD) (see '88 undergraduate). . . . Seth Pollak '95 (MA), '97 (PhD) and Jenny Saffran '96 (MA), '97 (PhD) were married on July 5 in Wilmington, Del. Seth and Jenny are assistant professors of psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


Renee Bailey W (MS) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . Robert Hartz '90RC, '98S (MBA) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . Michael Mathias '96 (MA), '98 (PhD) has joined the faculty of the Eastman School for a one-year appointment as a visiting instructor of philosophy.

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