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Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. The e-mail address is


Hazel Kolb Cowles '24, September 1996
Florence Stein Rubens '25, March 1998
Mary Oemisch Dalton '28, September 1996
Mabel McOuat Mann '28, June 1998
J. Edward Watts '30, March 1998
Charles Starke '32E, July 1998
Rivera Newill Hathaway '35, March 1998
Richard Sloan '35, November 1995
Richard Bales '36, June 1998
Jane O'Neil '36E (MD), September 1996
Edmund Potter '36, March 1998
Hugh Robertson '36, May 1998
Joseph Hochstein '37, October 1997
Ruth Colwell Wilson '37, August 1998
William Beeney '38, May 1998
Robert Belnap '38, '41 (Mas), July 1998
Ruth Eigabroadt Gray '38E, May 1996
Frederick Marsh '38E, February 1998
Donald Merriam '38, December 1997
Harmon Potter '38, '54 (Mas), July 1998
Arthur Cowles '39, August 1998
Kenneth Hoesterey '39, December 1997
G. Prescott Lane '39, May 1998
Maurice Straub '39, June 1998
Herbert Wenner '39M (MD), April 1998
Robert Corcoran '40M (MD), October 1996
John Holmes '40, May 1998
Harold Meek '41, July 1998
B. Otis Cobb '43M (MD), March 1998
Walter Lohrmann '43M (MD), September 1998
LaMar Hankamp '44M (MD), March 1998
Robert Marks '44, '49 (Mas), November 1997
Herbert Strohson '45, January 1998
Robert Newell '47, May 1998
Curtis Berger '48, July 1998
Stewart Cottier '49, May 1998
John Seagard '49, April 1998
Conway Britton '50, '52 (Mas)
Robert Clough '50, January 1998
Jay Etlinger '50, March 1998
Donald Jones '50E, May 1998
Julian Kaplow '50, March 1998
Mary Davis Clewell '51, January 1998
Elihu Howland '51M (MD), July 1998
Priscilla Smith Armstrong '54, August 1998
Ethel Ashworth Tsutsui '54M (MD), January 1998
Franklin Aks '55, September 1997
Joseph Julien '56, September 1998
Diann Steyaart Kelly '57N, April 1998
Gail Dieterichs '61E, '63E (Mas)
John Harrison '61, July 1996
Clifford Reifler '61M (MD), May 1998
Edward Ashworth '62, July 1998
Joseph Aleo '63M (Flw), '66M (PhD), November 1997
George Douglas '64 (Mas), March 1998
John Burns '65, May 1998
Paul Bunjes '66E, June 1996
Howard Jaquith '68, July 1998
Dorothy Ann Geddes '69 (Mas), August 1998
Adelaide Midnight Maggio '69, August 1998
Beverly Keilberg Hoffman '70, March 1998
Robert Gorman '71S (MBA), May 1998
Richard Siebert '74W, June 1998
Mark Coombs '77M (Mas), '81M (PhD), May 1998
Edwin Betts '79, August 1998
Debra Moreland '80, July 1998
Amy Stein Hartmann '82, February 1997


Harmon Potter '38, '54 (Mas) died July 8 in Rochester. He was 84.

For more than 50 years, Potter served the University in an extraordinary range of positions, in admissions, alumni relations, and development, as well as in the role of University secretary and, later, as special assistant to the president. His legendary salesmanship and dedication raised millions for the institution.

Potter graduated cum laude with a degree in economics and first took a job with IBM. He began working for the University in 1941 in the Office of Admissions. During World War II he served in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant and earned nine combat stars.

Through his fundraising and alumni work, Potter established a network of alumni clubs nationwide, shepherded alumni tour groups, and generally impressed people with "a passion for the place," as President Emeritus Dennis O'Brien phrased it when Potter "retired"--for the first of several times--in 1985.

A University scholarship was created in Potter's honor in 1985-86.

He had been arranging a 60th reunion event for his class before suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in May.

Glenn G. Wiltsey, the founder and first chairman of the University's Department of Political Science, died August 25 after a short illness. He was 95.

Wiltsey, a native Nebraskan, headed the department from 1945 until 1962. Under his direction an honors program of special seminars for outstanding students was developed, among other academic initiatives. He also laid the groundwork for the graduate program in political science. Wiltsey earned his bachelor's degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University, his master's from the University of Nebraska, and his doctorate from the University of Chicago. He taught political science courses at the University of Nebraska and was also professor of political science and chairman of the Social Science Division at Central YMCA College in Chicago (now Roosevelt University) before coming to Rochester. Wiltsey retired in 1968 after 23 years at the University. During his time as professor emeritus, he also taught selected courses.


Alan Underberg, senior partner in the Rochester law firm of Underberg and Kessler, died on May 3.

A member of the University's Board of Trustees for many years, he received, along with his wife, Joyce, the 1981 University's Associates Medal for outstanding volunteer services. He was also a board member of the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration and a member of its advisory committee, and in addition, served on the Board of Managers of the Memorial Art Gallery, including terms as president and chairman.

Specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and securities work, Underberg represented numerous corporate and individual clients and was instrumental in the growth of the law firm. He was a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Law School, and had served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

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