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Dick Rice and Susan Quick met on the River Campus back in the '60s. "It was a blind date," Susan says. "A mutual friend introduced us after a basketball game at the Palestra." That fortuitous first meeting would be the beginning of the couple's longstanding commitment--not only to each other, but to undergraduate life at the University.

For more than 20 years, Susan has worked with the Volunteer Admissions Network, most notably as a representative for East High School in Rochester. She is a former member of the River Campus Alumni Council and was on the founding committee for the Rochester Area Alumni Association. In addition, she has been active on the membership committee for the Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries.

Dick has been involved in athletic recruitment efforts and has worked on several reunion and development committees. He was on the Psi Upsilon board for 25 years and is currently a member of the Rochester Regional Alumni Council.

Hometowns: Dick, East Rochester. Susan, Owego, New York

Family: Two children--Carolyn Gwenn, 25 (married to Daniel G. Smith); Gretchen Corene, 21

As Undergraduates: According to Susan, Dick was involved in just about every activity imaginable. "He played football and baseball, was president of Psi U for two years, and was also on the Interfraternity Council. He was very active in campus life," she says. In 1965, he received the Louis Alexander Alumni Award for achievements in athletics and general contributions to undergraduate life. He earned a B.S. in mechanical and aerospace engineering and credits three mentors for their inspiration and leadership: the late engineering professor Oscar Minor '33, former baseball coach Dave Ocorr '51, and Provost Emeritus Brian Thompson.

Susan, a French major and "staunch Francophile," was awarded an exchange program position at the University of Rennes in 1967 and has since spent considerable time in France. As an undergraduate, she was a member of the honorary language society, the women's chorus, and Alpha Sigma Sorority.

Careers: Dick is vice president of Erdman, Anthony and Associates, a consulting engineering firm, where he is head of the building systems group. Susan is employed in the Trust and Investment Division of the Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company.

Hobbies: Dick has traveled the country playing competitive squash. He was ranked No. 2 in North America in 1996-97 and has represented the U.S. team at the Lapham-Grant Competition against Canada for many years. Both Dick and Susan enjoy gardening and browsing for antique furniture.

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