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Alan Lewis '49, '50 (Mas) (see '49 undergraduate).


David Cohen (PhD) received the Distinguished Contributions to Educational Research Award at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting in Montreal in April. Cohen is the John Dewey Collegiate Professor of Education and professor of public policy at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the relations between policy and other efforts to improve both instruction and classroom practices.


Roxann Bustos '63, '64 (Mas) (see '63 undergraduate).


James McDevitt S (MBA), was elected to the board of directors of the Stable Value Investment Association. He is vice president and head of the Stable Value Group at Boston-based State Street Bank and Trust Company, where he is responsible for the development and issuance of synthetic guaranteed investment products.


Chemistry teacher David Crane (Mas) of Greece Arcadia High School received the 1998 Inspirational Science Teacher Award from the University's Laboratory for Laser Energetics. . . . Bala Manion (MS) received an award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for inventing the special effects technology used in Return of the Jedi, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and other films. He also received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in May (see Alumni Review, Manian Honored by SEAS).


Karen Hill Brown '61, '72 (PhD) (see '61 undergraduate). . . . Michael Coveyou writes: "I recently passed the 20-year mark with the Iowa Department of Public Safety, where I am research and statistics manager.". . . Daniel Walkowitz '64, '72 (PhD) (see '64 undergraduate).


Patricia Muhs Iman '73 (MA) received an Award for Excellence in secondary school teaching presented by the Warner School in March. Iman teaches English at Pittsford Mendon High School.


Paul Horn '74 (PhD) is senior vice president and director of research at IBM (see Truly, Madly, Deeply Computing). . . . Robert Massa '73, '74 (Mas) (see '73 undergraduate).


Paul Indaco (MS) is vice president of worldwide sales for Actel Corp., a supplier of antifuse-based field programmable gate arrays and associated software development tools based in Sunnyvale, Calif. He is responsible for managing the company's global sales strategies and customer relations. . . . Susan Leedecke Piepke (MA) opened the Founder's Day observance at Bridgewater College (Va.) on April 6 with a speech on balancing research and teaching at a liberal arts college. Piepke is a professor of foreign languages at Bridgewater College. . . . Adam Urbanski '69, '75 (PhD) (see '69 undergraduate).


Jay Benet S (MBA) is chief financial officer at Travelers Life & Annuity, a member of Citigroup that offers universal and term life insurance as well as long-term-care insurance, and is a growing presence in the 401(k) market. . . . James Jimenez '75, '76S (MBA) (see '75 undergraduate). . . . David Saltrelli S (MBA) was named president of the board of directors for Netmaximizer. com, Inc., an e-commerce company with an online merchandising store. . . . Joan Stone '76 (PhD) was named dean of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.


Steven Berglund S (MBA) is president and chief executive officer at Trimble, a Sunnyvale, Calif. company that specializes in designing and developing innovative products enabled by global positioning satellite (GPS) technology. Applications include surveying, mapping, mining, commercial aviation, and others. . . . Ann Wright '63, '66 (Mas), '77 (PhD) (see '63 undergraduate).


David Burns S (MBA) is president and chief operating officer of Gleason Corp., a manufacturer of machines and tooling used in the production of all forms of gears. . . . Robert Eimers (PhD) joined the board of directors of FOCUS Enhancements, Inc., a company that develops and markets advanced, proprietary video scan conversion products for the computer and television industries.


Jed Dietz S (MBA) was featured in an article that ran in the Baltimore Sun on the inaugural Maryland Film Festival, which he organized.


Jerry Carr S (MBA) announced that he plans to retire from his position as executive vice president at Frontier Corp. . . . Lawrence Chester '58, '81S (MBA) (see '58 undergraduate). . . . James Ehrets '79, '81 (Mas) (see '79 undergraduate).


Edmond Burke '81, '82S (MBA) (see '81 undergraduate).


Susan Albrecht Burke '82, '83W (Mas) (see '82 undergraduate).


Karen Smith-Pilkington S (MBA) is a vice president at Eastman Kodak Company. . . . Dean S (MBA) and Diana Zavacki Tucker S (MBA) write that they have a new son, Nathan Donald, born March 11. They also have two daughters, Laura, 5, and Julia, 3. . . . Arend Verweij S (MBA) is president and chief executive officer at Diablo Research Co. in Sunnyvale, Calif. Diablo is a high-tech engineering services company headquartered in the Silicon Valley.


Steve Dubnik S (MBA) was profiled in an article that ran in the Rochester Business Journal in January. Dubnik is chairman and CEO of Choice One Communications, Inc., a competitive local telecom exchange carrier located in Rochester. . . . Edmund Luzine, Jr. S (MBA) (see Alumni Gazette, 'Captain' Finance).


Julia Bartkowiak (PhD) has co-edited a new book, Having and Raising Children: Unconventional Families, Hard Choices, and the Social Good, with Uma Narayan. The volume, published by Penn State University Press, contains essays exploring timely social issues and family relationships and the raising of children. . . . Bryan Lloyd W (MSE) writes: "I am at Boston University studying to get my second master's degree; this one is in social work. I hope my good friend, Jeff Levin '81, '85M (MD), would contact me. I lost touch with him a few years ago and would like to hook up with him again." . . . Matthew Vreeland '89, '90 (MS) (see '89 undergraduate).


John Engel S (MBA) is a vice president of EG&G Corp., a global technology company based in Wellesley, Mass., that provides products and systems to medical, telecom, aerospace, and other industries. . . . Gary Niederpruem S (MBA) was named executive vice president of Ryerson Tull, Inc., a North American distributor and processor of metals. He is responsible for the company's general line service center businesses, including Joseph T. Ryerson & Son and AFCO Metals.


Josefa Benzoni Cartier '88, '92W (MAT) (see '88 undergraduate). . . . Warren Crichlow W (EdD) presented a lecture, "Role Models, Heroes and the Inconsolability of Teaching Education," as part of the Warner School's Scandling Lecture Series at Rochester in March. Crichlow is an associate professor on the faculty of education at York University in Toronto.


Michael Cumbo '81, '93 (PhD) (see '81 undergraduate). . . . Tolga Soyata (MS) was profiled in the Rochester Business Journal last December. He is the founder and president of Soyata Computers, a retail and corporate computer sales company located in Rochester. Soyata also is pursuing his doctorate in electrical engineering at the University.


Philip Bean (PhD) e-mails: "I am assistant dean of freshman at Harvard College. I served as a lecturer in history at Hamilton College (N.Y.) from 1993-96. From 1997-99, I've served as executive assistant to the dean of Harvard College and manager of the office of the dean as a nonresident tutor in history at Harvard's Dunster House. I also served as a freshman proctor (an academic and residential advisor) at Harvard. I have served on a number of Harvard committees, most notably as co-chair of the House Tutor Training Committee, in which I helped develop and execute the largest training program sponsored by Harvard College. I have also been appointed an associate editor, for European immigration history, of the Encyclopedia of New York to be published by Syracuse University Press in 2001."


Jane Evan S (MBA) was named director of administrative operations by the Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, according to Business Strategies. . . . Amy Mancuso W (MS) married Gregg Lynch on November 8, 1997. Rochester alumni in attendance included C. Ted Tienvieri '87 and Suzanne Schafer '96W (MS), who was a bridesmaid. The couple recently moved from New York City to Rochester when Amy accepted a position at the University's Alumni Relations and Development Office as the UR Involved program coordinator. Gregg, a former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, is now a licensed private investigator.


Joyce Burgess '90, '96S (MBA) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . Darin Noel '91, '96 (MS) (see '91 undergraduate). . . . Linda Palmeri Jacobson '91, '96S (MBA) (see '91 undergraduate).


Kim Dyce '89, '90W (MS), '97W (MS) (see '89 undergraduate). . . . Daniel Heimgartner (MS) reports that he is an engineering geologist with Law Engineering and Environmental Services in Sterling, Va. . . . Carol Marchetti (PhD) is the recipient of the 1998-99 Richard and Virginia Eisenhart Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching from Rochester Institute of Technology. Marchetti is on the faculty of the department of math and statistics at RIT.


Galen Hunt (PhD) is leading the Millennium Project, a part of the systems and networking research group at Microsoft. The team focuses on eliminating the distinction between local and distributing computing. . . . Christian Isliker S (MBA) (see '97 undergraduate). . . . The Deloitte & Touche Foundation awarded Ganapathi Narayanamoorthy S (Mas) a doctoral fellowship. He is pursuing his Ph.D. in accounting at the University. . . . Kevin Rhatigan '94, '98S (MBA) (see '94 undergraduate).


Robert Mike S (MBA) married Susan Maloney on April 10 in Rochester. He is an assistant vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank. Susan is an assistant branch manager at Fleet Bank.

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