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Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. The e-mail address is


Adelaide Fish Cumming '26E, December 1998
Margaret Keller Wittmann '26, January 1999
Inez Quinn '27E, December 1998
Caro FitzSimons Spencer '27, January 1999
Laura Kellogg '28, '31N, '49 (MS), April 1999
Jennie B. Cossitt '29E, '30E (MM), January 1997
Ruth Jackson McAulliffe '29E, '31E (Mas), December 1998
Marius A. Santucci '29E, March 1999
Marion Thayer Suter '29, January 1999
Ernest Conger Whitbeck, Jr. '29, April 1999
Florence Vickland Calder '30E, March 1999
Caroline McNally King '30E, February 1999
Richard M. Wilson '30, August 1997
Catherine J. Sullivan '31, November 1998
Homer A. Turpin '31, October 1998
Jerome E. Doyle '32, April 1999
Norman H. Selke '32, December 1998
Stanley R. Townsend '32, February 1999
Clifton L. Darling '33, November 1998
Dorothy Lee Taylor '33, February 1999
John Paul Bonn '34E, April 1999
W. Thomas Marrocco '34E, '40E, January 1999
Lawrence J. Radice '34M (MD), January 1999
C. Benjamin Scammell '34E, '48E (Mas), March 1999
Philip Berton Wasserman '34M (MD), August 1998
Martha Barkema '35E, '37E (MM), February 1999
Francis B. Carroll '35M (MD), Febuary 1999
Frederick E. Ewing '35, '40 (Mas), May 1998
Robert Lawless Groh '35, March 1999
James C. Hart '35, December 1998
Clark J. Smith '35, June 1996
Charles D. Kochakian '36M (PhD), February 1999
Donald Lum '36, June 1997
Amelia Donatelli '36N, December 1998
Aleda Parker Doolittle '37, February 1999
Charles H. Strong, Jr. '37, December 1998
Richard F. Baker '38 (PhD), February 1999
Felix J. Balonek '38, April 1999
Maurice H. Dankoff '38, February 1998
M. Burnette Thompson '38E (Mas), January 1999
Freda Bernstein Cohen '39, May 1998
Margaret Hewins Garlington '39, December 1997
Dorothy Jane Hickok '39E (Mas), January 1999
Arthur E. Merz '39M (MD), November 1998
Winifred Storer '39, '42 (Mas), February 1996
David Wheelock Alling '40, '48M (MD), January 1999
Richard E. Joiner '40E, December 1998
William C. Kirkpatrick, Jr. '40E, '47E (Mas), February 1997
Robert J. McManus '40M (MD), April 1999
Louis C. Smith '40, January 1999
Donald R. Spear '40, February 1999
Parker N. Bridges '41 (Mas), September 1993
John F. Reinhard '41, December 1997
Ralph Alparone '42, February 1999
William H. Bagley '43, July 1998
Arthur G. Harmon '43, October 1998
Merle P. Smith '43E, January 1996
Albert O. Daniels '44, '46M (MD), February 1999
Elaine Kjerstad Flannery '44E, February 1999
Thomas B. Lawley '44M (MD), July 1998
Frank Ratner '44, April 1998
Jane Santway Cook '45N, January 1999
Natalie Farone Hawley '45, '48 (Mas), April 1999
Elliot A. Siegel '45E, March 1999
Barbara Brettle Bollinger '46E, February 1999
Jean Helmkamp Cripps '47, December 1998
Robert H. Maysick '47, August 1998
Jean Rockwell Stanley '48, January 1999
William Seymour Cook '49, August 1998
Kenneth J. Fugo '49, March 1999
9 Robert J. Hosley '49, February 1999
J. Thomas Payne '49M (Res), May 1997
Thomas C. Mayne '50E, September 1997
Robert M. Werner '50, October 1997
Marilyn Nelson Graham '51, December 1998
Arthur Henry Green '51, November 1998
Dorothy M. Hanlin '51, March 1999
John Charles Berger '52E (Mas), September 1996
Doris Urbach Melman '52, December 1998
Virginia L. Radley '52 (MA), December 1998
Peter W. Alland '53 (Mas), January 1999
Bernice Mattes Galindo '53, March 1999
Harold M. Pinney '53, January 1999
Rudolf Doblin '54E (Mas), December 1998
William J. Kammerer '54, November 1998
Ruth McPheron Allen '56E (Mas), January 1999
James Richard Kleisle '56, February 1999
Barbara Bowman Link '58, '60W (Mas), January 1999
David H. Smith '58M (MD), '92 (HNR), February 1999
Carol Cronk Stoesen, '58, February 1999
John Herbert Davison, '59E (PhD), March 1999
Charles R. Angel '60M (PhD), January 1999
Howard J. Sullivan '60S, September 1998
Mae Loucks Larson '61W, November 1998
Ashenafi Kebede '62, May 1998
Thomas C. Irwin '63 (PhD), January 1999
Michael Wallace Kraham '63W (Mas), April 1999
Benjamin Allen Johnson '63 (MS), April 1999
Daniel P. Owen '63, October 1998
W. Keyserlingk Vonbertrab '65N, January 1999
William Norman Hesketh '66, March 1999
John Potts '66E (Mas), December 1998
Jeanne Wallach Schwartz '66W, May 1998
Wendy Jo Martz Goldhirsh '67, January 1999
Bruce Edgar Ingmire '69, October 1993
Mark S. Cornell '83E (Mas) March 1999
Allison Schmidt '93 (Mas), June 1995
Margaret R. Batterson '96 (MS), August 1996
Angela Lye '97, January 1999


Mercer Brugler '25, a life trustee and chairman of the Board of Trustees, died May 22, 1999. He was 94.

A former captain of the basketball team and a drop-kicker on the football team, Brugler went on to become president and chairman of Pfaudler Company. In 1965, Pfaudler merged with Ritter Corporation, and the new company was later bought by Sybron Corporation. Brugler retired as a Sybron board member in 1974.

Active in University and alumni affairs, Brugler also was a dedicated fund-raiser for the University.

The Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professorship, endowed through gifts from Sybron and from Brugler and his wife, Bernice Whitham Brugler '25, is named in his honor. Bernice Brugler died in 1998.


Michael Farris '89E (DMA), associate professor of organ at the Eastman School, died March 27, 1999. He was 41.

Farris joined the Eastman faculty in 1994 and served as co-chair of the keyboard department. He also earned a performer's certificate and an artist's diploma from Eastman.

Julian Keilson, professor emeritus of business administration at the Simon School and of statistics at the College, died on March 8, 1999. He was 74.

He joined the business school at the University in 1966 and taught courses in applied probability for more than 30 years. Keilson's research, which included the areas of probability theory, queuing theory, stochastic processes, telecommunications and performance analysis for computer, was internationally recognized.

Eileen Malone '28E, professor emerita who had taught harp for 59 years at the Eastman School, died June 1, 1999. She was 92.

Malone, who also was principal harpist for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra for 43 years, was celebrated in the harp world for her performances and for her commitment to education. She frequently traveled abroad to judge international harp competitions and was active in both the International and American Harp Societies.

After earning her degree and performer's certificate, she joined Eastman's faculty in 1930. Malone retired in 1989.

David Smith '58M (MD), '92 (HNR), former chief of pediatrics, who co-invented a vaccine that has almost eradicated childhood bacterial meningitis in America, Australia, and several European countries, died February 23, 1999. He was 67.

Smith and co-inventor Porter Anderson worked on the vaccine while both were at the University. Smith spun off a local company, Praxis Biologics, to continue work on the vaccine.

For their work on the vaccine, the pair was awarded the Lasker Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the country, in 1996. Smith also received the Pasteur Award from the World Health Organization.

Using proceeds from the vaccine's development, Smith founded the David H. Smith Foundation to fund conservation and scientific research.

Smith chaired pediatrics at Rochester from 1976 to 1983.

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