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Winter 1999-2000
Vol. 62, No. 2

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Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2003 in the College who are sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Rochester alumni!

Here's the list of students and their alumni parents (or, in some cases, grandparents), as reported to us in September. Please let us know if we've overlooked anyone.

Nicholas Barczak--Timothy Barczak '83M (Res)

Joel Berlinghieri--Joel Berlinghieri '70 (PhD)

Christina Boice--John '73M (MD) and Sylvia Person Boice '70

Laura Cowan--Charles '70 and Candace Geyer Cowan '70; Leo Geyer '38 (grandfather)

David Etlinger--Henry '70 and Marlene Herman Etlinger '70; Jay Etlinger '50 (grandfather)

David Feil-Seifer--Leslie Feil '81 (Mas), '84 (PhD) and Ronald Seifer '81 (Mas), '81 (PhD)

Zachary Feldman--Patti Rosenfeld Feldman '67

Grace Fong--Katherine Leung '75

Sarah Gluchowski--Paul Ludwig Gluchowski '76

Micah Goldwater--Ruth Balser '69; Ida Brim Balser '31 (grandmother)

Scott Guthrie--Ian Guthrie '60

Rachel Hart--Stephen E. Moshman '65

Joesph Hasday--Jeffrey Hasday '75, '79M (MD) and Rose Marie Viscardi '80M (MD), '83M (Res)

Samuel Hathaway--Amy Presberg Hathaway '76W (Mas)

Eric Hoffman--Gerard Hoffman '63

Ahlea Howard--Ellen Howard '96W (MS)

Jeffrey Jakubowski--Michael Jakubowski '73

Jonathan Kaiser--Gerald '72 and Dale Leventhal Kaiser '72

Jonathan Kaskey--Gary '77M (Res) and Michelle Smith Kaskey '74, '78N

Michael Krause--Edith Martin Krause '69, '69W

Gregory Lozeau--Mary Mullen Lozeau '66

Elizabeth Madore--Dace Viceps Madore '69

Jonathan Mahoney--Robert '75 and Laura Cohen Mahoney '75

David McCoglin--William Carey McColgin '75 (PhD)

Courtney Meyers--Debra Ashton Meyers '97 (PhD)

Erin Miga--Brian Miga '71

Stephen Naum--Paul Naum '81

Erica Orange--Wendy Orange '85

Timothy Petitte--Mark '71 and Joy White Petitte '71

Brian Rea--Mary Pender Rea '73

Vincent Reeder--Jay Reeder '92M (MS), '97M (PhD)

Stephen Salipante--Joseph '70 and Diane Salipante '97N (MS)

David Sankel--Elizabeth Cesarano Sankel '93S (MBA)

Laura Schmidt--Robert Schmidt, Jr., '77M (MS)

Aaron Share--Gerald Share '67 (PhD)

Theodore Shepard--Linda Constanza Shepard '71

Christopher Slechta--Deborah Cory-Slechta '82M (Flw)

Matthew Smith--Lawrence Smith '79M (Res)

Callie Soderland--Carl Soderland '75M (MD), '79M (Res)

Joseph Spilman--Robert Spilman '65

Mollie Sprung--Daniel '81 and Mary Holowka Sprung '72, '72N, '78N (Mas)

Kenta Takagi--Shinji Takagi '82 (Mas), '83 (PhD)

Dushyant Thakur--Rajbala Thakur '94M (Res), '95M (Flw)

Celina Thom--Michael Hesse '69E

Nathan Tobey--Jeffrey '73, '73W and Virginia Smith Tobey '73

Katrina Wappel--Carl Wappel '81M (MD)

Jessie Weber--William Weber '78

Allison Werner--Michael Werner '78S (MBA)

Matthew Willyard--Charles Willyard '92S (MBA)

Arielle Zibrak--Beverly Myers Zibrak '72

Jordan Zinn--Frederic Marc Zinn '75S (MBA)

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