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Open SlowlyOpen Slowly
By Kate Light ’80E, ’82E (MM)
Zoo Press, 2003

The collection is the violinist’s second book of poetry. She also is a member of the New York City Opera Orchestra and a freelance musician and writer.

How to Succeed in an EnsembleHow to Succeed in an Ensemble
By Abram Loft
Amadeus Press, 2003

The former chair of the Eastman School’s string department and coordinator of the chamber music program gives a personal account of a musician’s life.

A Northern Light
By Jennifer Donnelly ’85
Harcourt Inc., 2003

Donnelly’s novel recasts the 1906 murder of a young woman at an Adirondack Mountains resort, the same real-life crime that Theodore Dreiser used as the basis for An American Tragedy.

Writing Training Materials That Work
By Kenneth Silber ’65, Wellesley Foshay, and Michael Stelnicki
Josey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2003

The authors summarize current ideas in instructional design and how the field can help improve teaching and learning.

Going Home: Black Representatives and Their Constituents
By Richard F. Fenno Jr.
University of Chicago Press, 2003

Fenno, the William J. Kenan Professor of Political Science, analyzes the work of three African-American Congresspeople in their home districts as a vantage point for studying political change.

Constitution Close Up: Minutiae for the Artist and Modeller
By Ty Martin ’52
Timonier Publications, 2002

The book is an illustrated compendium of information about the evolution in appearance of the famous “Old Ironsides” through her first six decades.

Transnational America:
Cultural Pluralist Thought in the Twentieth Century

By Everett Akam ’89 (PhD)
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2002

Akam, a professor of history at Casper College, addresses how Americans might achieve a sense of racial and ethnic identity while simultaneously retaining the common ground of shared traditions and citizenship.

The Leader as Communicator
By Robert Mai ’68 (MA) and Alan Akerson
American Management Association, 2003

The book explores the communication- based roles that the authors argue executives need to lead their organizations well.

Common Whores, Vertuous Women, and Loveing Wives:
Free Will and Christian Women in Colonial Maryland

By Debra Meyers ’97 (PhD)
Indiana University Press, 2003

Meyers examines wills and other personal documents of early Maryland’s material culture to understand the ways religious values and social arrangements shaped the lives of women in that society.

Diagnosis: Cancer. Your Guide to the
First Months of Healthy Survivorship

By Wendy Schlessel Harpham ’80M (MD)
W. W. Norton & Co., 2003

The new edition revises and expands the physician and cancer survivor’s resource for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Getting a Job
By Janet Garber ’72 (MA)
Silver Lining Books, 2003

Previously published as I Need a Job, Now What? the book is a guide to making job changes.

For the Love of Skiing: Our Story of Skiing in Ellicottville
By Lillian Benz Congdon ’37, ’44 (Mas) and Edna Northrup
Norcon Press, 2003

The two New York natives reminisce about the central role skiing has played in their lives and the lives of their families.

Tales from Birdbun TheatreTales from Birdbun Theatre
By Dennis Tucker ’94
Empire Syndicate Inc., 2001

A compilation of commentary and cartoons from the author of the syndicated comic strip Birdbun Theatre and former editor of the River Campus humor magazine The Norm.

Aftermath: In the Wake of Murder
By Carrie Freitag ’88 and Margaret Kerouac (contributing editor)
Chevron Publishing Corporation, April 2003

Freitag explores the emotional and psychological fallout of violence, drawing on the 1998 murder of her brother, William.

Practical Guides in Psychiatry: Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry
By Michael Blumenfield ’60 and Maria Tiamson
Lippincott/Williams & Wilkins, 2003

Written for those who work between psychiatry and other medical specialties, the book provides information for professionals in mental health care.

The Leadership Dance:
Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness

By Richard Knowles ’61 (PhD)
Greenleaf Books, 2002

Knowles, the founder and director of the Center for Self-Organizing Leadership, analyzes the processes and patterns of leadership and organizations.

The Book of Raccoon Circles
By Jim Cain ’97 and Tom Smith
Learning Unlimited Publishers, 2002

The authors describe activities to create community, social capital, and teamwork using a single, 15-foot-long piece of tubular climbing webbing, known as a raccoon circle.

Divorce: Making the Break
By David Bell ’79E (MA)
Siles Press, 2002

Bell offers advice to couples on ways to face the issues involved in a marital breakup and to avoid a high-conflict divorce.

Pennsylvania Gardener’s Guide
By Liz Geigle Ball ’62
Cool Springs Press, 2002

The resource includes profiles, planting information, and color photos for 165 plants that do well in Pennsylvania. Ball also published Month by Month Gardening in Pennsylvania (Cool Springs, 2001).

The Mismapping of AmericaThe Mismapping of America
By Seymour Schwartz
University of Rochester Press, 2003

The book analyzes the cartographic errors that have shaped the history of the United States. It’s the latest by Schwartz, Distinguished Alumni Professor of surgery and an expert on the history of mapping America.

Women Writing Latin, Three-Volume Set:
From Roman Antiquity to Early Modern Europe

Edited by Phyllis Rugg Brown ’73, Laurie Churchill, and Jane Jeffrey
Routledge, 2002

Divided into three volumes—Women Writing Latin in Roman Antiquity, Late Antiquity, and the Early Christian Era; Medieval Women Writing Latin; and Early Modern Women Writing Latin—the set brings together the writing of nearly 30 named and several anonymous women and explores the role that Latin literacy played in women’s lives in those eras. Brown and her coeditors dedicate the set to the women who taught them Latin when they were first learning the language. For Brown, they were high school teachers Elizabeth Schleyer ’21, ’47 (Mas) and Mary Shults ’48 (Mas).

The Complete Spleen: Structure, Function and Clinical Disorders
Edited by Anthony Bowdler ’61M (Flw)
Humana Press, 2002

The second edition provides comprehensive information on the structure, microanatomy, and pathology of the often clinically obscure organ.


An American Mass
By Chesley Kahmann ’52
Orbiting Clef Productions, 2003

Recorded during a performance at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey, the recording features the combined choirs of two churches and members of the Interludes. Conducted by E. Wayne Bradford.

Calls and Echoes
By Eastman Brass
Eastman in Concert, 2002

Eastman faculty members James Thompson and Doug Prosser (trumpet), John Marcellus (trombone), Peter Kurau (horn), and Don Harry (tuba) perform works arranged or written by acclaimed hornist, conductor, and composer Verne Reynolds, Eastman professor emeritus and founding member of Eastman Brass.

The Question Is . . .
By Eastman Jazz Trio
Eastman in Concert, 2001

The recording features performances by the “in-house faculty rhythm section” of the Eastman School. Performers include Harold Danko (keyboards), Rich Thompson (drums), and Jeff Campbell (bass). And, in the debut of the Eastman Jazz Quartet, the three are joined by trumpeter Clay Jenkins, who appears as a guest performer on the recording but who now is a regular member of the group.

Rich Perry at Eastman
By Rich Perry with the Eastman Jazz Quartet (Clay Jenkins, Harold Danko, Jeff Campbell, and Rich Thompson)
Steeplechase Productions, 2003

Noted saxophonist Rich Perry joins Eastman faculty members in performances recorded live at Kilbourn Hall during 2001.

Christmas Around the World
By the Lyric Brass Quintet
Tubist Andrew Spang ’95E (MM) and other members of the quintet
play a set of international holiday favorites, featuring many arrangements by Spang.

Books and Recordings is a compilation of recent publications by University alumni, faculty, and staff. For inclusion in an upcoming issue, please send the work’s title, publisher information, author, and author’s class year, along with a brief description, to Books and Recordings, Rochester Review, 147 Wallis Hall, Box 270033, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-0033; e-mail:

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