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In Memoriam is a list of recent alumni deaths that have been reported to the magazine and to the University’s alumni records office. We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone’s death. Please write to Rochester Review, P. O. Box 270033, Rochester NY 14627–0033. The e–mail address is

In Memoriam


Joseph Mariano

Joseph Mariano, a nationally known flutist who taught at the Eastman School for nearly 40 years, died February 15. He was 95.

Mariano, who also was principal flutist for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra for more than three decades, was invited in 1935 by legendary director Howard Hanson to join the Eastman faculty, where he remained as a professor of flute until his retirement in 1974.

Praised as a teacher and performer, Mariano was credited by The Flutist Quarterly for developing “a truly American style of flute playing” of “great strength, vitality, and sensuality.” He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Flute Association in 2001.

In 2003, he was recognized by the Eastman School for his commitment as a teacher and mentor with a special day-long program dedicated to his legacy. The ceremonies included the unveiling of Mariano’s portrait in the school’s portrait gallery on Cominsky Promenade in Eastman Theatre.


Frances Channell Steele ’27, September 2006

Beulah Stottle Travis ’29, February 2007

Robert C. Manchester ’30M (MS), ’32M (MD), January 2007

Marguerite Waite Mabee ’31N, January 2007


Eugene Kurtz ’47, ’49E (MA)

Eugene Kurtz ’47, ’49E (MA) was a friend to my husband, the late Ed Kindig ’44, and me since our days at Rochester.

Gene and Ed were Alpha Delta Phi fraternity brothers. Looking back, Gene’s involvement in the fraternity intrachoral competition foretold his career as a composer.

Together, Gene and Art Frackenpohl ’47, ’49E (MA) wrote wonderful songs for the Quilting Club, the men’s annual musical—witty and funny songs like “Make Up Your Mind” and “I Miss My Man and His Kind of Sin.”

Gene was a native of Atlanta, with an accent that said so. And he was always proud to tell people about his uncle, a prominent Southern historian who served as a consultant for the movie Gone with the Wind.

It was 1941 when Gene first came to Rochester. He left his studies temporarily to serve in World War II, arriving in France in 1944 as part of a heavy artillery division. After the war, Gene returned to the University.

While working on his master’s degree at the Eastman School, Gene caught the attention of Eastman director and renowned composer Howard Hanson. In 1949 his ballet, “The Shooting of Dan McGrew,” was performed at that year’s Festival of American Music at Eastman. That was quite an honor for Gene. He was very proud to have studied under his teachers there.

In 1949, Gene boarded the Queen Mary to sail back to France—this time, happily, to study with composer Arthur Honegger. While he returned to the United States for occasional teaching work, especially at the University of Michigan, Gene lived in France for the rest of his life.

His early years in Paris were lean ones, but eventually Gene found great success, teaching and writing for orchestras and chamber ensembles and composing pieces for film, theater, television, and radio. Radio France declared October 27, 1979, Eugene Kurtz Day. The French Ministry of Cultural Affairs commissioned his major work “Ca . . . Diagramme, pour Orchestre,” and in the late 1990s the Acadmie des Beaux-Art gave Gene its Nicolo award in musical composition.

Friends like Bob Billet ’45 and Denise Hirshfield Munchmeyer ’48 also stayed in touch with Gene. We enjoyed his dry humor and droll smile. Letters kept us close, and we saw each other now and then.

I still have the “Lullaby for Dean” that Gene wrote for my son when he was born in 1948.

Gene passed away in Paris in July 2006.

—Margaret Greene Kindig ’47, as told to Kathleen McGarvey

Louis R. Schwartz ’31, December 2006

Esther Behner Dickey ’33E, February 2007

Leah Bennett King ’33, October 2006

Robert M. Harris ’34, February 2007

Leonard Weisler ’34, ’36 (MS), ’39 (PhD), January 2007

Esther Pupik Kaufman ’36N, December 2006

Edward H. Yewer ’36, January 2007

Margaret J. McKeon ’37E, February 2007

Ralph C. Rozzi ’37E, February 2007

Charles E. Sunderlin ’38 (PhD), December 2006

James B. Black Jr. ’39M (Res), February 2007

Paige DiBacco Armentrout ’39E, February 2007

Virginia Kelsey Reddy ’39, February 2007

Albert V. Cutter ’40M (MD), December 2006

Richard M. Drake ’40, December 2005

Elizabeth Jones Guffey ’40E, February 2007

Donald L. Smith ’40, ’48 (Mas), February 2007

Terry Baxter Martin ’41E, February 2007

David D. Perkins ’41, January 2007

Nicholas C. Rhoden ’41E, ’42E (MM), July 2006

Barbara Bourgeois Rositzke ’41, January 2007

Marjorie Somers Kleinberg ’41, July 2005

Joseph F. Conway ’42, ’46 (MA), January 2007

William H. Eilinger ’42, February 2007

Edith M. Lipphardt ’42M (MD), December 2006

Victor P. Totah ’42, ’44M (MD), January 2007

Robert W. House ’42E (MM), February 2007

Shirley Ashton Ross ’43, December 2006

Anne E. Vainask ’44N, November 2005

Nancy Crawford Williamson ’44, October 2006

Stephen Jones ’45, January 2007

Myrna Rubenstein Panitz ’45E, October 2005

Doris Kennell Palmer ’46, February 2007

Marshall Waingrow ’46 (MA), January 2007

Ruth Moyer Burgess ’47N, January 2007

Donald B. Clark ’47, February 2007

Wallace Davis Jr. ’47 (PhD), December 2006

George F. Harris ’47, January 2007

Eugene A. Trabka ’47, ’50 (MA), January 2007

Carlton M. Davis ’48, January 2006

Julia Steffenhagen Andrews ’48N, February 2007

Jean Moe Hoefer ’48M (MS), December 2006

Donald Walker ’48, November 2006

Hugh S. Adams ’49, January 2007

Betty Neracker Davis ’49, January 2007

J. Normand Leblanc ’49E, November 2006

Frederick G. Ostendorf ’49, January 2007

Richard H. Skuse ’49, February 2007

George F. Wooster ’49, April 2006

Ann L. Hentz ’50, December 2006

Mary S. Storm ’50E (MM), January 2007

Richard O. White ’50E, December 2006

Robert S. Warner ’51M (Res), January 2007

Nancy Pare Zachary ’51E (MM), August 2006

Guy O. Keller ’52M (Res), February 2007

Paul S. Miller ’52, December 2006

John F. Schroth ’52, February 2007

Emmett M. Steele ’52E (MM), December 2006

Sylvester W. Tuchrello ’52, ’59W (Mas), January 2007

Janet Woods Luft ’54N, September 2006

Donald A. Morken ’54M (PhD), February 2006

Miriam D. Volker ’54E (MM), January 2007

Gene M. Smith ’54 (PhD), February 2007

Janice Norton Kaufman ’55M (Res), November 2006

William F. Coombs Jr. ’56 (MS), January 2007

Robert F. Dibble ’57M (MD), February 2007

Elaine Pendray Jennings ’58, July 2006

Peter W. Oosterling ’58E, ’64E (MM), January 2007

Phillipe Y. Carignan ’59 (PhD), February 2005

George E. Milliman ’59, December 2006

Albert J. Marafino ’60, February 2007

Gerald E. Kemner ’62E (DMA), January 2007

Terence O. Parshall ’62, January 2007

Gerald L. Welker ’63E, ’64E (MM), ’67E (DMA), February 2007

Christopher J. Michejda ’64 (PhD), January 2007

Burton J. Greene ’65, January 2007

Howard A. Mercer ’65, ’68 (MS), ’73 (PhD), August 2006

Jean G. Deming ’66N (MS), January 2005

Mirga Kerbelis Bablin ’66, February 2007

Margot Alt Baum ’68, ’72 (MA), January 2007

David J. Williams ’68 (PhD), February 2007

Raymond T. Jones ’69, December 2006

David T. Arthur ’70 (PhD), November 2005

Marc A. Hoberman ’70, January 2007

Charles K. Carniglia ’71 (PhD), December 2006

Frances J. Sullivan ’73W (Mas), January 2007

Frances E. Griles ’74, ’75S (MBA), November 2006

Stephen K. Simpson ’78, July 2006

Mark A. Perkins ’84, February 2007

Laura J. Pyne ’84, January 2007

Marilyn T. Senchak ’85 (MA), ’89 (PhD), June 2005

Michael R. Paley ’87, December 2006

Christine A. Rawlins ’88, December 2006

Jyoti L. Moorthy ’92W (MS), February 2007

Jimmie Johnson ’95, November 2006

Lorne T. Perry ’96N, ’01N (MS), February 2007

Robert Molenkamp ’03S (MBA), January 2007

James A. Mullen ’05, January 2006