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Preventing the Spread The Medical Center adjusts to care for patients and to protect staff.
photo of a response team in tent

In some ways, the story of the Medical Center’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been what hasn’t happened.

As of late fall, the clinical operation has never been so overwhelmed that staff couldn’t care for all patients. The Medical Center’s infection prevention team has been at the heart of UR Medicine’s COVID-19 response.

Led by Paul Graman, professor of medicine in infectious diseases and hospital epidemiologist, and Brenda Tesini, associate hospital epidemiologist and assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics in infectious diseases, the team consists of nine infection preventionists, including many nurses.

“It has been a challenging time, but we’re inspired by the dedication of everyone at URMC who has been going above and beyond their pre-COVID roles during this pandemic,” Tesini says. “It’s our job to use our knowledge of COVID-19 to keep everyone safe and protected while they are under our roof.”