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In Memoriam

Life Trustees

William Balderston, a banking and financial executive in Rochester and western New York, died in October. Elected to the Board of Trustees in 1980, Balderston also served on the board of the Medical Center and the former Genesee Hospital in Rochester as well as in leadership roles for several Rochester-area nonprofit and educational organizations.

Balderston and his wife, Ruth, moved to Rochester in 1966, when he began working for Lincoln First Banks, where he rose to CEO and chairman as the company became part of Chase Manhattan Corporation. He retired from Chase as executive vice president in 1993.

Robert (Bud) Frame ’53, a former president of Forbes Product Corporation, a custom manufacturer located in western New York, died in September. Elected to the Board of Trustees in 1979, Frame was a longtime volunteer and supporter of the University, helping lead several campaign efforts in the 1990s. He was a key philanthropic supporter of the David Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity, which was named for his friend and campus roommate, the late David Kearns ’52, a former chairman of the Board of Trustees and CEO of Xerox Corp.

Frame and his late wife, Margaret, commissioned a landmark clock that stands on Dandelion Square on the River Campus. Installed as part of the University’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2000, the clock was dedicated in recognition of Kearns and his commitment to the University.

James Gleason ’68S (MBA), the former chairman and CEO of Gleason Corporation and chairman of the Gleason Foundation, died in June. Elected to the Board of Trustees in 1980, Gleason was an active volunteer and supporter of the Simon Business School, holding important advisory roles for the school as well as on the Strong Memorial Hospital Board of Managers and other committees. He was a graduate of Simon’s first executive development MBA program.

He and his wife, Janis, provided a lead gift for the construction of Simon’s Gleason Hall, a 38,000-square-foot space that was dedicated in 2001. The couple were also the namesake supporters of Gleason Library, a multifunctional academic and social space on the east side of Rush Rhees Library that was dedicated in 2007.

In Memoriam

Faculty Emeriti

William Barker Jr., a longtime member of the faculty in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Medical Center, died in September. With research interests that spanned infectious diseases, epidemiology, and geriatric health services, Barker joined the faculty in 1975. He also held positions in community medicine and public health sciences at Rochester.

Ronald Jones, who joined the Department of Economics as a professor in 1958 as part of a cohort that built the then new department into an academic powerhouse, died in September. Considered a leading figure in the field of international economics, Jones influenced ideas about global trade, and the policies, systems, and institutions that affect trade during his 50-plus years as a scholar and author. His 1973 book, World Trade and Payments, (Little Brown & Co.), coauthored with Richard Caves, became a preeminent undergraduate textbook, going through 10 editions. His most recent book was 2018’s International Trade Theory and Competitive Models (World Scientific Publishing Company). Recognized by the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences, Jones was a recipient of the University’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and received honorary doctorates from several institutions.

James William (Bill) Johnson, a professor of English from 1955 to 1997, died in June. The editor and author of nine books, Johnson was recognized for his work on the English Restoration era, particularly the relationships of the poet John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester, with playwrights in London from 1660 to 1680 and Wilmot’s influence on later writers. He taught courses on 18th-century literature, the English novel, women in film, and other areas.

William McHugh, who directed the Eastman Dental Center for nearly a quarter century, died in October. In addition to serving as director from 1970 to 1994, McHugh was a professor and associate dean for dental affairs. He is credited with leading the effort to relocate the center to the campus of the Medical Center, a move that was completed in 1978. Widely recognized as a clinician and researcher, he was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the American College of Dentists, and other leading academic organizations.

Adrian Melissinos, a professor of physics from 1955 to 2022, died in July. Melissinos developed an international reputation for research in experimental high-energy physics and the nature of the universe, helping physicists identify properties of subatomic particles considered important in understanding dark matter, which accounts for about 85 percent of matter in the universe but has only been inferred by scientists from other observations. Involved in the first searches for cosmic axions—particles that barely interact with normal matter—Melissinos led some of his era’s most exhaustive searches for dark matter.

Peter Regenstreif, a professor of political science from 1961 to 2009, died in May. An expert on Canadian and comparative politics, mass media, and public opinion, Regenstreif was the author of The Diefenbaker Interlude: Parties and Voting in Canada; an Interpretation (Longmans, 1965). Recognized as a teacher, Regenstreif taught some of the political science department’s largest and most popular courses, including Politics and the Mass Media, Introduction to Comparative Politics, and Politics in Canada. He also frequently gave talks on the subjects for alumni audiences and for others outside the classroom.

In Memoriam


Inez Rothman Lipman ’42N, May 2022

Paul M. Spiegel ’42, ’50 (MA), June 2022

Lona Stoddard Feltham ’44E, May 2022

Edith Sunde Hesselbrock ’44E (MA), April 2022

Lydia Ponari Rizzo ’44, May 2021

Judy Strubhar Ross ’44E, August 2022

June Goff Herman ’45, August 2022

Lorraine Rose Mann ’45E, December 2021

Shirley Mowry Reichenberg ’45E, April 2022

Werner Kunz ’46, May 2022

Rita Sheridan Studley ’46N, July 2022

Virginia Jones Campbell ’47E (MM), March 2022

Sylvia Nielsen Etnyre ’47, July 2022

Mary T. Pitlick ’47N (Diploma), March 2022

Max L. Rohrer ’47M (MD), August 2021

Ruth Allen Andrews ’48E, June 2022

Alice Getman Beasor ’49N, June 2022

Reba Pfaff Beyer ’49, ’50N, January 2022

Edward F. Caldwell ’49, May 2022

Helen Uebel Inglis ’49, April 2022

Betty Lowenthal Levin ’49, July 2022

Genevieve Porter Lotz ’49, ’50N, July 2022

Robert J. Sinnott ’49, July 2022

Allan D. Zinter ’49, March 2022

Nelson R. Barrett ’50, July 2022

Donald R. Barry ’50, April 2022

Elizabeth Stell Curtis ’50, March 2022

Helen Conrad Davies ’50M (MS), March 2022

Jean Cutler Henty ’50, August 2022

David A. Leidig ’50, June 2022

Thomas F. Lodato ’50, ’61S (MBA), May 2022

Lawrence K. Moss ’50E (MA), June 2022

Maurice S. Reizen ’50M (MD), May 2022

Frederick B. Remington ’50, August 2022

Gabriel Tiberio ’50, April 2022

Arthur W. Tucciarone ’50, August 2022

Dorothy Fisher Washburn ’50, June 2022

James P. Atwater ’51, May 2022

Anita Brooks Bennett ’51, April 2022

Roger L. Cason ’51, ’52 (MS), February 2022

Robert E. Druckenmiller ’51, October 2021

Martha C. Haines ’51, February 2022

Pearl R. Hanig ’51 (MA), April 2021

Sally Lee Black Howd ’51, February 2021

Anne Ingebretsen Johnston ’51, April 2022

Roberta Netzman Kalsbeek ’51N, January 2022

Thomas M. McNeill ’51M (MD), July 2022

Edwin A. Olsson ’51, April 2022

Warren F. Beauman ’52E, ’58E (MM), March 2022

Elizabeth Tuttle Clay ’52, June 2022

Robert J. Cleary ’52, October 2020

Richard A. Closson ’52, March 2022

Theodore J. Ellstrom ’52, August 2022

Lorie A. Gulino ’52, March 2022

J. Robert Hladky ’52E (MM), ’59E (DMA), January 2022

Ralph A. Hyman ’52, March 2022

Donald B. Killaby ’52, July 2022

S. Paul Malchick ’52 (PhD), February 2022

Dean L. Moyer ’52M (MD), February 2022

David R. Pefley ’52, ’56 (MS), May 2021

David C. Seelbinder ’52, June 2022

John W. Seidlin ’52M (MD), July 2022

Donald A. Trismen ’52E (MM), February 2021

Barry K. Beyer ’53, ’62 (PhD), August 2022

Joanne Liersch Bodwell ’53N, July 2021

Donald R. Hauler ’53, March 2022

Dorothy Ray Marengo ’53, February 2022

Doris Delong Morgan ’53, March 2022

John C. Schottmiller ’53, August 2022

Jane Gouverneur Ten Eyck ’53, July 2020

Carl E. Gearhart ’54E (MM), June 2022

Carlyle J. Roberts ’54M (PhD), May 2022

Zoe Cormack Sargeant ’54, June 2022

A. Louanne Laird Shelton ’54E, March 2022

Rae Linehan Donoghue ’55, May 2022

Lee I. Edwards ’55, April 2022

Frederick W. Hahn ’55, June 2022

Allan E. Inglis ’55M (MD), April 2021

Wesley A. Kissel ’55M (Res), April 2022

Ann McSweeney Klos ’55, ’56N, December 2021

M. James Lenhard ’55, ’70S (MBA), June 2022

C. Philip Meyer ’55, May 2022

Sylvia Buddenhagen Nelson ’55, January 2022

Elizabeth Thompson Nicholas ’55, May 2022

Nancy Baker Schlaffer ’55N, August 2022

Albert L. Sieg ’55 (PhD), July 2022

Joan Vecellio Torpie ’55N (Diploma), ’58N, June 2022

Herbert L. Zimiles ’55M (Res), ’56 (PhD), August 2022

Glenn H. Bowen ’56E (MM), ’68E (DMA), May 2022

Jean Larson Clifford ’56E, May 2022

Jan A. Fawcett ’56, ’64M (Res), May 2022

Frank H. Gruber ’56M (Res), June 2022

Morris E. Gruver ’56, December 2021

Gwendolen Brush Johannessen ’56, October 2021

Margaret Stephenson Shantz ’56, June 2022

Walter L. Turle ’56, March 2022

Joseph F. Baranowski ’57, ’67 (MA), August 2022

Davis W. Clark ’57, ’67M (MD), ’72M (Res), July 2022

George W. Cobb ’57, July 2022

Joseph A. Ferlicca ’57, April 2022

Gary C. Kent ’57, March 2022

John C. Klahn ’57, ’60M (MD), July 2022

Jane Bartz Mehlenbacher ’57W (EdM), May 2022

John M. O’Neill ’57E (MM), February 2022

Loyd G. Thompson ’57, July 2022

Richard F. Weeks ’57 (MA), ’59 (PhD), July 2022

Cordell H. Bahn ’58, ’62M (MD), March 2022

Dean G. Blair ’58E (MM), April 2022

Martha Beck Burton ’58, ’60 (MA), April 2022

Robert L. Dawson ’58, April 2022

Theodore C. Doege ’58M (MD), August 2022

Donald S. Frank ’58, July 2022

Samuel P. Gotoff ’58M (MD), April 2022

Julian P. Heicklen ’58 (PhD), March 2022

Peter J. Kerrigan ’58, April 2022

Anthony J. Laplaca ’58, October 2021

Jerome J. Moga ’58M (MD), March 2022

Robert F. Murray ’58E (MD), January 2022

Daniel B. Schneider ’58, September 2020

Alan J. Stone ’58, February 2022

Raymond J. Ashton ’59, July 2022

Robert L. Baker ’59, ’60W (MA), May 2022

Thomas J. Cole ’59E (MA), June 2022

Richard B. Crawford ’59M (PhD), June 2022

Elizabeth Benz Croft ’59, ’68 (MA), May 2022

Brett W. Hawkins ’59, February 2022

Peter L. Hays ’59, June 2022

Thomas E. Schillinger ’59, July 2022

Donald S. Yeaple ’59, May 2022

Ronald J. Barnett ’60E, June 2021

William D. Burnett ’60M (MS), July 2022

Edward L. Clark ’60 (MS), April 2022

Ssan Busch Cullen ’60, May 2022

Gail Greenfield Eyer ’60, June 2022

James D. Gallup ’60M (MD), March 2021

Chester S. Jaworski ’60, April 2022

Thomas J. Malmud ’60, August 2022

C. Arthur Pearson ’60M (MD), May 2022

Jerome L. Shaver ’60, July 2022

Graham T. W. Solomons ’60 (Flw), October 2021

Lalitha Rau Sudarshan ’60 (MS), April 2022

Robert F. Allen ’61, August 2022

Nancy Driscoll Bishop ’61E, July 2022

Gale Furman Coffee ’61E, March 2022

Brett B. Gutsche ’61M (MD), April 2022

Paul D. Harris ’61M (Res), February 2022

Joseph C. Hill ’61M (MD), May 2022

David A. Howitt ’61, April 2022

Phillip J. Lasusa ’61, January 2022

Donald W. Mellis ’61, May 2022

Elsie Lister Orb ’61, April 2022

Bernard J. Panner ’61M (Res), April 2022

Delores Persichitti Saada ’61W (MA), May 2022

Carol Barrett Shepard ’61, August 2022

Howard Aduss ’62D, August 2022

David W. Bills ’62, July 2022

Beverley Macomber Brown ’62, June 2022

Peter L. Duncan ’62, February 2022

Bonnie Palmer Hull ’62N, March 2022

Diane Gold Koenig ’62, March 2022

Helen Schanz Martin-Klaver ’62W (MA), July 2022

Stella Hulsberg Megargle ’62N, May 2022

Robert H. Morse ’62, March 2022

Donald H. Peters ’62, May 2022

Arthur R. Phipps ’62 (MS), December 2021

Albert M. Sax ’62M (Res), July 2022

Robert M. Sterrett ’62 (MS), June 2022

Philip B. Stoddard ’62M (MD), ’71M (Res), March 2022

Bayard W. Allmond ’63M (Res), July 2022

Michel E. Ashmore ’63E, April 2022

Donald S. Conway ’63W (MA), February 2022

Christopher A. Eckel ’63, July 2022

Anne Campbell Gratian ’63W (MA), August 2022

Geralyn Chiarito Haug ’63, June 2022

Bruce A. Hopkins ’63, August 2022

Jeffrey A. Kaffee ’63, July 2022

Howard M. Rockoff ’63D (Res), July 2022

James E. Roland ’63, June 2022

Martin I. Sickels ’63, April 2022

Karen Lyons Taylor ’63N, March 2022

Virginia Maher Wingard ’63, April 2022

Richard B. Arnaud ’64, June 2022

George V. Bettoney ’64, May 2022

Richard A. Bircher ’64, May 2022

Margaret Goshorn Bruce ’64, ’67M (MS), July 2022

Martin J. Fields ’64, August 2021

Arthur R. Gaudio ’64, March 2022

Joseph Gold ’64W (MA), May 2022

Franklin P. Jacobson ’64E, March 2022

Warren B. Knapp ’64W (MA), August 2022

Eric A. Pfeiffer ’64M (Res), July 2021

Harold J. Phillips ’64, April 2022

Ernest A. Rider ’64D (Pdc), April 2022

Russell Sandfield ’64, January 2021

Raymond A. Anselment ’65 (PhD), April 2022

Joseph W. Baber ’65E (MM), March 2022

Peter R. Beaven ’65, July 2022

Cenie C. Cafarelli ’65M (Res), March 2022

James A. Diez ’65, May 2022

Michele Levenbook Kohler ’65, June 2022

Daniel Luch ’65, June 2022

Howard J. Maat ’65W (MA), August 2021

Jack Mendelson ’65M (MS), ’65M (Res), May 2022

Joseph C. Reiners ’65W (EdM), August 2022

Daniel E. Reynolds ’65, February 2022

Harold W. Schneider ’65, March 2022

Patricia Estes Schrader ’65N, September 2021

Daniel D. Stern ’65E, July 2022

Margaret A. Wittman ’65, November 2021

Judith Barwell Yurecka ’65, August 2022

Kelvin C. Bridge ’66, June 2022

Gerald E. Kirwin ’66, June 2022

Arnold M. Markoe ’66M (MS), November 2021

James A. McRae ’66E (MA), December 2021

William R. Parry ’66 (MS), June 2022

Madeline Schreiber ’66 (Flw), January 2022

Dale H. Ursprung ’66, August 2022

Eva Zahorian Wiesner ’66, December 2021

Carole L. Bahou ’67, March 2022

Robert W. Browning ’67, May 2022

Larry J. Cook ’67E (MM), August 2022

Roger B. Eckers ’67E (MA), ’77E (PhD), March 2022

Janice Porter Gump ’67 (PhD), April 2022

Harold W. Janks ’67E, June 2022

Susan Venable McKimm ’67, May 2021

John A. Robbins ’67, May 2022

Nancy Wyrick Thorne ’67, August 2022

Eleanor Roney Wilcox ’67 (MA), March 2022

Zara Wallace Wilkenfeld ’67 (MA), April 2022

Hubert R. DeWindt ’68, November 2021

James S. Gleason ’68S (MBA), June 2022

John A. Heitner ’68 (PhD), April 2022

Barbara Jones Higbee ’68, June 2022

Eileen Thaney Morton-Cubitt ’68W (EdD), April 2022

Lenore Bolling Phipps ’68N, ’76N (MS), December 2021

Ronald P. Premo ’68, February 2022

Kathleen Hansen Putnam ’68N, March 2022

Norman Schafler ’68, June 2022

Carl R. Wille ’68M (MD), February 2022

Frederick T. Boyd ’69E, ’71E (MM), May 2022

Lawrence W. Lipman ’69, August 2022

Wheeler D. Maynard ’69S (MBA), April 2022

Henry N. Muller ’69 (PhD), May 2022

Catherine Dudley Prabhu ’69W (EdM), August 2022

Eldon E. Ronning ’69 (PhD), May 2022

Michael I. Stolzar ’69, April 2022

James M. Acheson ’70 (PhD), June 2022

Gladys Arak ’70M (Res), November 2020

Charles F. Bliss ’70S (MBA), April 2022

Richard E. Bolt ’70M (MD), ’75M (Res), February 2022

Ward W. DeGroot III ’70S (MBA), March 2022

Virginia Dobbie Greenblatt ’70, ’70N, May 2022

Dolores Lux Kleinberg ’70W (MA), April 2022

Kenneth S. Medzie ’70, June 2022

Susanne Smith Prestianni ’70W (MA), July 2022

Kenneth J. Schneiter ’70,May 2022

Joseph A. Streisfeld ’70E, ’72E (MM), November 2021

James S. Ward ’70M (MD), ’73M (Res), March 2021

Donald E. Ware ’70M (Res), August 2022

Jamie A. Alden ’71, December 2021

Stephen D. Combs ’71, April 2022

Charles T. Cordaro ’71, June 2022

Sharon H. Dantzig ’71, February 2021

Thomas G. Eadie ’71E, ’75E (MM), August 2022

Arvid Forsman ’71W (MS), April 2022

Walter P. Gross ’71, July 2022

Angela L. Nazzaro ’71N, March 2022

H. Mark Sutton ’71 (MA), December 2021

Barbara B. Vallone ’71N, March 2022

Richard O. Bollam ’72W (MBA), June 2022

John J. DeCamilla ’72, April 2022

Christos S. Hasiotis ’72, June 2022

Jerome J. Redington ’72W (MS), May 2022

Tiina Hele Runkla ’72E, October 2021

Charles L. Trowbridge ’72S (MBA), January 2022

Gary A. Klein ’73, December 2021

William F. Lewis ’73 (MS), October 2021

Peter M. Palermo ’73S (MBA), July 2022

Philip R. Reynolds ’73W (EdD), May 2022

Florence Seldin ’73W (EdD), April 2022

Stanley L. Shaw ’73S (MS), June 2022

Charles G. Williams ’73, June 2022

David L. Elwell ’74M (MS), April 2022

Theodore A. Hagg ’74 (MA), July 2022

John H. Horton ’74W (EdM), July 2022

Karl J. Marchenese ’74M (MD), ’79M (Res), August 2022

Alexander M. Waitkus ’74D (Pdc), May 2022

David L. Wilson ’74S (MBA), August 2022

Geraldine Marriott Ernst ’75 (MS), August 2022

Winton A. Hancock ’75 (MS), February 2022

Peter H. Helmers ’75, April 2022

Gary J. Lisman ’75, ’76S (MBA), March 2022

Martin L. Miller ’75, June 2022

Dyan Monte-Verde ’75 (MS), February 2021

Richard E. Morse ’75 (MS), July 2022

Norine Galo Orsini ’75, ’79W (EdM), March 2022

Karen Voegely Scofield ’75W (MS), August 2022

Marilyn K. Stulken ’75E (DMA), December 2021

John A. Ward ’75E, July 2022

Robert P. Weber ’75 (PhD), March 2022

James A. Meyer ’76M (Res), December 2021

Barbara Weeden Pasley ’76N, May 2022

Steven A. Rehbein ’76E, December 2021

Robert P. Sulpy ’76, May 2022

Barbara White Grignol ’77, March 2022

Susan Papanek McHugh ’77, June 2022

Bradley R. Nelson ’77E (DMA), April 2022

Sallie Craven Brennan ’78, ’88 (PhD), July 2022

Gloria Jackson Langston ’78, May 2022

Ira Lichtenstein ’78, May 2022

Joseph J. Pansini ’78 (PhD), March 2022

Frederick D. Schlitzer ’78, April 2022

William J. Silva ’78M (MD), October 2021

Andrew Swinburne ’78M (Flw), July 2022

David C. Tillman ’78, August 2022

Carol Shempp Vitolins ’78N, ’91N (MS), June 2022

Herschel R. Rothfield Kroll ’79S (MBA), July 2022

Robert C. Pascalar ’79, May 2022

William S. Thompson ’79S (MBA), November 2021

David J. Anderson ’80, April 2022

Howard Holmes ’80D (Pdc), April 2021

Rebecca Smith Olsen ’80N, June 2022

Reuel D. Ash ’81E (MM), June 2022

David J. Friedman ’81, April 2022

Michael E. Hammond ’81, ’82S (MBA), June 2022

David M. Lukasik ’81, January 2022

Andres A. Martinez-Trueba ’81M (Res), March 2022

Patrick M. McNamara ’81, February 2022

Leonard A. Roberts ’81, March 2022

Charles C. Smith ’81 (MA), April 2022

Marjorie Little ’82, May 2022

Victor B. Nakkache ’82M (Res), August 2022

Edward L. Schlueter ’82 (MS), March 2022

Joanne Landy Steinberg ’82, March 2022

Robert C. Cordes ’83S (MBA), October 2021

John T. Ambrosi ’84, ’97 (MS), April 2022

Paul J. Rose ’84 (MS), June 2022

William R. Davidson ’85M (Flw), July 2022

Philip A. Latulipe ’85S (MBA), April 2022

John R. Liston ’85E (MM), July 2022

Hwa N. Shen ’85S (MBA), March 2021

Christine Cannella Suski ’85, ’86 (MS), July 2022

Bruce C. Bodden ’86E, March 2022

Ann M. Chatfield ’86W (MS), April 2022

Jonathan E. Markson ’86M (MD), ’89M (Res), April 2022

Jonathan R. Pegis ’86E (MM), March 2022

Joe T. Fedison ’87, March 2021

Rhonda E. Ores ’87, May 2022

Janice E. Hurley ’88N (MS), May 2022

Ellen M. Canapary ’89, July 2022

Jan E. Fredericks ’89E (MA), April 2022

S. Altan Ozcandarli ’89 (MS), ’90 (MS), November 2021

Todd D. Shuster ’89M (MD), June 2022

Jill Wohlhueter Bloss ’91M (MPH), April 2022

Barbara L. Russak ’92N (MS), April 2022

Zaheer A. Azeez ’93, July 2022

Gail C. Speakman ’93, May 2022

Mary Ann Lester ’94D (Pdc), January 2022

Ryan B. Woodgate ’95, March 2022

Carrie Johnson Adelman ’97, February 2022

Ricardo E. Van Snek ’97S (MBA), June 2021

Jenny A. Macfie ’98M (Pdc), ’99 (PhD), March 2022

Tracy A. Schneible ’99, May 2022

Michael L. Miller ’00E (DMA), April 2022

John E. Moore ’00S (MBA), July 2022

Keith W. Taylor ’01, ’02S (MBA), February 2022

Paulina Twumasi Boohene ’04M (Flw), June 2022

Robert Cass ’04, March 2022

Fern M. Hilsinger ’04N, May 2022

Christopher M. Cotroneo ’05M (MD), July 2022

Christopher S. Kelly ’05, June 2022

Brandon J. Erdle ’06M (MD), August 2022

Laura M. Price ’06M (Res), March 2022

Christine E. West ’09W (MS), June 2022

Neftali Morales ’12, ’13W (MS), ’16S (MBA), March 2022

Emily E. Morris ’13, ’15W (MS), July 2022

Sherri Drabin Guinn ’15N, March 2022

Jenelle A. Noble ’16N, March 2022