Fraternity and
Sorority Affairs News
January 2017

Greetings from the Fraternity and Sorority Community!

The fall semester saw continued growth of the community as both Lambda Pi Chi and Alpha Phi Alpha regained their student presence at Rochester. The entire community came together for a wonderful Greek Weekend featuring a food truck rodeo, late night movie, field day, and day of service across six sites in the community. You can see the updates below for other exciting initiatives from this semester.

As you read through these updates, please contact me at if you have any questions or are looking to connect with any of our community leaders directly.

Thanks to all of our students, alumni, volunteers, advisors, and staff for your continued support of the fraternity and sorority community! Happy New Year!


John DiSarro, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Community Hosts ‘Diversity in Greek Life Panel’


Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, in collaboration with our three councils, the Burgett Intercultural Center, and very dedicated student leaders, hosted our first “Diversity in Greek Life Panel.” Rachel Farr, Panhellenic delegate for Chi Omega, worked closely with our staff to develop a two-hour panel discussion where eight fraternity and sorority leaders shared multiple aspects of their identities and how they found support within fraternity and sorority life. “I saw that there is such a need for programming like this within the Greek community,” Rachel said. “The Greek students on our campus should be leaders and set a good example, and therefore they should promote acceptance, celebrate diversity, and establish an open dialogue to address the issues facing our community.” The event was hosted in mid-November to attract potential members as well as currently affiliated students. The panel was moderated by a student, allowing for authenticity and additional input from various identities and backgrounds. Panelists discussed stereotypes associated with the community, racial and ethnic inclusion, ability status, financial access to fraternities and sororities, and many other questions posed anonymously in advance of the event.

We hope to be able to host the panel in future years as well, and are already working closely with Rachel on improvements for 2017. Rachel says, “I am so incredibly proud of the panelists, who spoke so brilliantly, and I was so happy to see how many people showed up to listen and ask questions  But the real success of the panel, I think, will be reflected in the call for and the creation of other events like this one in the future.” We hope to continue to partner with other offices on campus to offer insightful programming like this that sheds light on the positive influence fraternities and sororities can have on our students’ lives.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Data

As members of a research university, it is important that we use data to understand and strengthen our fraternities and sororities. In that spirit, each of our organizations worked with a national company called Dyad Strategies this fall to complete a brotherhood and sisterhood survey. As a result, each chapter was given a personalized chapter profile that highlighted the key factors of brotherhood and sisterhood and compared their results to campus and national averages. While we continue to work with chapters to make plans based on these data, here are some points of pride:

  • Rochester members score lower than the national average on Hazing Tolerance
  • Rochester members score lower on measures of Moral Disengagement and Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior, meaning they are less likely to engage in behavior they know to be unethical on behalf of their chapters or to justify unethical actions done on behalf of the fraternity
  • Rochester fraternity members are less likely than the national average to prioritize the social aspects of membership
  • Rochester sorority members experience a higher feeling of belonging than the national average

Additionally, due to research that shows an organization has a measurable impact on members’ GPAs, we have resumed calculating GPA reports for every organization. Therefore, we are happy to report that the Panhellenic Association community exceeded the all-women’s Cumulative GPA and spring 2016 GPA, and the all-fraternity/sorority average exceeded the all-student’s Cumulative GPA and spring 2016 GPA. This might help explain why 95 percent of students who join fraternities and sororities as freshmen stay at the University of Rochester, higher than the College average!

We have shared detailed information with each chapter regarding the current and new member GPAs in order to help some struggling organizations to provide more academic resources to their members.

Individual and Chapter Awards


Congratulations to all of the organizations that have received awards from their inter/national organizations this year!


Alpha Phi

Most Outstanding Recruitment 2014-2016 among all international chapters


Beta Theta Pi

Sons of the Dragon Award, received for having 100 percent participation in the Sons of the Dragon Club, the Beta Foundation’s undergraduate giving program


Chi Omega

Chapter Award for Excellence


Delta Gamma

Financial Responsibility and Excellence Award, regional level


Phi Sigma Sigma

Chapter Anniversary Award (35 years)

Collegiate Chapter Membership Recruitment Award

Fraternity Service Award

Individual Academic Excellence Award (presented to Erin Dacey and Charlotte Gassoway)


Sigma Beta Rho

Award for Excellence in Creative Cosponsorship, received through the University through its cosponsored “Islamophobia Panel” with the Muslim Students’ Association


Sigma Delta Tau

Diamond Chapter Award, presented to chapters that excel in all aspects of sorority life. This award recognizes those chapters that have gone above and beyond the Sigma Delta Tau Standards for Chapter Achievement and are recognized as a leading sorority on their campus

Congratulations to New Order of Omega Inductees


The Order of Omega is the fraternity and sorority honor society that recognizes the top three percent of fraternity and sorority leaders in the areas of service, leadership, and scholarship. Please join us in congratulating the newest members initiated this semester!


Alpha Epsilon Pi

Jack Erichson


Alpha Phi

Emily Landau

Yael Schiller

Emma Briggs

Amanda Whitbeck

Grace Carr

Rebecca Galer


Alpha Delta Phi

Omri Cohen


Beta Theta Pi

Michael Gilbert


Chi Omega

Anisha Khosla

Janet Sorrells

Jolan Burger
Brenna Schnell


Delta Gamma

Emily Gore

Marissa Erickson

Lauren Shapse


Delta Kappa Epsilon

Chadrick Frederick


Delta Upsilon

Kyle Smith

Rylan Blowers

Michael Pagan

Michael Haft

Hassan Beesley

Zach Westhoff


Gamma Phi Beta

Leah Kesselman

Rachel Levene


Kappa Delta

Rachel Levy

Annie Zhang

Natalie Czekai

Alyssa Flaschner


Phi Iota Alpha

Abel Nunez


Phi Sigma Sigma

Riva Yeo

Laurel Barkan

Kathleen Ward


Psi Upsilon

Connor Hess


Sigma Delta Tau

Grace Peters

Taylor McEachon


Sigma Nu

Christian Keenan


Theta Chi

Mark Yde

Connecting with Alumni Advisors

Looking to get in touch with your organization? Contacting your chapter’s Alumni Advisor is a great way to get direct information about current events and membership.

Alpha Delta Phi Alvin Lomibao
Alpha Epsilon Pi Adin Reisner
Alpha Kappa Alpha Rosie Mitchell
Alpha Phi Andi Welles
Beta Theta Pi John Malach
Chi Omega Mary Borgognoni
Chi Phi Mike Zimmerman
Delta Gamma Nicole Morse
Delta Kappa Epsilon Bob Hartz; Rich King
Delta Phi Omega Nilakski Mukherjee
Delta Sigma Theta Akua Kankam
Delta Upsilon Nick Delahanty; Dan Staloff
Gamma Phi Beta Sue Bloch; Linda Dudman
Kappa Alpha Theta Abigale Terrana
Kappa Delta Andrea Galati; Michelle Conlon
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Luis Soto; Lorenzo Mendez
Phi Kappa Tau Eleanor Oi; Pat Wahl; Ahmed Mustafa
Phi Sigma Sigma Melissa Russ
Phi Iota Alpha Jovany Martinez
Psi Upsilon Dick Rasmussen; Dick Rice
Sigma Beta Rho Michael Gulston; Eric Podsiadly
Sigma Chi Patrick Zinter
Sigma Delta Tau Jill Gallagher; Emily Osmanski
Sigma Lambda Upsilon Maria Richardt; Leslie Pierre-Philippe
Sigma Nu Phil Stratigis; Rob Snyder
Sigma Phi Epsilon Scott Rudder
Sigma Psi Zeta Andrea Wong
Theta Chi Mike DeMarco
Zeta Phi Beta Patricia Jones; Alexis Leslie

New: George Eastman Circle


Those who are interested in joining the George Eastman Circle can now invest their pledge in any fraternity or sorority. Funds will go into each chapter’s gift account, which can be used to support mission-related activities, such as building maintenance and repair, leadership development, and academic programming.