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Statement from University of Rochester President Joel Seligman Regarding East High School

May 6, 2014

The University of Rochester has submitted the attached letter of intent to New York State Commissioner of Education John King as a first step in exploring a mutually beneficial relationship between the University, and East High School and the community it serves.

The University wishes to express its gratitude that our letter has been endorsed by the Rochester City School District Board. Provided that all the conditions articulated in the letter of intent are met—including a delay in the deadline for a decision about East High School’s future—the University is committed to submitting a quality proposal as EPO (Educational Partnership Organization) for East High School for 2015-2016 academic year implementation.

This letter of intent is not a commitment by the University to become an EPO for East, but rather demonstrates the intent to conduct a thorough review and analysis in the coming year to determine the feasibility of creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

The University’s ability to proceed with the plan outlined in the letter of intent will require the support of local bargaining units, the RCSD Board, and the State of New York.

A press conference elaborating on the letter of intent will be held early next week.