University of Rochester
Office of the President

Charge of the Task Force on Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness

The Task Force on Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness will make recommendations to the President on or before October 1, 2006 that will outline a program to address faculty diversity and inclusiveness. Recommendations will include those that are expected to expand the diversity of the faculty applicant pool; assist in the successful recruitment of a diverse faculty; improve the professional environment for minority, female, and other faculty (as defined by the Task Force); and improve the retention and promotion rates of faculty members who contribute to the diversity of the University community. The recommendations will define University and divisional structures and personnel that will be needed to support the recommended diversity and inclusiveness program, identify measures that will be used to evaluate the success of the program, and estimate the cost of the program over a five-year period. All recommendations will be reviewed by legal counsel before completion of the project.

In preparing its recommendations, the Task Force is expected to:

  1. define diversity;
  2. review recent University of Rochester applicant, hiring, promotion, and retention data;
  3. review existing programs that have been implemented in schools and departments to address issues related to faculty diversity, seeking to understand those that have been successful in achieving their goals;
  4. with respect to minority, female, and other faculty members:
    1. review the potential barriers to University of Rochester employment (e.g., the extent to which there is sufficient assistance in obtaining spouse or partner employment)
    2. review the climate for traditionally excluded groups at the University;
    3. review the faculty diversity and inclusiveness programs that have been implemented at peer institutions;
    4. address how each school and program should report to the President with respect to faculty diversity in hiring and retention.

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