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Provost's Multidisciplinary Award Recipients

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Task-Specific Dystonia in Musicians

• Jonathan Mink, ProfessorNeurology PediatricsSMD
• Ralph Manchester, ProfessorGeneral MedicineSMD
• Marc Schieber, ProfessorCognitive Behavioral NeurologySMD
• Nicholas Goluses, ProfessorStringsEastman
• Peter Kurau, ProfessorWoodwind, Brass & PercussionEastman

Regulation of Protein Synthesis by mRNA Structure

• Dmitri Ermolenko, Asst ProfessorBiochemistry & BiophysicsSMD
• Gloria Culver, ProfessorBiologyA&S
• David Mathews, Assoc ProfessorBiochemistry & BiophysicsSMD

Patient Centered Barriers and Supporters of Successful Emergency Department-to-Community Transitions for Older Adults  

• Manish Shah, Assoc ProfessorEmergency MedicineSMD
• Joyce Duckles, Asst Professor (clinical)Counseling & Human DevelopmentWarner
• Craig Sellers, Assoc Professor Clinical NursingNursing Primary FacultySON

Medieval Sights and Sounds  

• Michael Anderson, Asst ProfessorMusicologyEastman
• Nancy Norwood, CuratorGallery CuratorialMAG

Extracellular Matrix Composition As A Critical Regulator of The Immune Response  
• Deborah Fowell, Assoc ProfessorMicrobiology - Ctr for Vaccine Biology & ImmunologySMD
• Jane Sottile, Assoc ProfessorMedicine - Aab Cardiovascular Research InstituteSMD

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HEALTHY (Health Education Adolescent Leadership Training to Help Youth) Leaders

• Sandra Jee, Associate ProfessorGeneral PediatricsSMD
• Dena Swanson, Associate ProfessorWarner School of EducationWarner
• Jean-Phillippe Couderc, Associate ProfessorMedicine - CardiologySMD

Communicative Pressures in Language and Music

• David Temperley, Associate ProfessorMusic TheoryEastman
• Florian Jaeger, Assistant ProfessorBrain & Cognitive SciencesSAS

Coating of Titanium Implants with Electrically Polarized Hydroxyapatite to Enhance Bone Integration  

• Matthew Yates, Associate ProfessorChemical EngineeringHajim
• Hani Awad, Associate ProfessorBiomedical EngineeringSMD

Improving Quality of Life After A Cardiac Event: A Couples-Based Intervention  

• Jennifer La Guardia, Associate ProfessorPsychiatrySMD
• Robert Block, Assistant ProfessorCommunity & Preventive MedicineSMD
• Steve Georas, ProfessorMedicine - PulmonarySMD
• Kathi Heffner, Assistant ProfessorPsychiatrySMD
• Jan Moynihan, ProfessorPsychiatrySMD

HIV Anti-Infective Materials from Self-Assembled Peptides  
• Bradley Nilsson, Assistant ProfessorChemistrySAS
• Stephen Dewhurst, ProfessorMicrobiology & ImmunologySMD

Contact Investigator for all correspondence.

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Novel Strategies to Modulate and Evaluate the Activity of Artemisinin-Based Antimalarial Drugs

• Rudi Fasan, Assistant ProfessorChemistrySAS
• Craig Morrell, Associate ProfessorMedicine - Aab CVRISMD
• David Goldfarb, ProfessorBiologySAS

Social media and advertising in political campaigns: Quantifying the role of interest groups, political elites, and campaign efforts 

• Mitchell J. Lovett, Assistant ProfessorMarketingSimon
• Paulo Albuquerque, Assistant ProfessorMarketingSimon
• Michael Peress, Assistant ProfessorPolitical ScienceSAS

Perception of Music and Language through Auditory Interference  

• Elizabeth (Betsy) Marvin, ProfessorTheoryESM
• Joyce McDonough, Associate ProfessorLinguisticsSAS
• Anne Luebke, Associate ProfessorBiomedical EngineeringSMD

Mobile Phone-Based Asthma Self-Management Aid (ASMA) System for Adolescents  

• Hyekyun Rhee, Associate ProfessorNursingSON
• James Allen, ProfessorComputer ScienceHajim

New Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury: Combining Physics with Medical Imaging  

• Jianhui Zhong, ProfessorImaging SciencesSMD
• Eric Blackman, ProfessorPhysics & AstronomySAS
• Jeffrey J. Bazarian, Associate ProfessorEmergency MedicineSMD
• Xing Qiu, Assistant ProfessorBiostatistics & 
Computational Biology
• Eric Rozen, Head TrainerAthleticsThe College

Contact Investigator for all correspondence.

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Augmented Reality for the Structural Conservation of Archaeological Monuments

• Renato Perucchio, ProfessorMechanical EngineeringHajim
• Jannick P. Rolland, ProfessorOpticsHajim
• Elizabeth Colantoni, Assistant ProfessorReligion & ClassicsSAS

Exploring the Venom Repertoire of Parasitoids

• John (Jack) Werren, ProfessorBiologySAS
• Michael E. Clark, Research AssociateBiologySAS
• Alan E. Friedman, Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental MedicineSMD

Noninvasive optical monitoring of bone degradation in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis

• Andrew J. Berger, Associate ProfessorOpticsHajim
• Hani A. Awad, Associate ProfessorBiomedical EngineeringSMD

Error-Correcting Codes For On-Chip Electronic Networks

• Thomas Tucker, Associate ProfessorMathematicsSAS
• Nicholas F. Rogers, Visiting Asst ProfessorMathematicsSAS
• Paul K. Ampadu, Assistant ProfessorElectrical & Computer EngineeringHajim

Conformational Changes of Single Membrane Proteins

• Mark E. Dumont, ProfessorBiochemistry & BiophysicsSMD
• Lukas Novotny, ProfessorOpticsHajim

Contact Investigator for all correspondence.

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Visualizing the Shape of Sound - A Study of Musical Expression on the Oboe 

• Mark Bocko, ProfessorElectrical & Computer EngineeringHajim
• David Headlam, ProfessorMusic TheoryESM
• Richard Elliott Killmer, ProfessorWoodwind, Brass & PercussionESM

Nanotechnological Approaches to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

• Harris Gelbard, Professor 
Neurology PediatricsSMD
• Todd Krauss, Associate Professor
• Lukas Novotny, ProfessorOpticsHajim

Development of an Intervertebral Disk Prosthetic Biomaterial 

• Mitchell Anthamatten, Assistant Professor 
Chemical EngineeringHajim
• Amy Lerner, Associate Professor
Biomedical EngineeringHajim
• Paul T. Rubery, ProfessorOrthopedicsSMD

Enhancing Vision, Cognition, and Quality of Life in Older Adults through Video Game Playing 

• Silvia Sörensen, Assistant Professor 
Psychiatry Geri/NeuropsychSMD
• Daphne Bavelier, Associate ProfessorBrain & Cognitive SciencesSAS
• Jan A. Moynihan, Professor
Psychiatry PNISMD
• Duje Tadin, Assistant ProfessorBrain & Cognitive SciencesSAS

Silicon Nanomembranes for High Throughput Drug Screening 

• James L. McGrath, Associate Professor 
Biomedical EngineeringHajim
• Harold C. Smith, ProfessorBiochemistry & BiophysicsSMD

Mechanical Environments for Successful Erythropoiesis 

• Richard E. Waugh, Professor 
Biomedical EngineeringSMD
• James Palis, Professor
Peds Hematology & OncologySMD

Contact Investigator for all correspondence.

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Computational Psycholinguistics: Integrating Computational and Behavioral Methods to Study Human Language Processing

• Florian Jaeger, Assistant Professor
Brain & Cognitive SciencesSAS
• Daniel Gildea, Assistant Professor
Computer ScienceSAS
• Lenhart Schubert, Professor
Computer ScienceSAS
• Michael Tanenhaus, ProfessorBrain & Cognitive SciencesSAS

Computational Approaches for HIV Viral Fitness Research 

• Hongyu Miao, Research Assistant Professor
Biostatistics & Computational Biology, Center of Biodefense Immunology ModelingSMD
• Lisa Demeter, Associate Professor
Medicine/Infectious Diseases DivisionSMD
• Kai Shen, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceSAS
• Hulin Wu, ProfessorBiostatistics & Computational BiologySMD

The Importance of Haptics in Organ Performance, Pedagogy, and Scholarship

• Jack Mottley, Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer EngineeringHajim
• Hans Davidsson, Professor
• Joel Speerstra, DirectorResearch & PublicationsGoteborg Organ Art Center
• Daniel Zager, Associate DeanSibley Music LibraryESM

Genetics and the Environment: How Do Plants Adapt to Dry Climate Conditions?

• Justin M. Ramsey, Assistant Professor
• Carmala N. Garzione, Associate ProfessorEarth & Environmental SciencesSAS

Mechanistic Studies of G-Protein Rearrangements Using Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer

• Lewis J. Rothberg, Professor
• Alan V. Smrcka, ProfessorPharmacology & PhysiologySMD

Studies of RNA Strand Invasion Using Gold Nanoparticle Hybridization Assays

• Douglas H. Turner, Professor
• David H. Mathews, Assistant Professor
Biochemistry & BiophysicsSMD
• Lewis J. Rothberg, ProfessorChemistrySAS

Contact Investigator for all correspondence.

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