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Office of the Provost

Verification of Compliance

4. Institutional record of student complaints

4.1 Policy and methods used in handling student complaints:


School policies

4.2 / 4.3 Documentation regarding the record of student complaints over the last five years and written procedures for making modifications and improvements to the institution:

Title IX
The University documents and tracks all complaints of sex-based harassment and discrimination pursuant to Title IX and other federal and state laws. Every complainant connected to the Title IX coordinator is made aware of the various options for reporting the behavior and accessing supportive resources. All complaints are logged into a database accessible to the Title IX Coordinator who reviews the reports on a monthly basis to assess patterns of problematic behavior. When patterns are identified, remedial steps are taken.

The goal of the Intercessor is to promote a respectful, inclusive university for all members of the community by resolving disputes, challenging perceptions, and advocating for fairness at the University. For over 40 years, University Intercessors, appointed by the Provost, have been untangling complex problems and unresolved interpersonal and departmental issues with staff, faculty and students who call on them for help. From their University-wide activities, Intercessors gain insights about problems, track these problems and based the number and nature of the issues, address solutions at individual, policy or systems level. Intercessors actively collaborate with others to resolve problems as well as provide training and educational interventions aimed at preventing harassment and discrimination and fostering respect and inclusion.

College Center for Advising Services
The College Center for Advising Services hosts a web-based form for students to file Comments, Praise and Complaints. The form can be found at While access requires a log-in, students have the option of requesting that their comments be kept anonymous.

All Comments, Praise and Complaints entered via the form are reviewed by the Assistant Dean and Director of the College Center for Advising Services. They are either addressed through that office or forwarded to the head of the relevant department if appropriate. Any significant complaints are immediately forwarded to the Dean of the College.

The Assistant Dean and Director of the College Center for Advising Services maintains a 5-year log of all comments, praise and complaints. At least on an annual basis the log is reviewed to identify trends or particular areas of concern. The log is used to inform improvement to the student experience in departments throughout the College. 

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