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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1960-1969

1969LEVI, Edward HirshDoctor of Laws
1968DONOVAN, Hedley WilliamsDoctor of Humane Letters
1968HARMAN, AvrahamDoctor of Laws
1967KERR, ClarkDoctor of Humane Letters
1966PEYRE, Henri MauriceDoctor of Humane Letters
1966STRAVINSKY, IgorDoctor of Humane Letters
1966VALENTINE, AlanDoctor of Humane Letters
1966YOUNG, Whitney Moore Jr.Doctor of Laws
1965DuVIGNEAUD, VincentDoctor of Science
1965FENN, Wallace OsgoodDoctor of Science
1965GOLDBERG, Herman RaphaelDoctor of Laws
1965NOYES, William Albert Jr.Doctor of Science
1965PERKINS, James AlfredDoctor of Laws
1965SPERRY, Warren MyronDoctor of Science
1965SPINNING, James MartinDoctor of Laws
1964BERNARDINI, GilbertoDoctor of Science
1964FELIX, Robert HannaDoctor of Science
1964SIMPSON, AlanDoctor of Humane Letters
1964SLATER, John ClarkeDoctor of Science
1964SLATER, John RothwellDoctor of Literature
1963BEADLE, George WellsDoctor of Science
1963BURNS, Arthur F.Doctor of Science
1963EISENHOWER, Dwight D.Doctor of Laws
1963HOTELLING, HaroldDoctor of Science
1963KNIGHT, Frank HynemanDoctor of Laws
1963SAVAGE, Leonard J.Doctor of Science
1963WEAVER, WarrenDoctor of Humane Letters
1962GARDNER, John W.Doctor of Laws
1962GLEASON, Marion N.Master of Science
1962KORNBERG, ArthurDoctor of Science
1961ABBOTT, GeorgeDoctor of Humane Letters
1960BAXTER, James PhinneyDoctor of Laws
1960BENJAMIN, Edward BernardDoctor of Humane Letters
1960BERKNER, Lloyd VielDoctor of Science
1960KISTIANKOWSKY, George BogdanDoctor of Science
1960MURROW, Edward R.Doctor of Laws
1960REMINGTON, John WarnerDoctor of Laws
1960WILLIS, Frances ElizabethDoctor of Humane Letters