Office of the University Registrar

Degree Verification

Students needing verification or confirmation of degrees earned may do so through either of the options below. Production time for enrollment verifications is three - five business days once the request is received. There is no cost for enrollment verifications.

If you graduated in or after 1986, please use the online form for degree verification. To obtain a student ID number or PIN, call (585) 275-8131.

If you graduated before 1986, please print the Enrollment Verification form and mail or fax it to (585) 275-2190. If you are unable to print the form, fax the following information:

Other Enrollment/Degree Verifications

Medical School (MS and PhD students only)
Please contact Linda Lipani, Office of Graduate Education, at (585) 275-7288 to request the verification.

School of Nursing
Please contact the School of Nursing Registrar, Andrea Chamberlain, at (585) 275-8832 to request the verification.

William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Please contact the Simon School Registrar's Office at (585) 275-3533 to request the verification.