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Office of the University Registrar

FAQ – Verifications & Diploma Requests

Enrollment Verifications:

How do I request an enrollment verification?
Enrollment verification can be obtained on the web using Student UR ACCESS Plus!. Follow the link to print an Enrollment Verification Form. Current students will have enrollment and lending data on file with the National Student Clearinghouse. When information is not on record with the Clearinghouse, complete and mail or fax the alternative online form.
Is the online verification form official?
The online enrollment verification form is considered an official University document.
I am a graduate student, where can I get an enrollment verification?
Graduate students should request enrollment verifications from the Registrar of their School or College.
My insurance company needs proof that I am a full time student. Can you write me a letter?
You may use the Student UR ACCESS Plus! system, mail or fax an Enrollment Verification Form, or mail the original form from your insurance provider to our office, Attention: Enrollment Verification.

Diploma Requests:

How do I request a replacement diploma?
The request for a replacement diploma must be made in writing to the Registrar of the school you attended. Request a replacement diploma.