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Office of the University Registrar

Forms & Other Requests

Completed and signed forms should be returned to the Office of the University Registrar by postal mail, in person or fax.

To view and print the PDF forms, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat or another compatible plugin.

Registrar Forms

  1. Independent Study Form — (Student Instructions)   (Faculty Instructions)
  2. Internship Form
  3. Major/Minor Declaration
  4. Departmental Major/Minor Revision Form
  5. Address Change Request [PDF]
  6. Apostille Requests
  7. Contact Information for Separated or Divorced Parents or PDF
  8. Degree Verification or PDF
  9. Enrollment Verification:
    1. Current Students
    2. Current Students (within first 4 weeks of classes)
    3. Alumni
    4. PDF
  10. Intent to Graduate (Seniors Only)
  11. Name Change Request [PDF]
  12. Satisfactory / Fail Form or PDF (view deadlines)
  13. SSN Change Request [PDF] (in person only)
  14. Transcript Request
  15. IES School of Record Transcript Request
  16. Inter-Institutional Registration Form [PDF]

Advising Services Forms


  1. Application for Readmission for Degree
  2. Application for Readmission [PDF]

Certificates and Citation:

  1. Citation for Achievement in College Leadership Registration

Learn more about certificates »»

Letter Requests:

  1. Request for a Letter Concerning a Disability
  2. Student Request for Dean's Signature/Approval


  1. Petition to Administrative Committee
  2. Summer Petition to AdHoc Committee [PDF]
  3. KEY Course Change Petition
  4. Take Five Course Change Petition
  5. Petition to satisfy Primary Writing Requirement with a course other than WRT 105
  6. Petition to satisfy Primary Writing Requirement with transfer course.


  1. Rochester Curriculum Change Form - [Change Clusters and/or Drop Major(s)/Minor(s)]
  2. Additional Cluster Declaration Form
  3. Comment/Praise/Complaint Form
  4. Exception to a Departmental Cluster [PDF]
  5. Independent Study Form — (Student Instructions)   (Faculty Instructions)
  6. Request for Transfer Credit for High School Course on a College Transcript [PDF]
  7. Work In Per Student (WIPS)
  8. Academic Honesty Concern Report
  9. Hajim School Pre-major Adviser Change Form
  10. Repeat Course Request Form