Office of the University Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to enter my grades online?

Once I am in Instructor ACCESS, how do I enter my grades?

What if a student’s name does not appear on my roster?

What if there is a student’s name on my roster who has never attended my course or who has stopped attending?

What do I do if I believe that a student’s writing was deficient in this course?

What if I have questions regarding policies for grading?

What if I have a student who has “Audited” my course, but I do not feel that they have participated to the extent that his or her record should reflect the audited course?

Do I have to enter grades for every student on the roster at one time?

What do I do when I am finished entering grades for this group of students and want to grade an additional group of students?

What do I have to do if I have to change a student’s grade AFTER I have sealed the roster?