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Fall 2020 Registration FAQs

This page answers frequently asked questions for Arts, Sciences and Engineering students registering for the fall 2020 semester in the new UR student system.

Logging In

Do I need to use VPN to sign in to UR Student from off campus?

No, however you do need to use DUO (second factor authentication) to access UR Student for registration if you are off campus.

Where do I log in to UR Student?

Go to the UR Student page and click on Log In to UR Student.

Registration Dates

When does registration open for Arts, Sciences and Engineering students?

Registration starts at different time for different groups:

  • Rising seniors on Monday, April 20 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Take5, e5 and dual degree students may also register on Monday
  • Rising juniors on Tuesday, April 21 at 9:30 a.m.
  • Rising sophomores on Wednesday, April 22 at 9:30 a.m.

Course Schedules in UR Student

If one course on my saved schedule is closed, will the rest of my courses be registered when I submit the register button?

Yes, when you register and one course is closed, all remaining courses will be registered.

If I have selected times for labs and workshops to add to my saved schedule beforehand, are those times saved when submitting my classes for official registration? Do I have to select the times again?

If you have added the sections for labs and workshops to your saved schedule, those sections will be registered when you submit your saved schedule.

Is there any way to create backups if a course is full in UR Student?

You can create as many saved schedules as you like in preparation for registration. These saved schedules can have between .5 and 23 credit hours.

Course Requirements (Credits, Prerequisite, Permissions)

How many credits may I register for online?

You can register for a maximum of 23 credits during the registration period.

If you would like to add additional credits you must complete an online drop/add PDF form (fall 2020 instructions) with the additional course(s) you want to register for and submit the form to the email address provided. If approved, your added course(s) will be processed by the registrar’s office.

Is prerequisite checking operational for fall 2020 registration?

Prerequisite checking is NOT occurring for fall 2020, although most prerequisites are listed in course descriptions. Students are encouraged to honor prerequisites in order to achieve best possible academic results.

How do I request permission to register for a course that requires instructor’s permission?

UR Student does not use permission codes from faculty. If you would like to add a class that requires instructor permission you will send the instructor an email requesting entry to the class. If the instructor grants permission you will add the course to your schedule and register for it.

See the Requesting Permission to Register PDF for more information.

As a faculty person, how do I manage "restrictions" on course eligibility?

Certain course restrictions can be managed through the UR Student system, such as when instructor permission is required or when rules need to be overridden based on class standing (first year, sophomore, junior, or senior) or major.

Other course restrictions—such as adding a course that's at full capacity (closed course), linked/group course exceptions, time conflicts, or other special circumstances—require approval outside of the UR Student system. In such cases, students need to submit to the College Center for Advising Services a completed online drop/add PDF form (fall 2020 instructions) plus an email from the course instructor granting permission.


What is WalkMe and why should I download it?

Once you are logged into UR Student, you can find additional assistance with registration and other tasks using Walkme as a virtual assistant. Like a GPS system that gives you driving directions, the virtual assistant will guide you step-by-step through certain tasks within UR Student.

Summer 2020

How do I register for summer 2020 courses?

Summer courses should be registered using the prior registration system (WebReg). Summer courses are found in CDCS Pre-Fall 2020 (Summer 2020).

Information about registering for summer courses can also be found on the summer website.

Major Declaration

Do sophomores have to declare a major BEFORE registration for fall 2020?

No, the major declaration process is separate from and is managed differently than registration.

Although encouraged to declare a major as soon as possible in order to receive appropriate advising advice, students can register without having declared an official major. Instructions for declaring can be found on the sophomore website declare page.


Does URStudent replace the functionality in Blackboard?

No. All functionality in the learning management system (Blackboard) will remain as it has been.