Incoming Freshmen

Housing Resources and FAQs

Incoming freshmen will receive all their housing materials in the mail the summer before arriving on campus. Move-in information as well as dates and times are included in this paperwork. Students should also check out the Packing 101 PDF and the following fire and safety information:

Housing Contract

Your housing contract includes important information on minimum meal plan requirements, requesting a room change, residency requirements, application deadlines, and the freshman community.

Residence Hall Rules

A list of official residence hall rules that are designed to make your life and the lives of your fellow residents as pleasant and productive as possible.


Students’ personal property brought to the University is not covered for damage or loss by the University’s insurance. We strongly suggest you review your parents’ homeowner’s insurance to determine what is covered by that policy or can be covered with a rider to that policy. Specifically review the information about theft of property because many policies only cover damage, not loss.

While we cannot endorse any insurance company, we do recommend you review all the options and obtain coverage in case your property is damaged or lost.

Housing Services

Students have access to a variety of services while on campus including:

See the housing services page for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page can help answer questions about:

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