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Hall Council

Executive Boards


Mission Statement: We aim to engage our upperclass residents in enjoyable programming and build community in our residential halls.

Burton-Crosby Board

Executive Board: (From Left to Right) Edward Sambrano: Director of Council Relations; Zueying Chen (Shelly): Director of Finance; Jayne Godette: Director of External Relations; Kevin Pottackal: Executive Director; Ori Yehezkely: Director of Community Development; Claudia Perez: Director of Marketing

Advisor: Sheena O'Conner - Sheena.O' - Hall Council Facebook Page

Hill Court

Mission Statement: We aim to improve each Hill Court resident's living experience by any means (within reason).

hill court hall council

Executive Board Front Row: (From Left to Right) Madilynne Lee: Director of Finance; Caroline O'Mara: Director of External Relations; Teddi Shapiro: Food Coordinator

Executive Board Back Row: (From Left to Right) Elias Miller: Director of Council Affairs; Jason Brilliant: Executive Director; Kevin Graham: Advisor; Daniel Cruz: Director of Community Relations; Kate Reasons: Director of Fraternity, Sorority, and Athletics Relations; Kiran Sekhon: Director of Marketing

Advisor: Kevin Graham - - Hall Council Facebook Page

Freshman Quad

Mission Statement: We aim to go big or go home. We want to make a memorable year for all residents of the Freshman Quad, and we look to make permanent building improvements for the Halls.


Executive Board: (From Left to Right) Ananya Goyal: Director of Community Development; Vlad Cazacu: Executive Director; Srihari Chari: Director of Finance; Hannah Barnhart: Director of Council Relations

Advisors: Grace Nicholson - and Kate Charles - - Hall Council Facebook Page

Riverview and Brooks Landing

Mission Statement: We aim to provide a link between residents and GHRs. We aim to meet the needs of residents while maintaining unity and inclusion. We aim to promote a healthy living atmosphere.

4 executive board members of Riverview hall council

Executive Board: (From Left to Right) George Rossney: Director of Finance; Raaga Kanakam: Director of Programming; Hassan Kamara: Executive Director; Tobi Abubakare: Director of Council Affairs

Advisor: Kelly Kennedy - - Hall Council Facebook Page

Jackson Court

Mission Statement: We aim to promote the diversity of Jackson Court, with it's many special interest floors and involved residents.


Executive Board: (From Left to Right) Carrighan Perry: Director of Community Development; Sidney Duquette: Director of External Relations; Zach Westhoff: Director of Council Relations; Stephanie Camacho: Executive Director; Thy Vo: Director of Finance; Samuel Schacht: Director of Marketing

Advisor: Ayaa Elgohar - - Hall Council Facebook Page

Susan B. Anthony

Mission Statement: We aim to create a sense of community within Susan B. Anthony, promote interactions within the residence hall, and foster cooperation between hall representatives. Our council’s relentless pursuit of excellence will motivate us to provide entertaining programs that improve the freshman experience.

SBA hall council group photo

Executive Board: (From Left to Right) Ronny Llerena: Director of Finance; Sylvia Emily Anderson: Director of Council Relations; Thea Mazzola: Director of Community Development; Anthony Pericolo: Executive Director; Rachel Sinoway: Advisor

Advisor: Rachel Sinoway - - Hall Council Facebook Page


Mission Statement: We aim to motivate school spirit and hall pride. Our goal is to have more collaboration with groups on campus and to wrap up the year with the best festival that Southside has ever seen.

Southside Hall Council Fall 2016

Executive Board Front Row: (From Left to Right) Petar Dinev: Director of Community Development; Mcvvina Lin: Director of Marketing; Lindsey Medalla: Co-Director of External Relations; Yasmine Elgoharry: Advisor

Executive Board Back Row: (From Left to Right) Mark Walker: Director of Finance; Siena Krey: Executive Director; Hye-rin Yoon: Co-Director of External Relations; Mackenzie Lee: Director of Council Relations

Advisor: Yasmin Elgohar - - Hall Council Facebook Page