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Summer Housing

Fact Sheet

Please read all of the following information thoroughly. Once signed, your housing contract is binding. *We will begin accepting Summer Housing contracts Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

NEW - Printable Summer Housing Fact Sheet 2015 [pdf]


Summer Housing will be located in Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls. Most students will be housed in double occupancy rooms. A limited number of single occupancy rooms are available. Students may request to live in a double room with a preferred roommate; we will do our best to accommodate such requests but can make no guarantee. Short-term stays (one week) will be assigned to a double room. Longer weekly rate stays will be assigned to single or double rooms, based on availability. The University is not responsible for your personal property. You should consider obtaining insurance coverage for your personal property. Linen and storage facilities are not provided.


Eligibility for Summer Housing is specifically contingent upon your affiliation with the University of Rochester. You must be registered as a full-time UR undergraduate student for the 2015-2016 academic year, or be a non-UR student affiliated with a UR department, academic program, or faculty member to be eligible for summer housing. Non-UR students taking summer courses must provide verification of course registration and payment in order to submit a summer housing application. Housing assignments are contingent upon receipt of the signed contract on file by the date of check-in. All contracts require a minimum stay of seven days, the weekly rate.


New for Summer 2015: We no longer offer a per night rate and only offer a weekly rate. Some students want to stay for a short period of time: a week, a month, etc. Indicate the start/end date of your housing needs on the application. One week is designated as Sunday – Saturday. If you check-in on a Monday and leave Saturday, that is one week. If you check-in on a Monday and leave the following Thursday, that is two weeks. Tip: look at the Session dates – if they fit your needs for summer housing, you can select that period of time.

Students who live on-campus in order to attend summer sessions still have session housing (beginning the night before classes and ending the day after classed end). If you want/need to add an extra week or two, etc., indicate that on your housing application.

See Summer Housing Rates 2015 document for more information about costs.


A signed Summer Housing Application and Contract must be on file by 5:00 p.m., May 1, 2015 for on-time consideration and preference for singles at the Office for Residential Life, 020 Gates Wing, Susan B. Anthony Hall, along with all appropriate fees or a signed payment plan. All applications/contracts submitted by the date above will be guaranteed Summer Housing. Students submitting application/contracts after the deadline will be housed according to availability. If you wish to room with a specific individual, please indicate that on your application form, and turn in your forms by the deadline. Room assignments will be provided at the time of check-in. You will receive an email with information about check-in (location & hours) a few days before your summer housing stay begins.

You are responsible for reading and abiding by the Summer Housing Contract. No new housing contracts will be accepted after the start of the second six week session (June 29, 2015).

A student may cancel/withdraw his/her contract, with no penalty, by contacting the Office for Residential Life, 020 Gates Wing, Susan B. Anthony Hall, by 5:00 p.m., on May 1, 2015. Any cancellation of the contract after May 1, 2015 will result in the contract holder being held to the required minimum stay fee of seven days (one week); this fee will be added to the student’s summer term bill.

Students affiliated with special sponsored programs – ECO, McNair, Xerox, Kearns, CVS, REU Physics, REU Chemistry, SMD/GEBBS Summer Scholars, SURF, Oral Biology, Rochester Scholars and Strong Children’s Research – should be in touch with their program administrator for a special housing application. Do not submit the application in this packet.


Summer Housing begins Monday, May 18, 2015.

If you are currently living on campus, you will be able to remain in your spring 2015 room assignment until noon Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

A list of approved Summer Housing residents will be forwarded to each Area Office for verification purposes. Summer residents will move into their summer housing assignment starting at noon on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 until 8:00pm.*ALL* Summer students must be sleeping in their Summer SBA Room the evening of May 20th.

By May 21st at 5:00pm all spring semester keys must be turned in to your old area office, and all area check out procedures followed.

You are required to follow posted check-out procedures for your current area on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Summer Housing ends on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at noon. The summer housing staff will send an email to all summer residents with check-in information five or six days before the official start of summer housing.

If you will be arriving on 5/18 – you will need to email to make special check-in arrangements.

Please note: Summer “B Sessions” – check-in date is Sunday, June, 28, 2015.

Check-out for Session A-4 and A-6 occurs the day after classes end.

*ALL* students are expected to move out the day after classes end each session.

Summer Housing officially ends on Saturday, August 8th, at noon.


  1. Only UR students enrolled for the Fall 2015 semester are eligible for Summer Housing charges to be posted to their UR Term bill. Term bill charges will be posted for the full contract period indicated.
  2. Those students who are not enrolled for Fall 2015 must pay by money order or certified bank check, in U.S. currency only. These can be obtained through the U.S. Post Office, or Chase Bank in Todd Union. Please make all payments payable to the “University of Rochester”. Direct payments are due according to the schedule provided at check-in. A penalty of $5.00 per day will apply for all late payments.
  3. Students whose housing fees are paid by departments or faculty members must provide a University requisition for their charges, or a signed letter from the responsible department, at the time they submit their contract. Departmental offices that have any questions about this requirement should be directed to the Office for Residential Life, 585-275-3166.


Undergraduate students enrolled for the 2015-2016 academic year, with a room assignment in University housing for the 2015 Fall semester will be given the opportunity to extend their Summer Housing Contract for the period August 8, 2015 – August 28, 2015. Students who choose the bridge contract option MUST move from their summer assignment into their fall assignment before they leave campus for any period of time between the bridge dates.

Questions about summer housing?
Contact Residential Life, (585) 275-3166

Questions about summer dining options?
Contact Cheryl Kilts, (585) 275-8756