University of Rochester

Ronald Rettner Hall

for Media Arts and Innovation

The Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation houses two of the University’s new majors. Each one addresses the growing role that digital media and technology plays in our lives and prepares students for careers that embrace new technologies.

Digital Media Studies

Designed by faculty from nine disciplines within Arts, Sciences & Engineering, the digital media studies major provides students with the skills necessary to become active producers of digital media and with the rigorous framework for advanced critical thinking and writing and requires nearly equal measures of theoretical and historical work. Students will complete a unique capstone project in which they plan, design, construct, and deliver a digital media object of significant scope. Graduates are prepared for careers in the communications, entertainment, or public service industries or the fields of law, teaching, or business.

Audio and Music Engineering

The new audio and music engineering major prepares students to make valuable contributions the moment they enter the industry and gives them the knowledge and tools to evolve and grow in an ever-changing profession. Experiential learning, hands-on design, and the creative processes are pillars of the program. Over the course of their studies, students build project portfolios to illustrate the design skills and creative abilities they have acquired. Projects might include creating a CD, building an amplifier, composing electronic music, or developing software for a cloud-based application or a music transcription program.