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Robin Hood: Media Creature, an international conference sponsored by the International Association for Robin Hood Studies, was held at the University of Rochester from 22 October 2009 to 25 October 2009.

While our knowledge of Robin Hood has inevitably depended on historical events and archival records, even these cultural memories have been shaped by the media that contain them. Moreover, for the vast majority of audiences who have sung, watched, read, or cared about Robin Hood in the last six hundred years, the outlaw has been a creation of the media that present him, even as his capacity to enchant ever-new and increasing constituencies has been re-shaped by what media can do and who these media can reach. The Seventh Biennial Conference featured a series of events that highlighted Robin Hood’s status as a creature of the media. The Conference focused on Robin Hood's popularity and influence across a variety of media – stage, song, music, cinema, books, photographs, posters, and more – and it also sponsored contributions to our understanding of the perennial outlaw hero and the traditions surrounding his stories from as wide a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives as possible.

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