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Stanton/Anthony Conversations

The 2008 Stanton/Anthony Conversations and Luncheon

Women Negotiating Leadership: The Consequences of Difference

This event is co-sponsored by the Anthony Center for Women's Leadership, The Center for Entrepreneurship, and Meliora Weekend.

Outstanding women leaders will explore the subtle social hurdles women face as they seek to lead in business, academia, and government.


Challenges to Women's Corporate Leadership

River Level of the Interfaith Chapel
This event is open to the Public
$40 per person
Reservation Required

For more information please call the Anthony Center at (585) 275-8799.

Keynote Address by: Ilene Lang.


Women Negotiating Leadership: the Consequences of Difference

The Conversations bring together the country’s foremost experts on women’s corporate and professional leadership.

Sanctuary Level of the Interfaith Chapel
This event is free and open to the Public
Reservation Required

Moderated by: Ann McDaniel

Ann McDaniel, a vice president of the Washington Post Company, will moderate the Conversations.

Ann McDaniel

Panelists Include: Ilene H. Lang, Karen Smith Bogart and Hannah Riley Bowles

Karen Smith Bogart
Hannah Riley Bowles
Ilene Lang