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Ongoing Initiatives at the Center

Local Initiatives:

Human Trafficking Prevention
We offer administrative assistance to the City Court of Rochester to support the specialized Human Trafficking Court that links victims up with much needed care, including housing, mental health, and medical services, while they go through the court process. The Center also connects the Court to other service providers to create a collaborative environment where agencies can work more efficiently together to find ways to better support victims. Additionally, the Center works with local agencies to administer Promote Health, an iPad public health survey used to assess the needs of victims and link them with information about local services.

LGBT Initiatives
The SBAC works with multiple organizations, both on campus and in the Rochester community, to address many of the social injustice issues and health care disparities that are faced by the LGBT community. Initiatives have included the addition of transition-related health care benefits for UR students and employees, the creation of a webpage specifically for LGBT patients at Strong Memorial Hospital, and the launch of a “Trans @ U of R” webpage to provide information to support transgender students as they navigate University of Rochester campus facilities, resources, and systems.

Sexual Violence Prevention
This initiative serves to promote conversation and awareness about sexual violence. The Center works with multiple university departments, University Health Services Health Promotion Office, Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX Coordinator Office, Center for Student Conflict Management, and the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies to create programming that exposes the University and the local Rochester Community to the state of the science regarding sexual violence, and innovative initiatives to prevent and respond to sexual violence. Our goal is to foster an environment where the varied aspects of this issue can be discusses, and new ideas can be generated to help prevent sexual violence and support victims.

International Initiatives:

The Center has an international reach as well. Dr. Cerulli, the Center’s director, has provided consultation to the World Health Organization and Fogerty International on issues related to domestic violence, child abuse, and Human Trafficking throughout the Greater Mekong Subregion. These initiatives include quantitative and qualitative research studies, as well as strategic planning. The Center also is host to international scholars from the region who are doing pre- and post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Rochester, who attend various Center activities. A major initiative of these collective efforts includes the potential launch of a survey of perinatal women linking intimate partner violence, depression, and child health outcomes.