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2015 Spring/Summer Events

Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Wednesday, April 8
River Campus, Wilson Commons, conference room 121
Academia provides us with ample opportunities to grow our notion of diversity. In an upcoming panel, ““The Intersectionality of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation”, members from the University community will share their ideas about how to consider intersectionality across the domains of academic life: teaching, research and policy. The event featured Drs. Dena Swanson, Camille Quinn and John Cullen. They talked about their own efforts to grow the UR campus as inclusive, and took questions from the audience afterwards.

Wednesday, May 27
River Campus, Wallis Hall, Undergraduate Admissions Conference Room
A lively discussion about mentoring. Vivian Lewis, MD, Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, provided an overview of mentoring activities happening at the University of Rochester. Dr. Lewis also conducted a study examining the mentor-mentee relationship and discussed that. Topics  included the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, how one goes about securing a mentor, and working with a mentor. Also, Dr. Catherine Cerulli discussed opportunities the Susan B. Anthony Center is offering to help individuals in pursuing mentorship.

National Girlfriends Networking Day
Thursday, June 4
Medical Center, Ryan Case Method Room
National Girlfriends Networking Day is a nationwide celebration of the power of building connections. Thousands of women around the country attend this interactive networking event every year. It featured a panel of renowned, diverse women discussing how to plan your career path, and then taking questions via twitter from nationwide participants. This year’s panelists were Hannah Storm, Tina Lifford, Emilia Sherifova, and Miriam Hernandez Kakol.

A Lively Discussion: Workplace Policies on Sexual Assault and Harassment
Wednesday, June 17
Medical Center, Louise Slaughter Conference Room

The news has been filled with stories of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Many people are asking themselves what they can do to help prevent it. Others ask themselves what they would do if they were ever confronted with it, either individually or in their capacity as a faculty member or supervisor. To answer questions about our University’s policies regarding this very important topic, we hosted a lunch in the Louise Slaughter Conference Room (1-9555) at the Medical Center on Wednesday, June 17th from 12-1PM. Morgan Levy, our Title IX Coordinator, provided an overview of the University’s policies and procedures, let us know where we can locate them, and answered questions.