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Donation Drive for Human Trafficking Intervention Court

April 2018

Rochester City Court’s Human Trafficking Intervention Court (HTIC), who the Susan B. Anthony Center partners with, encompasses all cases in which defendants who are charged with the criminal offenses of prostitution or loitering for the purpose of prostitution. The fundamental principle guiding the HTIC is that the participants, most of whom are women, are themselves victims of abuse rather than criminals, and in need of physical health, mental health, and other services. The goal of this court is to rehabilitate its voluntary participants instead of punishing them in order to reduce recidivism. Upon successful completion of HTIC obligations, such as attending all necessary counseling and health appointments, and appearing at scheduled court dates, a participating defendant’s prostitution-related charges will be dismissed.

Because of the lack of court resources, many of the services HTIC defendants receive come from community partner agencies. Partners include Pre-Trial Services, Willow Domestic Violence Center, Worker Justice Center, Jennifer House, Healing through Education Advocacy and Law (HEAL) Collaborative, and Women’s Initiative Supporting Health-Transitions Clinic (WISH-TC).

To support the court and its community partners, the Center accepted donations during the month of April.

Donations were given directly to the court’s community partners who in turn gave the items to the HTIC clients they help as they look towards a future free from abuse.

Donated List: 

  • 241 clothing items
  • 16 children’s items
  • 313 toiletries
  • 54 food and drink items
  • 229 household items