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Women’s Leadership Circle

Women’s Leadership Circle and Co-ed Leadership Course hosted by the Susan B. Anthony Center

In this Leadership Circle during Spring 2015, we celebrated the power of women’s leadership and give women the tools they need to “lean in” with confidence. How can you foster and develop your toolbox of skills to improve your work performance and environment? Why is it so important for women to have confidence in their abilities, and why might confidence not be built into our interactions? We discussed apparent and subtle gender differences and how these may affect our career, relationships, and motivations. The Leadership Circle met for 90 minutes on a weekly basis.

A Co-ed Leadership Course ran in Fall 2015 for 1-credit. The course was taught be Director Kate Cerulli and content driven by Take 5 student and T.A. Rebecca Bergman. Students learned about the importance of networking, mentorship, the strategies of negotiation, as well as what “power” can mean, and how to achieve balance with one’s life principles. Professional career-oriented men and women shared their experiences with students on some of these topics.