A Message From the 2014 Class Council President


Before I came to campus, I thought I knew what to expect from college. I had just finished my two years of mandatory military service as a sergeant in the Singapore Army and thought I was above it all. I came in with the mind-set that I would focus solely on academics with my blinders on.

The next four years would be a humbling experience for me as I saw our class not just “get involved,” but push the boundaries for what is possible. We spent countless hours outside of classes advocating for causes we believed in, perfecting performances as part of dance groups, absorbing ourselves in research at the Medical Center, and much more. As a class, we constantly pushed the definition of the word Meliora.

Ever better is not just something we say. It is something we, as a class, do. It is in the way our eyes light up and congratulate each other when one of us has reached another important milestone in our lives. It is in the way we support and push each other when we have fallen and lost faith in ourselves. It is in the way we believe that working together, we can achieve the impossible.

Class of 2014, our four years here have been ones of tremendous change and we have seen much. We have gone through three meal plan changes in four years. We watched as O’Brien, LeChase, and Rettner Halls sprung up from the ground. Even now as we leave, College Town, Brooks Crossing, and the new data science building are places that are unknown to us.

Through it all, we have persevered with tenacity, with ambition, and with a passion unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You have all inspired me and being amongst all of you has been a tremendous privilege and honor.

Class of 2014, thank you for taking my blinders off and reminding me that the journey is what truly matters. As we transition from undergraduates to alumni, I’d like to now do the same. Our four- year journey was just the beginning.

We are the Class of One Four, always Jackets to the core.

James Wu
President, 2014 Class Council

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