A Message from the 2016 Class Council

Dear Class of 2016,

There are only two times that we, as an entire class, have come together—for convocation in August of our freshman year and now, in May of our senior year, for our graduation. At convocation, we stood in a large circle, candles in hand, uncertain about what was to lie ahead yet anticipating the journey of our upcoming college years. In those years, we have undoubtedly grown—likely in ways we could not have imagined that day on the quad. We have gained an education that will serve us for a lifetime, met people who have undoubtedly changed our perspectives, taken classes that made us see the world in an entirely different way, grown into leadership and research opportunities that made us wise beyond the classroom, and made friends and memories that we will never forget.

It has been more than an honor to learn amongst such a bright student body that is so dedicated to challenging and encouraging one another to think critically and creatively. We have had professors who taught us not only to learn but also to apply that knowledge to a larger picture. From the late nights in the PRR to the group projects in Gleason to daily Starbucks chats with friends to eating far too many Panda bowls, this campus has been our home and each other our family.

It’s been an honor to serve as your council this year. We have admired the dedication, drive, and zest for life that this class possesses and have been amazed at all that you have accomplished in your four years here. We hope this year has been one that you will look back on fondly as you close this chapter in your life but that you know that your Rochester family is for life!

Congratulations on a stellar four years and may you be forever better!

The 2016 Class Council
Douglas Reyes, Zach Jenkins, Solomon Gaim, Ulrik Soderstrom, Elisabeth Watson, Kelsey Tuttle, Lindsey Curtis, Charlotte Cohen, and Lisa Caris