A message from the 2013 Class Council President

Nick LewandowskiNick Lewandowski

When asked to describe what it means to be a graduate of the University of Rochester, I cannot even begin to attempt to describe the experiences we as students have had. This University has provided us with a limitless array of opportunity with which we have been able to explore our deepest passions, and develop our most creative ideas. To say that this class has seized its opportunity is a tremendous understatement. We have thrived both in the lecture halls, and on the field, in the conference rooms, and on the stage.  We have taken the knowledge gained in our classes and applied it to laboratories, campaigns, business plans, and countless other initiatives.  When we first arrived on campus many of us quickly learned how to cope with a noisy roommate, or how to navigate through the unpredictable Rochester weather, which seemed like the greatest possible challenges that could come our way at the time.  However, we have since tackled increasingly difficult issues on campus and throughout the global community; issues that many of us would have never dared to dream of facing when we left high school.  We as a class have upheld the motto of our University—Meliora as these four years have been a time of unbelievable development and achievement, both as a class, and as a group of outstanding individuals.

While we all will take away unique experiences from our undergraduate education, there are certain qualities that Rochester has instilled in each one of us.  Most notably, it has given us an internal spark to pursue our interests relentlessly and with enduring passion. I am confident in my belief that no student receiving a diploma today does so without a refined sense of determination, nourished by the challenges we have overcome at this school.  My hope is that we as recent graduates meet the obstacles our generation faces with the same sense of passion we have developed together. We all remember hearing Dean Burdick brag about the tremendous talent this class came into Rochester with as he rattled off a seemingly endless list of prior accomplishments. That talent has now been paired with a thoroughly tested resolve to push one’s self, and a community of young men and women bonded together under the motto of their University.  Therefore, I challenge our class to continue pushing the limits we have already tested here, and to apply the sense of excellence you have developed, to whatever you pursue in life.

Thank you, Class of 2013, for continuously inspiring me.  I urge you all to view today not as the end, but the beginning of what the Class of 2013 can accomplish.

By Nick Lewandowski,
2013 Class Council

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