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hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.9.2 Graphic: Senior Portrait http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/graphic-senior-portrait/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/graphic-senior-portrait/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 17:48:00 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3662

View the graphic.

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Senior Class Scrapbook http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/class-of-2014-scrapbook/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/class-of-2014-scrapbook/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 17:40:42 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3542
  • Amelia Engel poses next to her display of photographs at the ArtAwake music and art festival in 2013.
  • Monika Cepulis , Andrew Brink, and Eric Hepler enjoy a fall day on Eastman Quad in 2011.
  • Yanhan Ren presents “Matrix Metalloproteinase as a Novel Biomarker In Chronic Wound Healing” at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Exposition.
  • The 2014 and 2015 class councils take a photo with Rocky for Spirit Week in 2013.
  • Henry Macias reacts as his head is shaved during Colleges Against Cancer’s Shave to Save event in 2011. The event supports cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and benefits the American Cancer Society.
  • Members of the Class of 2014 light candles and sing the University’s alma mater during the orientation candlelight ceremony on Eastman Quad in 2010.
  • From left, Lendsey Achudi, Myranda Maynard, Kate Wilkinson, and Zeleyka Fowler show off their newly declared majors during the Major Declaration Celebration in 2012.

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Class of 2014: Making Their Mark http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/class-of-2014-making-their-mark/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/class-of-2014-making-their-mark/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 17:23:44 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3462

A look at some of the students who, like so many of their classmates, have made the most of their experience at Rochester.

Lendsey Achudi: Securing the Global Village

By Julia Sklar ’14

Lendsey Achudi is like many college students, matriculating with one career path in mind and graduating with another, but what makes her unique was her journey to that end. As a Renaissance & Global Scholar from Kenya, Achudi had dreams of becoming an international diplomat focusing on security issues, so she chose an international relations major. A year in, Achudi began to wonder if, in the complex global world, whether textbook information from college would still be useful 10 years down the line in her career.

She obtained an internship at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York City in the hopes of gaining more practical experience. Achudi worked as the sole undergraduate and female intern for the Kenyan mission to the UN.

The work, drafting reports and preparing for meetings with high-ranking diplomats, turned Achudi into a veritably nomadic sophomore. She spent Wednesday through Saturday in New York City, flying back to Rochester for the remainder of the week.

“While [at the UN] I realized that there was a paradigm shift in the way international relations is being approached,” says Achudi. “Thanks to
the Internet, the world is now a global village. So for me to be an expert in international security, I have to understand how the Internet works. It is no longer about international security, but rather cyber security.”

Achudi’s aspirations have shifted again: she’d like to own a company offering cyber security solutions.

Looking back on her four years at Rochester, Achudi feels that she has gotten more out of the risks she has taken than anything else.

“There is a quote that a ship is safest in the harbor, but that is not what they’re built for—nothing could be more accurate,” she says. “There are risks that I take that lead to endless amazing opportunities. To me life is a huge experiment.”

In September, Achudi will begin work at Facebook.

Andrew Brink: Combining Two Passions

By Bob Marcotte

andy_brink (placeholder)

Andrew Brink

Two years ago, Andrew Brink was looking for a way to blend his love of music with an engineering major.

During his junior year, along came the new audio and music engineering program. Brink becomes the first to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in audio and music engineering as part of this year’s ceremonies.

Combine that with his experience as performer and business manager with No Jackets Required and as a UR Events Support technician, and Brink anticipates all kinds of job possibilities after graduation.

“My favorite thing is to record— whatever, wherever—and edit it and fix it, whether it be sound effects for movies or video games, or working in broadcasting doing audio editing or dialogue replacement, or working in live sound with bands,” Brink says. “I’m also looking into event planning companies, digital media support, advertising firms . . . where the whole point is to ‘build your show.”

The new audio and music engineering major combines studies in engineering and applied sciences with music, and audio production to give students a technically rigorous, design-based education in the field of audio, music, and sonic engineer- ing by integrating elements of music, audio content production, acoustics, fundamental engineering science, sig- nal processing hardware and software, electronics, and software engineering.

What it’s meant for Brink is the opportunity to apply the math and theory of engineering in ways that appeal to someone who loves music as much as he does.

Eventually he would like to work in a professional studio, as a recording engineer or record producer, or in concert organization. “Because I have worked as a performer and technician, I can understand both sides of the argument you bring to the table. I enjoy working between clients and artists, and artists and engineers,” Brink says.

Marissa Balonon-Rosen: Musician on a Mission

By Julia Sklar ’14

Marissa Balonon-Rosen

Marissa Balonon-Rosen

Marissa Balonon-Rosen grew up in Rochester, but she created a world of her own within the University. She has taken advantage of the large number of opportunities only offered at Rochester. Balonon-Rosen is a Take Five Scholar, getting dual degrees from the College and the Eastman School of Music. She created her own major at the College. When she says “there was no way for me to fit everything in, in just 4 years, especially because I also studied abroad in Paris,” you know she isn’t kidding.

Balonon-Rosen’s undergraduate experience really took a turn when she visited a juvenile detention facility to do fieldwork for a freshman anthropology class. It was during that trip that she realized working with at-risk youth was a significant passion of hers, along with music. She majored in music theory at the Eastman School and she put together her own major in urban youth studies at the College, which blends aspects of anthropology, psychology, economics, business, and education.

Last summer, Balonon-Rosen organized a community project, Pianos for Peace, which brought pianos into outdoor spaces throughout Rochester, an idea that inspired her when she encountered a similar initiative while studying abroad. Ten painted pianos were placed in unexpected areas in an effort to promote nonviolence.

The combination of urban issues and music is a consistent thread throughout Balonon-Rosen’s actions. She has also taken advantage of Rochester’s Reach Funding, which supports unpaid internships, to intern at NYU’s Hip-Hop Education Center. The center teaches music, art, and dance to home- less and formerly incarcerated youth.

Next year, Balonon-Rosen will really bring alive the spirit of her highly interdisciplinary education by working at a homeless shelter for youth in San Francisco in an arts and music program.

Owen Colegrove: Perseverance Pays Off

By Julia Sklar ’14

Owen Colegrove

Owen Colegrove

When senior Owen Colegrove transferred to Rochester for his junior year, he had very little research experience under his belt. Now, two years later, he is one of few undergraduates with published work in a major scientific journal, Science. His research, which focused on solar physics, was conducted during the summer of 2013 through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).

Colegrove didn’t have an academic background in the niche physics field, but he forged ahead with programming and data analysis from NASA’s Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager, which he used to study the existence of giant convec- tion cells on the sun. Colegrove stayed motivated while conducting research alongside his advisor, David Hathaway, even when the team got stuck at a dead end.

“The first thing we tried, which my advisor thought was going to work, just completely didn’t work,” says Cole- grove. “This had really been the focus of the first five or six weeks of my REU, and that was a really discouraging feeling. But I just trusted my advisor, and held the mind-set that even if we couldn’t get the study to work, it would still be a great learning experience.”

The perseverance paid off—about a week before the end of his research experience, the team made a major breakthrough. From then until the end of the summer, it was a mad dash to pull together a draft of their study for peer review, which was ultimately published in December 2013. Colegrove traveled to San Francisco at the end of the fall semester to present the paper at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting.

“Stay open to any opportunity that comes your way,” Colegrove says. “The REU I got into wasn’t necessarily my first choice, and I was a little hesitant to accept, but I couldn’t imagine having had a more productive summer somewhere else.”

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Leaders, Scholars to Be Recognized http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/leaders-scholars-to-be-recognized/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/leaders-scholars-to-be-recognized/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 15:28:25 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3412

During Rochester’s 164th commencement ceremonies, the University will recognize 10 distinguished leaders and scholars  with honorary degrees, medals, and awards for scholarship and teaching.

Read about this year’s teaching award recipients.

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A Message From the 2014 Class Council President http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/a-message-from-the-2014-class-council-president/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/a-message-from-the-2014-class-council-president/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 15:13:12 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3372

Before I came to campus, I thought I knew what to expect from college. I had just finished my two years of mandatory military service as a sergeant in the Singapore Army and thought I was above it all. I came in with the mind-set that I would focus solely on academics with my blinders on.

The next four years would be a humbling experience for me as I saw our class not just “get involved,” but push the boundaries for what is possible. We spent countless hours outside of classes advocating for causes we believed in, perfecting performances as part of dance groups, absorbing ourselves in research at the Medical Center, and much more. As a class, we constantly pushed the definition of the word Meliora.

Ever better is not just something we say. It is something we, as a class, do. It is in the way our eyes light up and congratulate each other when one of us has reached another important milestone in our lives. It is in the way we support and push each other when we have fallen and lost faith in ourselves. It is in the way we believe that working together, we can achieve the impossible.

Class of 2014, our four years here have been ones of tremendous change and we have seen much. We have gone through three meal plan changes in four years. We watched as O’Brien, LeChase, and Rettner Halls sprung up from the ground. Even now as we leave, College Town, Brooks Crossing, and the new data science building are places that are unknown to us.

Through it all, we have persevered with tenacity, with ambition, and with a passion unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You have all inspired me and being amongst all of you has been a tremendous privilege and honor.

Class of 2014, thank you for taking my blinders off and reminding me that the journey is what truly matters. As we transition from undergraduates to alumni, I’d like to now do the same. Our four- year journey was just the beginning.

We are the Class of One Four, always Jackets to the core.

James Wu
President, 2014 Class Council

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Chris Matthews to Address Graduates http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/chris-matthews-to-address-graduates/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/chris-matthews-to-address-graduates/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 15:08:13 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3342

Chris Matthews, highly respected political news commentator and historian, has interviewed world leaders and addressed the nation’s political issues.

Early in his career and following his service with the Peace Corps in Africa, Matthews served as a U.S. Senate staffer, a presidential speechwriter, and was top aide to Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill in the 1980s.

In the late 1980s, Matthews switched to full-time journalism, serving as Washington bureau chief for the San Francisco Examiner. Matthews began his career on television in 1994 as host of a two-hour nightly program on the America’s Talking network. Three years later, he launched Hardball, now on MSNBC, which was the title of his popular 1988 book on America’s political system.

Matthews is the author of seven bestselling books, with his most recent being Tip and The Gipper: When Politics Worked (2013). His other books are Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero; Hard- ball: How Politics is Played, Told by One Who Knows the Game; Kennedy & Nixon: The Rivalry that Shaped Postwar America; Now, Let Me Tell You What I Really Think; American: Beyond our Grandest Notions; and Life’s a Campaign.

Matthews will receive an honorary doctor of letters degree at the Arts, Sciences & Engineering ceremony.

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University Celebrates Faculty and Student Honors 2013–14 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/the-university-of-rochester-celebrates-faculty-and-student-honors-2013-14/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/the-university-of-rochester-celebrates-faculty-and-student-honors-2013-14/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 14:54:49 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3262 The University of Rochester congratulates those faculty and students who have earned national recognition and University awards during the past academic year through May 1, 2014.
National Faculty Awards

Able Muse Press
Poetry Book Award
Melissa Balmain, Adjunct Instructor of English

Academy of Eating Disorders
Leadership Award
Richard Kreipe, Dr. Elizabeth R. McAnarney Professor of Pediatrics Funded by Roger and Carolyn Friedlander

American Academy of Arts and Letters
Arts and Letters Award in Literature
James Longenbach, Joseph Henry Gilmore Professor of English

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Timothy Quill, Georgia and Thomas Gosnell Distinguished Professor in Palliative Care

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
Craig Sellers, Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Karl Kieburtz, Robert J. Joynt Professor in Neurology; Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Xi-Cheng Zhang, M. Parker Givens Professor of Optics; Director, Institute of Optics

American Association of Colleges of Nursing
Graduate Nursing Admissions Professionals Sandy J. Cody Service Award
Elaine Andolina, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing; Director of Admissions, School of Nursing

American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages
Best Scholarly Translation
Kathleen Parthé, Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

American Council of Learned Societies
Shin-yi Chao, Associate Professor of Religion and Classics
John Osburg, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Holly Watkins, Associate Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music
Elya Zhang, Assistant Professor of History

American Geophysical Union
Cindy Ebinger, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

American Mathematical Society
Alex Iosevich, Professor of Mathematics

American Physical Society
Suxing Hu, Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics

American Political Science Association
Richard F. Fenno Jr. Prize for Best Book in Legislative Politics
Lynda Powell, Professor of Political Science

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children
Outstanding Research Career Achievement Award
Sheree Toth, Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology, Executive Director, Mt. Hope Family Center

American Psychological Association
Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Richard Aslin, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

American Public Health Association
Arthur J. Viseltear Award
Theodore Brown, Charles and Dale Phelps Professor of History

Association for Computing Machinery
Henry Kautz, Chair and Professor of Computer Science

Association for Humanistic Counseling
Lifetime Achievement Award
Howard Kirschenbaum, Professor Emeritus, Warner School of Education

Association of Women In Mathematics
Ruth Michler Memorial Prize
Sema Salur, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Biomedical Engineering Society
Distinguished Service Award
Richard Waugh, Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics; Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Award
Benjamin Hayden, Assistant Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Consumer Electronics Association
Hall of Fame
Ching Tang, Professor of Chemical Engineering

Council of Academic Family Medicine
Thomas Campbell, William Rocktaschel Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Eduard Rhein Foundation
Eduard Rhein Award
Ching Tang, Professor of Chemical Engineering

Foundation for High Energy Accelerator Science
Suwa Prize
Kevin McFarland, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Fulbright Program
Cindy Ebinger, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Fusion Power Associates
Board of Directors Leadership Award
David Meyerhofer, Deputy Director, Experimental Division Director, and Associate Director for Science, Laboratory for Laser Energetics; Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Physics and Astronomy

International Book Industry’s Excellence Awards
Literary Translation Initiative Award
Best Translated Book Award, launched by Three Percent

International College of Dentists
Honorary Fellow Aliakbar Bahreman, Clinical Professor, Eastman Institute for Oral Health

International Economics and Finance Society
Distinguished Fellow
Ronald Jones, Xerox Professor of Economics

International Society of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves
Kenneth J. Button Prize
Xi-Cheng Zhang, M. Parker Givens Professor of Optics;
Director, Institute of Optics;
Ching Tang, Professor of Chemical Engineering

International Society for Self and Identity
Lifetime Career Award
Edward Deci, Helen F. and Fred H. Gowen Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
Richard Ryan, Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Young Scientist Prize in Quantum Electronics
Nick Vamivakas, Assistant Professor of Optics

Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Prince Hitachi Prize
Vera Gorbunova, Professor of Biology

Kavli Foundation
Daniel Weix, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

NASPA—Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
Faculty Fellow
Logan Hazen, Assistant Professor, Warner School of Education

National Academies of Practice
Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow
Tobie Olsan, Professor of Clinical Nursing

National Academy of Sciences
David Williams, Dean for Research, Arts, Sciences & Engineering; William G. Allyn Chair of Medical Optics; Director, Center for Visual Science

National Association for Geriatric Education and National Association
of Geriatric Education Centers
Thomas Caprio, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine and Dentistry

National Science Foundation
Career Award
Sina Ghaemmaghami, Assistant Professor of Biology

Faculty Early Career Development Program Grant
Qiang Lin, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Optics
New York Public Library

Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers 2014–15
Kenneth Gross, Alan F. Hilfiker Distinguished Professor of English

Optical Society of America
David Richardson Medal
Jannick Rolland, Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering; Director, Hopkins

Center for Optical Design and Engineering
Chunlei Guo, Professor of Optics
Jonathan Zuegel, Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Orthopaedic Research Society
Distinguished Investigator Award
Regis O’Keefe, Marjorie Strong Wehle Professor of Orthopaedics; Chair of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Packard Foundation
Vasilli Petrenko, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Percussive Arts Society
Lifetime Achievement in Education Award
Ruth Cahn, Jack Frank Instructor of Percussion, Eastman Community Music School

Poetry International
C. P. Cavafy Award
Jennifer Grotz, Associate Professor of English

Polish Physics Society
Marian Smoluchowski Medal
Douglas Cline, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Royal Academy of Music
Honorary Member
Steven Doane, Professor of Violoncello, Eastman School of Music

Royal College of Physicians
Robert McCann, Professor of Medicine; Chief of Medicine, Highland Hospital

Royal Institute of Philosophy
Honorary Professorship Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy

Sloan Consortium
Sloan-C Fellow
Eric Fredericksen, Associate Vice President for Online Learning

Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Carol and Ed Diener Award in Personality Psychology
Andrew Elliott, Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
2013 Curtis G. Hames Research Award
Kevin Fiscella, Professor of Family Medicine

SPIE—International Society for Optics and Photonics
Xi-Cheng Zhang, M. Parker Givens Professor of Optics; Director, Institute of Optics
Robert Boyd, Professor of Optics and of Physics

Tetrahedron Publications
Young Investigator Award
Rudi Fasan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Triological Society
Career Scientist Award
Benjamin Crane, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology

University of Northern Colorado
Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award
Richard Killmer, Professor of Oboe, Eastman School of Music

Vision Sciences Society
Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award
Duje Tadin, Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Wellesley College
Susan and Donald Newhouse Center for the Humanities
Joel Burges, Assistant Professor of English

Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Jack Werren, Nathaniel and Helen Wisch Professor of Biology

Faculty Teaching Awards
Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
William Marvin, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Eastman School of Music

Eisenhart Award for Excellence in Teaching Eastman School of Music (2012–13)
Chien-Kwan Lin, Associate Professor of Saxophone

G. Graydon Curtis ’58 and Jane W. Curtis Award for Nontenured Faculty Teaching Excellence
Elizabeth Colantoni, Assistant Professor of Classics
Vasilii Petrenko, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Goergen Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Bonnie Meguid, Associate Professor of Political Science
Anne Meredith, Senior Lecturer, Department of Religion and Classics
John Michael, Professor of English and of Visual and Cultural Studies

Lifetime Achievement Award in Graduate Education
Douglas Turner, Professor of Chemistry

William H. Riker University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching
Eric Phizicky, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics

National Student Awards
All-American Honors
Lauren Bailey ’16, Ossining, N.Y.; Chemical Engineering; Honorable Mention, Swimming
Neil Cordell ’16, York, UK; Political Science; First Team, Squash
Keith Grafmeyer ’15, North Royalton, Ohio; Financial Economics; Second Team, Men’s Soccer
Ryosei Kobayashi ’17, Yokohamashi, Japan; Business; First Team, Squash
Vicky Luan ’16, Surrey, British Columbia; Film and Media Studies; Honorable Mention, Swimming
Karen Meess ’14, Hamburg, N.Y.; Biomedical Engineering; Honorable Mention, Swimming
Danielle Neu ’17, Ham- mondsport, N.Y.; Chemical Engineering; Honorable Mention, Diving
Emily Simon ’17, Olean, N.Y.; Biology; Honorable Mention, Swimming
Khamai Simpson ’16, Cutler Bay, Fla.; Health, Behavior, and Society; Honorable Men- tion, Swimming
Alex Swanger ’15, Penfield, N.Y.; Biomedical Engineering; Second Team, Men’s Soccer
Mario Yanez Tapia ’17, Aguascalientes, Mexico; Business; First Team, Squash
Alex Veech ’17, Binghamton, N.Y.; Psychology; Honorable Mention, Swimming

Aetna Foundation/ National Healthcare
Leadership Program
David Paul, Doctoral Student, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Alpha Omega Alpha
Carolyn Kuckein Research Fellowship
Corey Walker ’14M (MD)

American Association of Neurologic Surgeons
Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation Summer Fellowship
Joshua Haswell ’17M (MD)

American Council of Engineering Companies of New York
Koji Muto ’15, Hamden, Conn.; Mechanical Engineering

American Council of Teachers of Russian
National Postsecondary Essay Contest, Gold Medal
Oleg Didovets ’14, Webster, N.Y.; Chemistry

American Federation for Aging Research
Medical Student Training in Aging Research Award
Andrew Portuguese ’17M (MD)
Erica Lash ’17M (MD)

American Psychiatric Nurses Association
Student Scholarship
Jennifer Schneider, Graduate Student, School of Nursing

American Society of Hematology
Minority Medical Student Award
Physician-Researcher Initiative Fellow
Lauren Patrick ’16M (MD)

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies
Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Iskandar Zulkarnain, Graduate Student, Visual and Cultural Studies

Aspen Peay State University Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts
Young Composer’s Competition
Christopher Chandler, Doctoral Student, Eastman School of Music

Association of Counselor Education and Supervision
Emerging Leaders Fellow
Atiya Smith, Doctoral Student, Warner School of Education

DAAD-RISE (German Academic Exchange Service-Research Internships in Science and Engineering)
Corey Garyn ’15, Newtown, Pa., Cell and Developmental Biology
Austin Mottola ’15, Katonah, N.Y., Biochemistry
Seth Schober ’16, Sutton, Alaska, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Natalie Tjota ’16, Federal Way, Wash., Biomedical Engineering
Steven Torrisi ’16, Tivoli, N.Y., Physics

Davis Projects for Peace
John Dawson ’13, ’14 (T5), Pittsford, N.Y., Molecular
Katherine Wegman ’15, Pittsford, N.Y., Anthropology and Biology

Downbeat Student Music Awards
Large Jazz Ensemble, Outstanding Undergraduate College Performance
Eastman Chamber Jazz Ensemble
Original Composition for Large Ensemble, Graduate College (for “West Point”)
Michael Conrad ’13E (MM)

Fulbright Program
Savannah Benton ’14, Los Angeles; International Relations
Anisha Gundewar ’14, Marlborough, Mass.; Health, Behavior, and Society
Philip Pierick, Doctoral Student, Eastman School of Music, Iowa City; Saxophone
Erin Slocum ’12, Rochester; Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Shyam Venkateswaran ’14, Manhasset Hils, N.Y.; Biology
Simone Zehren ’14, Washington, D.C.; Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures
Mandy Brefo ’14, Arlington, Texas; Anthropology and Political Science
Nicholas Giangreco ’14, Williamsville, N.Y.; Biochemistry

Fulbright UK Summer Institute
Leah Schwartz ’17, Cranford, N.J.; Anthropology

Goldwater Scholarship
Honorable Mention
Molly Finn ’16, Marshalltown, Iowa; Physics and Astronomy
Brian McDonald ’16, Carmel, Ind.; Mathematics

Hertz Fellowship
Catherine E. Lambert ’13, ’14 (T5), Elmira, N.Y.; Geological Sciences/English

HIV Vaccine Trials Network
Research and Mentorship Program Scholar
Oluchi Iheagwara ’17M (MD)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Summer Medical Fellow
James Bates ’15M (MD)
Medical Research Fellow at Janelia
Benjamin Cocanougher ’15M (MD)
Year Fellows Program
Jeffrey Zimering ’16M (MD)

Humanity in Action Foundation
Lendsey Achudi ’14, Western Province, Kenya; International Relations
Jonathan R. Johnson ’14, Beverly Hills, Fla.; Anthropology and Political Science

Iberdrola USA Foundation
Energy and Environment Scholarship
Samuel Steven, Graduate Student, Optics and Technical Entrepreneurship and Management
Samuel Sowden Garcia, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering
Jose Alberto Medina Jimena, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering
Chantal Gaudet ’14, Bedford, N.H.; Chemical Engineering

PhD Fellowship
Xiaochen Guo, Doctoral Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

IEEE Power and
Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative Award
Jeremy Warner ’15, Riverhead, N.Y.; Electrical and Computer Engineering

International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella
Quarterfinals Winner
Quarterfinals Award for Outstanding Arrangement
Semifinals Second Place
Semifinals Award for Outstanding Choreography
Quarterfinals Award for Outstanding Arrangement
Tom Downey ’16, Midnight Ramblers; Selkirk, N.Y.; Environmental Sciences
Institute for International Education

Gilman International Scholarship
Jasré Ellis ’15, Raleigh, N.C.; Japanese and Psychology
Johnson Truong ’15, Rochester; Chemistry
Breanna Madrazo ’15, Torrance, Calif.; Financial Economics
Jenny Quintero ’16, Houston; Biomedical Engineering
Catherine Sbeglia ’15, Sunnyside, N.Y.; English and Film and Media Studies

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
2013 Graduate Arts Award
Erika Pinkerton, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music

Jazz Education Network Conference
2014 Mary Jo Papich Cofounder Women in Jazz Scholarship
Alexa Tarantino ’14E, West Hartford, Conn.; Jazz Saxophone

Kelly Services
Kelly Future Engineers Scholarship
Koji Muto ’15, Hamden, Conn.; Mechanical Engineering

Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers
KPCB Engineering Fellow
Dan Hassin ’16, Millburn, N.J.; Computer Science

Meg Quigley Vilvalde Competition and Bassoon Symposium
First Place
Ivy Ringel ’16E, Hillsborough, N.C.; Bassoon

MTNA National Performance Competition
First Place, Chamber Music Wind
Finja Quartet
Ainsley Kilgo ’15E, Fairfax, Va.; Alto Saxophone
Daniel Stenziano ’15E, Wayland, N.Y.; Baritone Saxophone
Tyler Wiessner ’15E, Ellicott City, Md.; Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Zhao ’15E, Beijing; Soprano Saxophone
First Place, Piano Senior Performance
Yiou Li ’17E, Nanyang, China; Piano
Third Place, Piano Young Artist Performance
Thomas Steigerwald ’15E, Uvalde, Texas; Piano

Space Technology Research Fellowship
Alex Iaccetta, Doctoral Student, Optics

National Health Service Corps
Jared Lunkenheimer ’14M (MD)

National Hispanic Health Foundation
Student Scholarship Program
Nallely Saldana-Ruiz ’15M (MD)

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Summer Fellowship
Sarah Ackroyd ’16M (MD)
Medical Student Research Award
Pooja Prasad ’17M (MD)

National Institute of Mental Health
F30 Fellowship
Daniel Marker, Doctoral Student, School of Medicine and Dentistry
Medical Research
Michael Feldman ’15M (MD)
Medical Students’ Sustained Training and Research Experience in Aging and Mental Health
Nicholas David ’17M (MD)

National Science Foundation
East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship
Daniel Marnell, Doctoral Student, Biomedical Engineering

National Science Foundation
Research Fellowship
Amanda Chen ’14, Danville, Calif.; Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Research Fellowship
Alyssa Kersey, Graduate Student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Sarah Koopman, Graduate Student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Nicole Peltier, Graduate Student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Alena Stasenko, Graduate Student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

National Trumpet Competition
2014 BlackBurn Trum-pets Graduate Division, First Place
James Peyden Shelton, Doctoral Student, Eastman School of Music

North American Saxophone Alliance Collegiate Solo Competition
First Prize
Myles Boothroyd, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music
Third Prize
Jonathan Wintringham, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music

Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition
First Prize
Da Sol Jeong ’14E, Thornhill, Ontario
Markiyan Melnychenko, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music

Orthopaedic Research Society
Orthopaedic Video Competion, First Place (2013), Second Place (2014)
Youssef Farhat, MD/PhD Student

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans
Ryaan Ahmed, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music
Percussive Arts Society International Convention
2013 Percussion Ensemble Competition Winner
Eastman Percussion Ensemble

Rotary International
Global Grant Scholar
Jordan Shapiro ’14, Bennington, Vt.; International Relations and History

Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration
2014 Dissertation Award
Deborah Hudson, Doctoral Student, Warner School of Education

U.S. State Department
Critical Language Scholarship
Daniel Webb ’14, Lexington, Ky.; Spanish and Russian

Westfield International Organ Competition
First Prize
Malcolm Matthews, Master’s Student, Eastman School of Music

Whitaker International Program
Scholarship Grants
Echoe Bouta, Doctoral Student, Biomedical Engineering
Jason Inzana, Doctoral Student, Biomedical Engineering
Amanda Chen ’14, Danville, Calif.; Biomedical

University Student Awards
Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student
David de Jong, Doctoral Student, Psychology
Meredith Martin, Doctoral Student, Psychology
William Spaniel, Doctoral Student, Political Science
Fred Moolekamp, Doctoral Student, Physics
Nikolaus Wasmoen, Doctoral Student, English
Matt Bayne, Doctoral Student, English
Sarah Fuchs Sampson,
Doctoral Student, Eastman School of Music

Student Employee of the Year Award
Emi Hitomi ’14, (Wilson Commons) Beachwood, Ohio; Neuroscience

http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/the-university-of-rochester-celebrates-faculty-and-student-honors-2013-14/feed/ 0
A Taste of Rochester http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/a-taste-of-rochester/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/a-taste-of-rochester/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 12:43:26 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=3142
By Julia Sklar ‘14
Rochester may be a small city, but it has a lot to offer, especially where art, food, history, and music are concerned. Commencement weekend is the perfect opportunity to get a bite-sized version of what kind of home the Flower City has been to its students for the past few years.

Ponder Some Art

There is a plethora of museums to visit here, but only one of them belongs to the University. The Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and houses works of art spanning more than 5,000 years of history.

During Commencement Weekend, exhibits as varied as Matisse as Printmaker: Works from the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, Alexander Matisse: New Ceramics, Cuba Through 36 Eyes, and Visions in Black and White: The Graphic Work of Max Klinger will all be showing. Roch- ester students can gain free admission to the museum with their ID (sorry parents, you’ll have to pay $12). The MAG is also home to an excellent restaurant, Max at the Gallery, which serves up a splendid, affordable brunch during commencement weekend.

Try Your Hand at Trivia

If you like a challenge, head to The Old Toad, Rochester’s own authentic British pub, for one of the hardest bar trivia nights in the city on Sun- days at 9 p.m. You can partake of great food and drink from across the pond, while testing your knowledge of obscure questions about sports, geography, film, and the like. The servers are all cheeky Brits who will make the experience fun. Despite that, you’re not likely to score more than 9/20 correct, and that’s on a good day.

Sip Some Local Beer

Seniors Alayna Kallanan, Michelle Goldstein, Josh Morse, and Carolyn Hol- land check out some favorite student spots in Rochester.

Seniors Alayna Callanan, Michelle Goldstein, Josh Morse, and Carolyn Holland check out some favorite student spots in Rochester.

Historically speaking, Genesee Brewing Company is king, as it’s called Rochester home since 1878, but it might be time to make room for some newer additions to the city’s brewing tradition. Roc Brewing Co. is no exception. Just founded in 2011 by two recent RIT graduates, this establishment serves up a wide array of its own finely crafted beers, brewed on the premises, including a gluten-free variety, so there really is something for everyone. The walls of the brewery tasting room are covered in unique, local artwork that’s for sale or just for admiring. Roc Brewing Co. also offers casual tours to anyone who’s interested in seeing behind the curtain of what goes into producing a craft beer.

Take a Walk on the Historical Side

Rochester is certainly not short on impressive historical figures so it’s hard to narrow down whom to focus on, but touring the George Eastman House is certainly enough to fill an afternoon. George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company and benefactor to the University, is one of Rochester’s most well known inhabitants. Just seeing his statue on the Eastman Quadrangle isn’t enough to understand the life of this revolutionary man, so take a tour of his home where you can learn about his upbringing, adult life, and pioneering career into film technology. The Eastman House is also home to the world’s foremost museum on photography and film, as well as the Dryden Theatre, which showcases motion pictures from the museum’s collection.

Coffee Craze

America may run on Dunkin’, but Rochester runs on local coffee shops. With almost too many to choose from, Java’s, Spot Coffee, and Boulder Coffee Co. are all great places to start. Whether you’re a student cramming for a midterm, a couple on a first date, or old friends in need of a good, long chat, these three coffee joints are all pros at not only brewing the perfect cup of coffee, but also at offering just the right type of cozy atmosphere. Java’s and Boulder are both known for showcasing interesting art, while Spot is on the ball for people watching, with its balcony level seating area. All three also serve up delicious desserts and sandwiches along with their coffee and tea.

It’s Pizza Time

2014-04-28_students_rochester_485There is a lot of outstanding food to be eaten here, but Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria is up there with some of the best. Serving up handmade pizzas with delectable, unique topping combinations—like fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto—Napa really knows how to make your stomach happy. All of their crusts are made with whole wheat, which adds a sweet, smoky flavor to any pizza, but they also offer a gluten-free dough. The atmosphere here is lively, so you’ll want to settle in and order some of their custom cocktails to go with that pizza.

http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/a-taste-of-rochester/feed/ 0
Graphic: The AS&E Ceremony Scene http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/ceremony-scene/ http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/ceremony-scene/#comments Mon, 29 Apr 2013 18:01:39 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=1466 The University’s historic Eastman Quadrangle becomes a modern outdoor auditorium each May as members of the College’s graduating class celebrate commencement with their families and friends.

Commencement Day Graphic: Eastman Quadrangle

http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/ceremony-scene/feed/ 0
Countdown to Commencement http://www.rochester.edu/commencement http://www.rochester.edu/commencement#comments Mon, 29 Apr 2013 17:50:14 +0000 http://www.rochester.edu/springbuzz/?p=1386 Nearly 3,000 individuals will have their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees conferred during the University’s 164th commencement ceremonies.

http://www.rochester.edu/commencement/feed/ 0