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University Council on Sustainability

Co-Chair, Karen Berger, Lecturer, Earth & Environmental Studies
Co-Chair, Cam Schauf, Director, Dining Services & Auxiliary Operations

Beaumont, Patricia – Associate Vice President of Facilities
Bulleit, Erin – Student, URMC
Burdick, Jonathan – Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Curren, Randall – Professor, Philosophy
Fernandez, Jose – Executive Director, Campus Planning, Design, and Construction Management
Fisher, Stacey – Assistant Director, Wilson Commons Student Activities
Gibson, Michele – Senior Associate Dean, Administration and Finance, Eastman School of Music
Goldstein, Rachel – Student, Class of 2013
Kadrie, Amy – Recycling Coordinator
Korfmacher, Katrina – Associate Professor, Environmental Medicine
Lederer, Phil – Associate Professor, Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Lennie, Peter – Provost & Dean, Faculty of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
Mclaughlin, Siobhan – Student, Class of 2014
Meyer, Joseph – Student, URMC
Ockenden, Mary – Associate Vice President and Director, Medical Center Space Planning
Packer, Lori – Assistant Director of Public Relations, University Communications
Paprocki, Ronald J. – Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Pifer, Richard – Associate Vice President, University Facilities and Services
Porter, Sarah – Student, URMC
Salerno, Stacy – Student, URMC
Scott, Michael – Professor, Computer Science
Shuherk, Carol - Senior Associate Provost
Vanchinathan, Vijay – Student, URMC