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The first step is a pre-proposal, which is due to the Fund Manager via e-mail by the announced deadline in Fall and Spring. The document is required to be in Microsoft Word, using the pre-proposal application template.

Pre Proposal Application Template

TDF Developer Agreement

A filed Invention Disclosure with UR Ventures is required with your application. If you have not done so already, you can submit an Invention Disclosure here.

Pre-proposals should be no longer than two pages (not including references) and include: 

  1. Background – Briefly describe your recent research, the novelty, risks and the potential benefits of the project. How is this innovation “disruptive”? Are there competitors in the field? What is the estimated market potential?
  2. Proposed Research Plan – Outline the goals and objectives for your project, as well as the amount of award requested. Include a short list of budget items for which this funding will be used. What is your strategy for post-project commercialization? Briefly discuss your post project plan, next steps after the TDF study, and the estimated resources it might take to either obtain additional developmental funding or launch your product into the marketplace.
  3. Investigator and Other Information – List all principals involved and your collaborators, sources of current funding, and whether you require resources outside the university.
  4. Relevant References (no more than 5)

The Screening Committee identifies those projects deemed best to satisfy the criteria outlined in the review process, resulting in invitations to submit full proposals. This stage of the process requires approximately two weeks. Pre-proposals not selected will be returned to applicants with a brief explanation of why they were declined.