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Recently Funded Projects

Spring 2018 Round

  • An Integrated Gene Editing Approach for the Correction of Muscular Dystrophy (Douglas Anderson)
  • Fiber Array to Silicon Photonic Chip Optical Packaging (Jaime Cardenas)
  • Pre-clinical development of a human monoclonal antibody cocktail (URnFluhmAb) for the universal prevention and treatment of influenza infection (James Kobie & Luis Martinez-Sobrido)
  • Development of MTTL1, a small molecule MEK inhibitor for the treatment of cancers with high MAP kinase pathway activity (Rakesh Singh & Rachael Turner)


Fall 2017 Round

  • Developing EPOR small molecule inhibitors to improve engraftment in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Omar Aljitawi)
  • Macrocyclic Inhibitors of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway (Rudi Fasan & David Linehan)
  • Development of a Clinically Relevant Disease Specific Patient Reported Outcome Measure for use in Drug Labeling Claims in Lung Cancer Therapeutic Trials (Chad Heatwole)


Spring 2017 Round

  • In-vivo Photoacoustic & ultrasound imaging probe for human thyroid cancer detection (Vikram Dogra & John Ellis)
  • URMC-099 Therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Handy Gelbard)
  • A novel and more effective live-attenuated vaccine for the prevention and control of equine influenza virus in horses (Luis Martinez-Sobrido)


Fall 2016 Round

  • Novel antibiotic formulations for the prevention and treatment of ocular infections (Paul Dunman & Rachel Wozniak)
  • Development of a Clinically Relevant Disease Specific Patient Reported Outcome Measure for use in Drug Labeling Claims in Crohn’s Disease Therapeutic Trials (Chad Heatwole)
  • VLA-3: a novel sepsis biomarker (Minsoo Kim & Anthony Pietropali)
  • Development of MeTC7, a small molecule inhibitor of PD-L1 for immunotherapy of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and melanoma (Rakesh Singh)


Spring 2016 Round

  • Shape-memory thermoset fibers (Mitchell Anthamatten)
  • Preclinical testing of transepithelial vaccine delivery technology (Lisa Beck & Benjamin Miller)
  • Ultra-collagen for enhanced wound healing (Diane Dalecki)
  • Electric field treatment to prevent and treat rhinitis and asthma (David Dean & Steve Georas)
  • Carbon nanotube arrays for high efficiency gene transfer (Ian Dickerson)
  • Ultrasensitive chip-scale integrated nano-optomechanical inertial sensors (Qiang Lin)


Fall 2015 Round

  • Bone-Targeted Drug Delivery (Robert Boeckman)
  • Macrocyclic Inhibitors of the human PGC1B CBP80 protein-protein interaction (Rudi Fasan & Lynn Maquat)
  • High Brightness Volumetric 3D Display (John Howell)
  • Live attenuated vaccines for the treatment and control of canine influenza virus (Luis Martinez-Sobrido)


Spring 2015 Round

  • Further Development of Planar Loudspeakers (Mark Bocko)
  • A Computational Ultrasound Method for Portable High-Resolution Imaging Applications (Zeljko Ignjatovic)
  • Spectrally Pure, Manufacture-Ready, High-Power Semiconductor Laser (John Marciante)