A Spirit of Activism at Rochester

Guest Contributor–Natalie Ziegler One of the major factors in my decision to come to Rochester was my admissions interview. I remember hearing that “a spirit of activism permeates this campus.” Even though the phrase was broad and relatively vague, it was enough to entice me. I’d been active in social justice campaigns during high school […]

Campus times

Life as a Campus Times Editor

Guest Contributor–Jamie Rudd When I wandered into the Campus Times office the Wednesday of my first official week of college, I had no idea how much the place would come to mean to me. A freshman straight out of Orientation, I had no way of knowing that the office would eventually feel like more of […]

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What’s Abuzz in A Cappella?

All four campus a cappella groups are hard at work on fine tuning their harmonies for albums, competitions, and beyond!