Spotlight on Social Science Alumni: Peggy Small Fox

Name: Peggy Small Fox
Age: 57
Occupation: Marketing
Education (UR and additional):  B.A. in Psychology, University of Rochester, 1976; M.B.A., Boston College, 1978
Current city/state of residence: Pittsford, NY
Family:  Husband, Jed (UR 1974), Sons Scott (lawyer in Boston) and Alan (media planner in NYC)
Community Activities:  Writers & Books (Board Member), Seneca Park Zoo (Member, Marketing Committee), Ad Council (Strategic Round Table Volunteer), The Entrepreneur Network (Volunteer Coach)

Why did I Chose the UR?

OK, my mother chose the UR for me, but she made a good choice!  It was most probably the best school I got into, it was the right size, it had a diverse student base, and it offered a wealth of majors for someone like myself who at 18 years old had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Campus Resources

I can honestly say that I didn’t take full advantage of the resources available to me, but would strongly encourage today’s students to actively seek out everything that’s available to them.  You’ll most likely never be in another situation where there’s so many resources readily available to you at no cost.

Balance of work and personal life

This is tough!  You absolutely need to carve out time for yourself and time for your family.  They’re two distinct things.  I’m a runner, so when my kids were born I started running in the morning so that I didn’t feel guilty about not spending time with them when I came home.  I learned that it’s OK to leave work a bit early to watch a child’s sporting event.  You’re going to be hard pressed to find a boss who “dings” you for this.

Advice for current students

Use all the resources available to you, chose a major and a career that allows you in some manner to follow your passion, make wonderful friends and commit to maintaining these friendships for a long, long time.   This year will be the 10th anniversary that a group of us (all women!) have gone away together for a long weekend.   No husband, boyfriends or kids allowed.  We have a great time and have committed to doing this for as long as we’re feasibly capable.  (Even when our choice of drink is Ensure!)

How I’m still connected with the UR

I’m lucky enough to have a niece and a cousin at the UR, so I get over there fairly frequently.  I’ve also been volunteering at the Student-Alumni Networking Sessions.  It’s a nice opportunity to keep engaged with the school and give relevant advice to current students.  I also keep tabs on different speakers that come to the school and attend as many of those events as I can.  Of course I can do all of this as I live in the Rochester community.