Undergrad Research Highlighted During April Expo

Univ. Communications – 53 University of Rochester students recently presented their research at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Exposition on April 20th. The Expo included a speaker’s symposium, poster fair, and awards ceremony. Awards were given to the top symposium and poster participants and were chosen by a panel of faculty judges.

The Undergraduate Research Exposition is a College-wide event that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to present the academic research they’ve conducted throughout the year. The Expo showcases the passion that both professors and students have for investigative, creative research.

The symposium allowed fifteen students representing the four distinct disciplinary sections of the College: Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering, to present their research topics and take questions from fellow students. The poster presentation fair then served as a venue for all presenters to showcase their findings to the College community. It was immediately followed by the awards ceremony, which included the presentation of the President’s Award, the Deans’ Prizes and the Professors’ Choice Awards.

The following Rochester students were awarded the President’s Award, given to the top four presentations from the four disciplinary areas of the Symposium:

●       Jessica DeSanctis ’12, Psychology major, The Impact of Contact on Prejudice Toward Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

●       Joshua Gladstone ’12, Modern Languages and Cultures major, Understanding Historical Narrative Theory in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

●       Benjamin Green ’12, Biochemistry major, Effects of Ribosomal Proteins on the Translation of the Inefficient CGA Codon in Yeast

●       Angela Ketterer ’12, Biomedical Engineering major, Amplitude Modulation Detection Thresholds of the Budgerigar

The following students were presented with the Deans’ Award, awarded to the eleven other participants in the symposium:

●       Sarah Walters ’13, Optical engineering major, Nematic Liquid Crystal Alignment on Indium-Tin-Oxide Coated Substrates Using Magnetorheological Finishing

●       Jesse Cramer ’12, Mechanical engineering major, The Strucural Survival of the Great Hall of Trajan’s Markets in Rome: A Finite Element Study

●       Jonathan Grima ’12, Neuroscience major, Therapeutic Potential Of Blocking Dynamin-Related Protein-1 (Drpl) Function In The R6/2 Mouse Model Of Huntington’s Disease

●       Theresa Kurtz ’12, Neuroscience and Mathematics major, Magnitude Judgments In The Intraparietal Sulcus Of Mathematical Experts

●       Vincent Yu ’14, Physics and astronomy and Mathematics major, Studying the Evolution of Protostellar Envelopes with Infrared Spectroscopy

●       Daniel Gorman, Jr. ’14, History major, The Joy of Piracy: Ned Buntline and the Legacy of the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main

●       Rebecca Kennedy ’12, English major, The Importance of Early Science-Fiction Magazines

●       Luke Edson ’12, Economics major, Unintended Consequences Of The Minimum Legal Drinking Age

●       Gerard Markham ’13, Psychology major, Owls vs. Larks: Suicidality and Risk Propensity During the Transition to Adulthood

●       Laura Raymond ’13, Brain and cognitive science major; Zarah Quinn ‘13, English major; What a Tutee Wants: Assessing Fulfillment Of Student Goals In Writing Center Tutoring Sessions

The following students were presented with the Professors’ Choice Awards, given to seven students participating in the Poster Presentation Fair:

●       Kristina Fricker ’15, Archaeology and Technology & Historical Structures and Geology major, The Impact of Creation Myths on the Roles of Women in Ancient Egypt

●       Shyue Li Horng ’12, Chemical engineering major, Size-Controlled Synthesis and Hydrogenation of Anatase Ti02 Nanoparticles For Photocatalysis

●       Sharath Koorathota ’14, Brain & cognitive sciences and Economics major Perception of Control and Uncertainty Aversion in Visual Search Tasks

●       Megan Leyrer ’12, Neuroscience major, Electrical Coupling Synchronizes Motor Neuron Activity in the Crustacean Cardiac Ganglion

●       Celia Litovsky ’12, Brain & cognitive sciences major, Language Learning is a Feedback Loop: Comparative Evidence from Rhesus Macaques’ Performance on a Shape Bias Task

●       John Nicosia ’13, Biomedical engineering major, Techniques to Quantify Cell Proliferation in Three-Dimensional Hydrogels

●       Endri Panariti ’12, Psychology major; Aninda Mukherjee ’12, Psychology major; and Matias Piva ’12, Psychology major; Implicit Emotion Regulation

The following students were selected to present research at the poster fair:

●     Colin Funai ’12, Electrical & Computer Engineering major, Mobile Cloud Based Computing

●     Franciscus Wolfs ’12, Mechanical Engineering major, Modelling the Cochlea

●     Andrea Morrell ’12, Biomedical Engineering major, Investigating Risk for Knee Osteoarthritis Using Computational Models Incorporating Age and Gender-Based Variations in Trabecular Bone

●       Allyssa Abel ’13, Neuroscience major, Expression and Localization of Stress-Regulated Carbonic Anhydrases VI and IX

●       Enoch Chan ’13, Cell & Development Biology major, EVI1 is Critical in Myeloid Leukemia Cell Apoptosis

●       Tyia Clark ’12, Brain and Cognitive Sciences major, The Neural Organization of Tool Knowledge in Development

●       David George ’13, Chemistry major, Large Scale Nickel Catalyzed Reductive Cross Coupling

●       Alisa Johnson ’14, Biology major, Investigation Of The Role Of Abnormal Laminin-332 Expression In ARPKD

●       Ta-Chun Kao ’12, Chemistry major, Understanding Protein-Lipid Interactions of Rhodopsin and Opsin by Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations

●       Chong Li ’14, Biochemistry major, Receptor-Mediated Endocystosis: The Interaction Between an Antibody and a Receptor on a Cell Surface

●       Tyler Nicholas ’12, Environmental science major, Mercury Concentrations in Fish Commonly Consumed in Seychelles

●       Taurean Parker ’13, Mathematics major, Symmetry Types for Multi-Species Particle Processes

●       Morgan Preziosi ’13, Biochemistry major, Discovering Genes Important for Melanoma Metastasis

●       Yanhan Ren ’14, Biochemistry major, Matrix Metalloproteinase As A Novel Biomarker In Chronic Wound Healing

●       Mary Abbe Roe ’12, Brain & cognitive sciences major, Gray Matter Density Analysis in Regions of Human Cortex that Represent Tools

●       Alexander Teghipco ’14, Brain & cognitive sciences and Pre-Law major, Verbal Fluency as a Window Into the Structure of Lexical Semantics

●       Shouling Zhang ’13, Microbiology and Psychology major, Vaccine Immune Responses and Illness Frequencies Among Children of High and Low Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds

●       Paul Del Prato ’12, Brain & cognitive sciences and Linguistics major, Cyclic-Naming Revisited: The Role of Repetition in the Generation of Cyclic Interference

●       Benjamin Kellman ’12, Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Biology major, Pipeline Formulation for Bayesian Cell Line Characterization from Micro Arrays: Unique Glioma Characterization from Unique Progenitors

●       Alison Ballantyne ’12, Psychology major, Coping in College: A Study of Social Anxiety and Alcohol Use

●       Rohini Bhatia ’12, Epidemiology major, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Acceptance of Anal Cancer Screening of Men Who Have Sex with Men

●       Janine Fleury ’12, Psychology major, Coping in College: Motivations for Substance Use Among College Students with Borderline Personality Disorder

●       Leigha MacNeill ’12, Psychology and English major Mindfulness, Stress, and Depressive Symptoms: An Examination of Interpersonal Stress Generation in College Students

●       Jesse Rakoske ’12, Political Science major, Where and When Do Public Preferences Matter? Examining Policy Responsiveness Across Regime Type

●       Angela Richeson ’12, Psychology major, Coping in College: A Study of Self-Harm Behaviors

●       Guang Yi Chua ’11/T5, Music major, Music and Emotion: Music’s Therapeutic Potential on Mood

●       Kaitlyn Werner ’13, Psychology major, Parental Conditional Regard, Relative Extrinsic Value Orientation, and Subjective Well-Being: Testing a Mediational Model Based on Self-Determination Theory

●       Shing Yan (Rodney) Chau ’13, Economics and Political Science and International Relations major, Global Health Governance: Power Politics and the Development of the World Health Organization

●       Jared O’Loughlin ’13, Linguistics major, A Phonetic Investigation of Tone in Tsuut’ina (Athabaskan): Determining Tonal Contrasts in a Polysynthetic Language

Article written by Joshua Morse, a sophomore at the University of Rochester majoring in mechanical engineering. Photos courtesy of Brandon Vick, University Communications.

In the Photos:

Top Photo: Angela Ketterer ’12, presented her research, Amplitude Modulation Detection Patterns of the Budgerigar, during the Undergraduate Research Exposition 2012.

Middle Photo: Poster exhibit participant Shyue Li Horng ’12, a chemical engineering student, discusses his research titled Size-Controlled Synthesis and Hydrogenation of Anatase Ti02 Nanoparticles for Photocatalysis.

Bottom Photo: Kristina Fricker ’15, who studies archaeology, technology & historical structure and geology, explains her research, The Impact of Creation Myths on the Roles of Women in Ancient Egypt, during the Expo’s poster session.