Spotlight on Natural Sciences Alumni: Brittany Huber

defaultName: Brittany Huber

Occupation: PhD Student this fall 2013

Education (UR and additional): University of Rochester B.S., ‘11 Swinburne University of Technology

Current city/state/country of residence: South Burlington, VT, Fall 2013- Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Current Community activities: Youth mentoring

Why did you choose to attend the University of Rochester?

I chose to attend the University of Rochester because of a very positive first impression and visit experience. Every single person I met on campus, from my tour guide to the faculty we met to the receptionist who welcomed us, was passionate about what they were doing. Whether it was what they were studying, their research, their extracurricular activities—every person I met when I first visited the U of R was excited and passionate in their field. Furthermore, I enjoyed the flexibility of scheduling and course requirements that enabled students to pursue their own unique interests.

When and how did you choose your major(s)?

I chose my major from the start of freshmen year. I decided on Brain and Cognitive Sciences because I thought it was an incredibly fascinating field and one that is constantly changing and updating with new information. 

What resources did you use on campus that you would recommend current students use?

The faculty and graduate TA’s. The BCS department touts so many prominent scholars and accomplished students, but in addition to their accomplishments, they are incredibly helpful in terms of academics and career planning among many other things!

What activities were you involved in as a student and what did you gain from them?

Volunteer mentoring, soccer

What skills, tools, or knowledge from your major have been most useful to you since graduation?

Analytical reading and writing skills have been the most useful in the research field. With my BCS courses I learned to critically read peer-reviewed publications which has been helpful when compiling articles for review or performing a literature search. I have been able to make meaningful comments and contributions to scientific discussions and manuscript drafts based on the knowledge I acquired as a BCS major.

What advice do you have for current students?

Don’t panic about what’s next. You have time to try things and learn from them—what you enjoy, what your strengths are, and the things you don’t particularly care for. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Univeristy of Rochester and the doors it opens.