Second Author: A Dream Come True

By Joe Bailey
University Communications

Freshman Jacoby Krakow has entered college with extensive knowledge of something college students can’t get enough of: sleep. In fact, Krakow has published a paper in the journal of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Krakow, who is considering a major in ECE, or possibly optics, conducted this research during the summers of his high school years, under the tutelage of his father, who operates a sleep clinic and research institution. He worked there to fulfill a community service requirement for an IB class at his high school.

Krakow served as second author on an article that reviewed several terms every sleep clinician should be able to use fluently. Among these terms, the one which lacked a clear definition was RERA, or Respiratory-Effort Related Arousal. RERAs are an important type of sleep disruption, and even the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) did not provide a very clear definition in the 2000 edition of its manual. “I hope that this work will give doctors the tools they need to improve their patients’ sleep patterns,” Krakow said.

Overall, Krakow sought to make the definition of RERAs clear for doctors who might encounter this symptom in their patients. His research was an effort to clarify what qualifies as RERAs and what does not. This symptom, which is similar to sleep apnea, needed to be quantified, so doctors could have an idea of exactly how bad a respiratory event had to be to qualify as a RERA.

Another paper which Krakow was involved with dealt with time-monitoring behavior in insomniacs, specifically how it is played out in those with PTSD. Following Krakow’s work, it will be much less ambiguous for doctors exactly what qualifies as RERAs, and how to diagnose this disruptive symptom.